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Help: Zhalimar haunting me in Chapter 6 (BGEE / EET)

IshanuIshanu Member Posts: 6
Completely reinstalled/updated on 3/4/17
Windows 10 / i7-4800MQ / NVIDIA GTX 770 / 16 GB
Heavily modded game (went a bit crazy with BWS) -- EET, SCS, lots of random stuff that I left check-marked. I've had no crashes up to this point.

I attached my Quick Save (inside Candlekeep library), but I also have two other available saves that are encountering this issue (Chapter 6 Start being attacked by Ogre Mages, and Auto-Save entering the library).

My most recent unique save was 4-5 played hours before Chapter works fine.

My problem only started after I decided to load my Quick Save (I didn't like how my character interacted with Koveras...)

When I loaded my Quick Save, I got a message talking about Zhalimar Cloudwulfe's berserker rage. It ended, he lost his hit points, etc. etc. Five seconds later, my game crashes.

This happens on any of these three Chapter 6 saves that I try to load. It appears that I walked out of the Iron Throne without killing Zhalimar -- I don't know where he was hiding.

Is there a way I can spawn in my game's version of Zhalimar (not a copy), Ctrl-Y, and then maybe not see this crash?

What I'm confused about is why my game didn't crash upon first entering Chapter 6 -- it let me kill the mages, enter Candlekeep, roam around, enter the library....then I get the crash sequence after loading a saved game.

Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if you need any further information from me.


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