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BG2EE - Stuck in Slayer Dream. Please help!

I am really hoping someone can help me with my problem. I am stuck in the Slayer dream where Imoen turns into the Slayer and kills the party and then the dream transitions to the next scene where she counts down as you (in Slayer form) kill Sarevok, Bodhi, and Irenicus. My problem is after you kill Imoen the Slayer just stands there and the dream sequence never ends. I have read on other posts the Imoen is supposed to appear and back-stab the Slayer and say "five" but that never happens; the Slayer just stands and I cannot do anything except reboot the game. I have both the android and Windows version and the same thing is happening when I use my saved game in either application. I am on version 1.3 on both. I have not installed any mods but I did use EE Keeper to boost my characters stats a little because I wanted to play a solo run.

I have tried sleeping before exiting spellhold, not sleeping in spellhold, entering the dream as a solo player or with a party, nothing seems to work.

I did not see a bug reported for this so but I'm hoping someone here has experienced this before and can tell me how to get past it. Not sure I can go the rest of the game without resting. Thanks in advance.


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