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At last...

Hello everyone!

At last I decided to join the forums!
I want to thank Beam-dog for creating bgee and all the wonderful community behind the scenes!

I used to play BG as a kid (especially bg2), I loved it and remains till today one of -if not- the best game I ever played. Nonetheless I don't consider myself a veteran, since I haven't been really into the game's mechanics, I always got so lost in fantasy following the story and completing quests!

I bought bg:ee once it was out, I enjoyed it again! Then I left it again aside...until I joined the forums!!!
I entered the challenges & playthroughs section, where I read and learned about NO-RELOAD!!
At first I didn't believe it, I thought that these guys would have meant Minimal Reload (I wasn't familiar with the terms at the time).
When in fact I realized what no-reload is I got completely blown away!!! So I started my first runs, I died MANY times and I still do! Back in the day with bg2 vanilla I had completed a solo sorcerer run, I was really proud of myself!! Now that I started playing no-reload runs (by the way I play only solo when I play no reload), I realized that I have NO IDEA about the game!!! But at the same time I learn so much in each of my runs!!! Note that I am also strict with myself, so I modded the game heavily with scs (what an excellent-mod) as long as other well known fantastic mods out there.
More than 20 of my Bhaalspawns have split their blood to death at the Sword Coast!!!
But my experience got significantly increased. So right now I decided to start again a solo no-reload BgEE vanilla run with the chat I am addicted too - Mage generalist :D , let's see where we will get this time!!!

I want to specially thank players like (sorry if I mispell) BlackRaven, Bengoshi, semitic god (mate, you are indeed a GOD in this game!!!), Elmister as well as the rest of the company.
Your runs and knowledge of the game is a true inspiration!!!

See you at the forums!!!



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