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UK EU membership referendum



  • jjstraka34jjstraka34 Member Posts: 7,754
    edited July 2016
    TStael said:

    My thought at this point: Brexit result must be respected, but not pandered to.

    The fact that all of Cameron, Johnson, Farage have stepped aside is pretty telling - the first was the architect of Brexit, and the other two the opportunistic cheerleaders.

    With May the frontrunner, it seems the worst scenario comes true: no general election, and pretty hard-right stance. (as : I do not rule out expatriating the EU nationals)

    Also, what happens in Labour party is monumentally ill-judged and self-indulgent coup, which I certainly hope fails.

    Why? Because...

    ...when the electoral system is first past post, party democracy is even more paramount than with relative representation. In that, the plotters could jump two additional parties (greens and centrists) beside having two already, SDP and Socialists.

    They never expected to win, it was demagoguery with the express intent of simply forcing a close enough vote to force the already PLENTY conservative Prime Minister out from his right flank. For a post-4th of July analogy here in the states, they wanted to set off some fireworks underneath his window to startle and scare him out of office, but the fireworks got in the window and set fire to the house instead.

    They left because they are cowards, and as for Brexit being respected....well, you won't often see family members "respecting" the wishes of a loved one who is intent on committing suicide. They would typically do everything in their power to prevent that person from taking their own life and won't take that person's feelings into account in the slightest. National suicide can legitimately be treated the same way. Does ANY result that wins a popular referendum gain legitimacy no matter how destructive and horrendous it may be, especially if it's non-binding?? I mean hell, there are states in the US who would probably have a close vote on interracial marriage being banned, and there are sure as hell places where the majority of the population would strip all rights from the LBGT community (it has recently happened in numerous states only stopped by lawsuits and court rulings). I wouldn't respect or feel an obligation to adhere to those results if 90% of people supported them.

  • TStaelTStael Member Posts: 861
    Summa summarum: you brexit, you fixit.

    Not fan of right wing politics, but I could agree - with bit of Schadenfreude - the appointment of prominent Brexiteers to outwards facing ministerial roles by May. Brexit = great! You said, so make it so.

    As a pro-EU Finn, I want UK to invoke article 50 without delay, and to get a fair deal, once it is negotiated. But not a free ride - because EU has clout pulling together, all cons accepted, with the pros.

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