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Help! Chessboard doesn't spawn in Durlag's Tower labyrinth level 3!!

johntyljohntyl Member Posts: 397
I have completed all the tasks and killed all the creatures in all the challenges. I've scoured each area METICULOUSLY and yes I have killed everything (including the 3 invisible stalkers and burned the bitchy fission slime with fire and its definitely dead) but I am still not teleported to the chessboard, as I am told I should be. What have I not done or did wrongly?

The only thing I could think that might pose a problem is that I killed the fission slime and air aspect outside their homes (they followed my character out into the corridor) and hence the game perhaps did not register its death?? Also, I did the challenges in this order: Ice, Earth, Air, Fire.

Someone please advise! Thank you!

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