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My bard song's misbehaving

ElvenbladeElvenblade Member Posts: 21
Decided to give BGEE 2.0+ a chance after spending a long time in Icewind Dale. Having spent so much time in the north a skald seemed an obvious choice and so the adventure begins.
Having barely left candlekeep behind me, trouble rears it's ugly face. The problem I'm having is that my bard songs effect doesn't seem to stay on my companions. The song icon on their portraits occasionally disappear every other round.

It's most obvious while the group is walking around, note however that group stayed very close to each other and there we're never any obstacles between them.
Even while standing still in a group the effect might occasionally drop out.

Turning scripts and ai of didn't help. Only mod I'm using is the bg1 npc project.

Anyone else experienced this?


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