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PTEE: Getting Party Members Killed causes an Alignment Shift Towards Evil

rokujoladyrokujolady Member Posts: 7
I was a bit surprised last night when my alignment changed to Chaotic Evil. I hardly ever chose the "LIE" option in dialog, I don't kill civilians, and I try not to backstab NPCs too much in the story.
I don't want to be chaotic evil, though I did get a steam achievement for it.
I realized that every time I get a party member (any party member) killed in battle, which I do a lot because I'm not very good at this game, my GOOD alignment variable gets -1.
So, In Curst Prison, I go talk to the Deva, and I enter the cheat console.
C:GetGlobal("GOOD","GLOBAL") and the value is -9
I go into the prison, and Dak'kon is killed by the guards.
C:GetGlobal("GOOD","GLOBAL") and the value is -10
Grace gets killed by the guards, same battle.
C:GetGlobal("GOOD","GLOBAL") and the value is -11
and so on.
Is this expected behavior? I realize that there is a fine line between incompetence and evil sometimes, but this doesn't seem quite right.



  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    edited May 2017

    I don't believe it should do that. Will dig around and see what else happens when companions die.

    edit. Four variables look to change as below.

    Lady, +1
    Good, -1
    Law, -1
    Murder, +1

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    edited May 2017
    As a temporary measure, you could paste this command into the console on first death and rerun it each subsequent death. Not great, but it would prevent unintended consequences where there are lots of companion deaths.
    I checked with this command
    (Or change the values to e.g. 5 and run the command every fifth death)

  • MemmaatreMemmaatre Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2017
    Ok so I’m having the same issue. Firstly I cannot quick save.... as explained above! (Unless I reload an older save) after a party member dies. But most importantly I am now chaotic evil and that is not correct. I saw this issue late in the game - when I’m back in Curst at the enemy from the cursed box (actually some hours before). I have no idea how many deaths the party has suffered this far or what crimes Ive comitted!

    I have enabled the console but nothing seems to change with the commands given by Gate70.

    Shouldn´t you patch this game so this is corrected?

    Do you have a solution for me? I don´t know if I bother to finish the game now because of this!

    How bad is this bug for the final ending? Without spoilers please!

    Regards Mem

    C:GetGlobal("GOOD","GLOBAL") give me -24.....

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    Hi @Memmaatre you can set the values to specific values of your choice e.g. via

    What happens when you try to quick save (I seem to have missed the reference to explained above)

  • MemmaatreMemmaatre Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for responding. Your code string resulted in chaotic neutral. I would like to change to the alignment that TNO sets out with? How do I manage that, the easiest way?

    Quick save works until somebody in the party dies (according to the posts above). After rezz I receive the message about having annoyed Lady of Pain for the last time so quick save is not recommended.

    What I don´t understand is if this is a bug in the enhanced edition or a leftover from the original game? If the first - shouldn´t it be patched by developers?

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    THis should get you to the starting position, True Neutral

    If you haven't been mazed by the Lady of Pain, the quick-save issue can be avoided via the below.

    You could also do the below if you haven't been killing innocents.

    The bug has not been reported on the public Redmine tracker as detailed in and if someone would like to do that I will tie it up with the internal equivalent. The link also contains several additional pieces of information about how bugs are handled, which may help with your question about patching.


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