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Thoughts on the journal popup

cmk24cmk24 Member Posts: 605
For the most part I really like the new journal popup system, there are just a few things that I think could be improved:
- When you click on the popup it opens up the journal (as you would expect), but it would be nice if it also automatically expanded the quest that caused the popup. Many times I clicked on the popup (usually to finishing reading it) just to find out I had no idea where that particular quest was in my journal.
- Let the user configure how long the popup is open. Many times the popup has closed before I have finished reading it. Although, I recently found out by accident that pausing the game will keep the popup from dismissing.
- The popup could be a bit wider. If a quest update is long (see below) the font size becomes so small it can't be read. I think it could be just as wide as the main dialog box without looking out of place.


What are other people's thoughts on the new popups?



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