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Hey Everybody!

Hey, I've recently gotten back into Baldur's Gate from buying the enhanced edition on the steam summer sale. The first time I played these games so many years ago I never got past the Neshkel Mines because I was just a kid and I just wanted to kill monsters and get loot, so I was way to weak when I entered the mines and gave up.

But going back to it now, I am having a ton of fun. I'm clearing the cloakwood mines as a Shadow Dancer right now just popping in and out of stealth and backstabbing everything and everyone. I am also loving the new characters which is why I am running both Neera and Rasaad in my good aligned party.

I've been reading that Rasaad is weak acording to some people on the forums, but I am just not seeing it, he is just wrecking face in my party, specially if I activate the Flaming Fists skill.

So yeah, I am having fun and planning on taking my character through the whole saga, except for Dragonspear, since I don't own that yet, but that will come in another playthrough I guess. Speaking of which, how much am I missing by not having Dragonspear?



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