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What to overhaul first: PST or IWD?

AntonAnton Member, Moderator, Mobile Tester Posts: 513
edited September 2012 in Archive (General Discussion)
What game of these 2 you would like Beamdog to overhaul first after BG series?

Sure, there are lots of great games that we would want to see overhauled besides these two (I want HMM3, Arcanum and Fallout) but devs mentioned games in the Poll quite often so chances are they will be the next. But who should be first?
Let's help @TrentOster & @CameronTofer to find out!

P.S. What exactly people want to see overhauled in these games: What would you like in IWDEE and PTEE?
P.P.S. I know there is already Which D&D game do you want remastered next after the Baldur's Gate series?

What to overhaul next: PST or IWD? 461 votes

Planescape: Torment
BalquoDeeLiamEslerAntonTingelaqzinaduneganAranthysMoonsongCadrosmjellyScarsUnseenShYarivWikkid_SuhnCuvCommunardrorikonkamuizinAthomeremakealive1985 303 votes
Icewind Dale (series)
TrentOstersmeagolheartWardveevitoBelgarathMTHSikorskyskrissakMokonamch202SensukiMiridorRhukGemHoundFrekelminsterStargazer5781SuiboonVermillionPaladinDavidW 158 votes
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