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Can't find any damn scimitars

So I'm doing a new playthrough of BG1 - I've got Jaheria dual wielding scimitars. Last time I played, my main character was using scimitars, and I found plenty. I bought 2 at the start, and despite the occasional breaking, I clearly recall being able to replace them fairly easily, and finding a 2 +1s somewhere throughout the game - relatively early.

This time through...I've not found a single shop selling scimitars, nor a single scimitar from drops. I've had to cheat some basic scimitars in using EEKeeper (and had them both break in around 10 mins, typical), and had to recheat them in. I want to be able to simply buy them from a shop, but for the life of me, I can't find any ANYWHERE.

I've installed a few mods, but I don't have many.

I've got the BG2 tweaks (since you need BG2 tweaks when using BG1EE), the NPC project, and romantic encounters.

I was already running both the tweaks and romantic encounters last time I played, but I don't see how the NPC project, or any extra tweaks I might have added could affect the game in a way that removes items from shops.



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