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Android vs ios which one to buy ?

Flip flopping between the iPad mini 4 and the samsung galaxy tab s2 8.0, has any one played any of these games on both platforms and which works more smoothly ?


  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    This has nothing to do with our games, but I'll recommend an iOS tablet over an Android tablet any day of the week. I use a first-generation iPad Mini myself, and it works exceptionally well for everything I do on it (and I do quite a lot). I'm a pretty committed Apple user, though, so that ecosystem is important to me.

    For our games, I'd still go with iOS unless modding is important to you. iOS's touch interface is just smoother than Android-by-Samsung in my experience (this may have changed recently, but I've never been terribly impressed). Your experience may differ, though; if you have the chance to try them out side-by-side in the store, I'd recommend doing so before making a decision.

    I think ultimately the question is, what do you need the tablet for, aside from these games--and do you have other iOS/Android devices that you're going to want to interface with using this new tablet?

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,997
    Having attempted to help very many iOS users with issues that crop up in their games, my honest opinion is that getting an iOS version is a really bad idea if you cannot roll with the punches; and let me tell you: I have seen some serious punches dealt to iOS players too. iOS has no console and is extremely crippled in terms of what you can modify on your game. It is, therefore, almost impossible to work around any bugs that may crop up during your game (and it is fairly likely that several will). If you think you may want to add tweaks or mods to your game ever at all then you definitely will not want an iOS version. That being said, I have not played with either of the mobile versions because I have no mobile devices of my own.

    Sorry for my rough review, but I would seriously go Bassilus insane in 2 days if all I had for BG was an iOS version.

  • k1221nk1221n Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for the suggestions, I own an iPad mini first gen 16 gb and it's getting time to get something new, getting tired of apple just deleting apps with a wave of they're wand, don't think google operates that way,so looking for something diffrent. It's going to be used for more than just these games, I play the guitar and want to use it as a mobile recorder. The reason I asked this forum most people here are fairly knowledgable on the tech side.

  • MeyahiMeyahi Member Posts: 143
    I'm not very knowledgeable in this issue but I do own an ios device and I must tell you that while it works (almost) flawlessly on my Ipad, if the Android version is easily mod-able, you should get that. The game by itself is great but mods can add such a huge amount of content and customization that I only play with my Ipad if my PC is unavailable for extended periods.

    The Apple ecosystem is way too constraining for my taste. They basically force you to stick to their (overpriced, uncustomizable and often one generation of hardware behind) products.

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