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max xp reached listen to my story! need advice!

So i have started a new game as a barbarian half orc. Max STR max CON high DEX everything else is low.

My goal was to play solo the entire game with a character that can hold his own, my difficulty at the beginning was achieving a few levels to have enough hit points to survive battles and having a character that can resist spells because being solo means one confusion or stun or hold and its good game. So it had to be a barbarian or berserker i didn't see any other way possible to solo realistically. Anyway that being said. After achieving the first few levels it started to become really easy, i was evil so i just fought guards and went into a rage and before i knew it i was rich and gaining levels left and right. I would sell the plate mail and rinse and repeat. Anyway i did this for awhile i got 20000 gold hit level 7 and then went ahead and bought my rep back to around 15 so alls good in the hood right?

I continued my quest im only on chapter 2 , i went into durlags tower, and well before i knew I hit level 8 and shortly after i am experience capped. How can this be so quickly? I have barely done any of the main quests? My felling was upon realization that i am capped i felt no desire at all to continue the game.

This was last night, and i thought how could i not want to play the game simply because my xp will not progress?
And i made a list of reasons.
1. I feel like if my character is no longer growing i have finished the game.
2. Enemies are still stronger than me and i will no longer become stronger.
3. Killing enemies and doing quests almost feels pointless now.

Thats about it i guess. Well i seek advice because my initial goal was to complete the game without tweaking it. So should i change my plan and install a no xp cap? Should i start a new hero and make a full party therefore taking it longer to level? Should i find the desire to continue playing mainly for the main quest? Should i simply abandon xp and focus on items and gear?

Thanks for the advice. By the way i play on android if i install the no xp cap is it even possible?


  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 5,751
    Installing mods on android is not simple, but is possible - see

    If you are modding then the no XP cap is a possibility, but you might also want to consider an XP reduction mod so that you don't gain XP so quickly.

    The game is really designed for a party, so it's certainly possible to hit the XP cap quickly if you're soloing. You can though avoid that to some extent by not doing areas with high XP (like ankhegs, basilisks and sirines). Alternatively, if you don't do any of the TotSC content and aren't too thorough in your explorations elsewhere you should find you hit the XP cap fairly close to your final confrontation with Sarevok.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,601
    Hi @gabeperron - Have a read of the discussion that Grond0 has pointed you to. You will need to have a PC to be able to make the modifications and is actually reasonably easy to manage depending on what mods you want. I had no problems with modding the games on my Android devices (at that stage, a Samsung phone and tablet). For my Android install, I only used basic mods mainly from BG2 Tweaks v16, Wandcase and a couple that I threw into the override directory like Algeron's Cloak.

    I had played the game from way back and knew what mods I wanted to be included. If you haven't played the game before, then I would play it through with a party in all its glory. If you have played before, and only looking to play solo, then it is unlikely that you will be able to finish under the cap... I would restart the game with a new character and ignore the tower until near the end (but that is only me :smile: ).

    If you decide to mod and don't have a PC, a Mod Pack for BG2EE on Android was made for another forum member. I think there would be no probs doing the same for yourself. If you go that way, need to know what version of BGEE (v1.3.xxxx) is being used, on what device and what mods/mod components you would like to be included.


  • gabeperrongabeperron Member Posts: 4
    No worries. I have got a pc. Have done some thinking and figure ill restart again with a party and possibly on full difficulty. Any recommendations on mods? Maybe more challenge and a quick character (high max stat rolls would be nice)

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,434
    I recommend you download my mod High Power Baldur's Gate. Although it doesn't change the XP cap, it provides other ways for your party to become more powerful after you hit max level. For example, I put lots of books throughout the game that permanently increase a character's stats. Eventually you could get a character to 25 in all stats. I've powered up the enemies a lot, and having 25 in all stats will not make the game too easy. There is still a point to killing enemies and doing quests after you reach max level, because they often give you unique items that you can't get anywhere else.

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,142

    No worries. I have got a pc. Have done some thinking and figure ill restart again with a party and possibly on full difficulty. Any recommendations on mods? Maybe more challenge and a quick character (high max stat rolls would be nice)

    Mods to increase difficulty/challenge?
    Then it has to be SCS.

    I'd also recommend the NPC Project for party interactions as you are now going full party.

    Apart from that, remove the level cap, why not?
    I think few players enjoy seemingly fighting for nothing, I know I never have. There are still some tricky fights to overcome especially using SCS and Insane.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 689
    In a standard party, XP is split six ways. When you do a solo run you get all that XP yourself and hence hit the cap much faster. Basically, choosing to play the game solo = choosing to reach the XP cap early.

    Because of that, it isn't a great idea to choose a solo run unless you're either comfortable hitting the cap or else content to advance your character in other areas (like acquiring better equipment or seeing if you can beat the game's well-known battles solo).

    Alternatively, there are mods that slow down XP progression to the normal six-man party rate to better preserve the sense of advancement without rocketing past what the devs intended. Or you can just get rid of the XP cap, although if the game is too easy for you already, it's hard to see how boosting your character's power will help much.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,601
    edited September 2017
    @gabeperron - Initially, I would focus on only one mod; some of the simpler to implement such as components of Tweaks Anthology perhaps. This would allow you to then adopt a procedure of building a mod pack then installing it into an Android game. Includes steps like what to do with the file dialog.dlk, the override folder and centralfix.exe. Once you understand what needs to be done, I would then look at other mods and what they include, as some require other folders (added voice packs etc) which would be a bit more difficult to implement. I think that doing the SCS mod first might create a fair bit of cursing and hair pulling... (in building, then of course in playing :)).

    When you are building and have any Qs, look at the discussion about placing mods on Android (lots of Q&As) and if have any further doubt, feel free to ask. The forum members are reasonably good at responding to these things...


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