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[Dupe, #15982] Attacked by a pack of invincible Rejiek Hidesman

paradornparadorn Member Posts: 1
edited December 2015 in Troubleshooting
During a trip to the cult of the eyeless section of the sewers in the temple district, I ran into Rejiek hidesman. He told me how important his work was and that it must go on then ran away before i could kill him. I figured he was hiding in the sewers and I had found him. The next time I entered this area there were 3 Rejiek hidesman waiting for me. Only one of these characters gave his "my work must go on speak" and ran away, and I was left trying to kill or run from 2 invincible Rejiek hidesman(i ran eventually). Later when I was in the beholder nest I rested and was awoken by a pack of 12 invincible Rejiek hidesman. after loading the game they were still there. They are a huge pain because they are invincible and even though they are weak they always follow you and eventually surround you to the point where you cant move and have to load the game. I finally made it out of that area and now every once in a while i rest and a pack of Rejiek hidesman appear. The last time I took a rest at the copper cornet, and even though i rested through the bartender they appeared. Has this ever happened to anyone before?

To my knowledge I am playing on an updated copy of baldur's gate 2 enhanced edition. I have no mods. The only "modding" i have done was put my multiplayer save game file in my single player saved game file.

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  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,668
    edited December 2015
    Can you zip & attach a save please @paradorn as he will continue to increase in numbers if left.

    Reported here

    Also, could you advise at what stage you moved this from multiplayer to single player - I am unable to reproduce the issue once in single player (existing duplicates remain but no more are produced).

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  • n0rsesonn0rseson Member Posts: 1
    Hi, my 3 person group is having the same problem, but with the NPCs Rejiek Hidesman, cook(seems to be a halfling), Minister Lloyd, and Minister Lloyd's wife Mistress Eina. It would have been fine, except Hidesman is unkillable.

    The save is included.

    Out of curiosity how do you get rid of them when you take the save?


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,668
    I load the save, check what the current area (x key shows ar2101 for your save) is then open the baldur.sav file with NearInfinity, decompress it, look in the current area file, edit it, and go through the Actors 1 by 1 to try and work out who/what should not be there particularly if there are several of that actor.

    For your file I removed
    24 x Rejiek Hidesman
    12 from Umar
    18 x cook

    Then save, compress, check the game again to make sure it loads up fine. Make a new save and return it here. Please note;
    - It can be time consuming. Either your file wasn't too bad or my PC is significantly quicker than my laptop.
    - It's easy to make a mistake.
    - It's easy to remove someone/thing genuinely in transit. e.g. I didn't check if your Rejiek / Umar quests were still active.

    Best thing to do from this point if not playing with friends is to play in single player via the save folder instead of multiplayer and mpsave.

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