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[IWD:EE] Is the tooltip text size too small at all font sizes?

agrisagris Member Posts: 571
edited December 2014 in Feature Requests
I'm curious as to what the community thinks before I write a bug report. To my eye it appears that the tool-tip text size is too small at every font-size selection compared to the combat / dialogue box text size. That is, if the dialogue font size looks correct, the tool-tip text size is one notch (based on the font slider) too small. If the tool-tip text size looks correct, my dialogue window text is one notch too large.

I principally noticed this while playing with the UI unscaled in full screen 1920x1200. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone know what file controls the correlation between the Font Size slider and a specific font size to a specific UI font? @Avenger_teambg‌


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