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Most disturbingly Evil thing your Chaotic Evil character does?

I normally balance my plays between good and evil parties - and will normally go Neutral Evil to at least maintain some semblance of reputation by playing a character who realises what side his/her bread is buttered on and will sometimes take the 'Good' option out of self-interest.

However this time I've gone with a Chaotic Evil charname. That means no pulled punches (apart from the ones used to knock out Noober and numerous witness-free people I'm stealing from. I consider punching someone in the front/back of the head evil enough - no need to chunk them).

One very early act in particular pained me - but I forced myself to carry it out, for RP reasons.

No, not running Hull's errand for him, and then backstabbing him for his armour and dagger afterwards - leaving his corpse his precious crossbow bolts...

No, not killing the three merchants for Silke, and THEN backstabbing her and taking her stuff, too...

It was...[chokes up]...forcing myself to kill the cats in Reevor's Storehouse. The CATS. Not the rats [sobs]...


How about you?



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