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[Kickstarter] Dwarrows - an Adventure & Town-Builder game... shorties style!

KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,876
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The peaceful Wood-Elves have fled their homelands to escape a great flood. The Elf Queen Solatia, aware of their plight, has secured some lands in a far away country and an old Keep where they can rebuild.

Assigned to help these woodland folk rebuild is The Royal Company of Colonizers, an elite group of expert gatherers and builders. Three of the most storied of these colonizers have been chosen for this mission, The Dwarf: Dwilben the Gatherer, The Gnome: Gloia the Builder, and The Halfling: Horbir the Explorer.

Dwarrows is a peaceful Town-Builder that borrows from the Action Adventure genre.

(Placing a Windmill in town)

Take control of three uniquely skilled characters to leave the confines of the town, explore the lush forest surrounding it, and work together to solve puzzles.

(Some wild bluebirds in the woods)

Gather resources to build your town, invite the wandering elves to join it, and discover treasures within the ruins of a forgotten civilization.

(The Dwarf chops down a tree for wood)

  • Explore, quest, and puzzle through a peaceful and atmospheric world
  • Play as three uniquely skilled characters
  • Discover new town structures, characters, and treasures
  • Build your town and balance resources and expansion
  • Gather resources to supply your town and townsfolk to live in it
  • Use ancient artifacts to boost character abilities and town productivity
  • Unlock new structures for your town by combining blueprints

As you can see Dwarrows is an Adventure-Builder hybrid game where we can take control of a dwarf, a gnome and a halfling. The game is being developed by Lithic Entertainment Inc. and needs $12,000 CAD to reach its funding goal.

Also tagging @Shandyr because both the [Pet Enthusiast] and the [Pet Whisperer] pledge tiers have an exclusive beaver pet for backers. ;)

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