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Sarevok vs Warduke

ShapiroKeatsDarkMageShapiroKeatsDarkMage Member Posts: 2,428
edited July 2017 in Off-Topic
Who would win in a duel between Sarevok and the classic D&D villain Warduke?

This is the Warduke btw.

Sarevok vs Warduke 9 votes

elminsterlelag200Balrog99ThacoBellDreadKhansemiticgoddessbrunardoPaulaMigrate 8 votes
Raduziel 1 vote


  • O_BruceO_Bruce Member Posts: 2,791
    When comparing characters like that, dealing with anything other than stating a chance for winning I consider kinda fail. Stating who would definitely win in a duel is kinda futile, because of many variables, different circumstances as to when, where and how that duel could happen and so on.

    Also, link for Warduke you provided doesn't tell me much regarding his martial prowess.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    Apparently Warduke started out in the 80s as an 8th lvl fighter, but morphed to an 18th level character in more recent editions.

    Sarevok would mop the floor with the original, not even a challenge, but the high level one might be a bit fairer, but Sarevok has the better stats, and has his Bhaalpowered gear, so he'd probably win.

  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,833
    On the one hand, Sarevok was dumb enough to send level 1 assassins after Charname instead of just murdering Charname himself, giving Charname enough time to grow stronger and defeat him.

    On the other hand, Sarevok wins almost every fight against Charname, and only loses because of Charname's reloading.

    Sarevok is at level 15 in BG1, but by the end of ToB reaches about level 25. That sounds enough to beat either level 8 or 18 Warduke.

    For the purposes of the poll, though, it seems rather imbalanced against Warduke, because few people on this forum would have heard of him. It would seem almost blasphemous for this lesser-known thug to defeat one of our favorite villains.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,205
    @semiticgod Remember that SArevok also personally hunted charname down when he tried to leave. Charname only survived because of Gorion.

  • ArdanisArdanis Member Posts: 1,736

    On the one hand, Sarevok was dumb enough to send level 1 assassins after Charname instead of just murdering Charname himself, giving Charname enough time to grow stronger and defeat him.

    Didn't they just found out about bounty on Charname's head and tried to claim it? I.e. acted on their own, without any directives from Sarevok himself?

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    Sarevok I think considered it a big risk to murder anyone in Candlekeep without a scapegoat; remember, Sarevok didn't openly murder Rieltar etc. He obviously thought it wiser to hide outside and ambush you.

    Shank and Carbos were obviously not going to get away with the murder, so they would be the patsies. They probably had nothing (ie no note even) to connect them to Sarevok.

    Anyways, I think if we count ToB Sarevok, he'd steamroll this Warduke. Tempus Thales vs Sarevok at ToB levels might be interesting, but in that case I'd expect Sarevok to lose. ;)

  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 7,177
    No godblood in Warduke. Nuff said...

    Also, I remember the 1st time I played with Sarevok in TOB i dualed him to mage. By the time I got his fighter abilities back he was nearly invincible. I don't think Warduke would have a prayer against that!

  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 2,626
    edited August 2017
    From what you linked to about Warduke his primary fighting allies seem to be Frogmonsters and his mortal enemies are known as The Kids.

    I put my money on Sarevok.

  • ShapiroKeatsDarkMageShapiroKeatsDarkMage Member Posts: 2,428
    And BTW, these are the 3.5 edition stats of Warduke.

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