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Would a Druid romance a vampire?



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    edited December 2017
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  • chimaera said:

    If one of the nature gods that druids worship decides to stage a divine intervention, is it natural or not?

    If the nature deity helped in creating the world and helped in keeping nature running then for that world it would be natural.

    There's also the mindset of the deity. A lot of AD&D deities think just like a human and focus on human society. A true nature deity would care about things such as forests being healthy, seas being full of life, and the weather.

    Shandaxx said:

    If you want to discuss what is "natural" or not you'd have to agree on a definition of "being natural" first. Some animals do in fact display homosexual behavior.

    Nature tends to be about life and math. It's about spreading life and then there's the whole math issue of the need to reproduce as many lifeforms will die and hopefully some of their children will survive.

    Animals may try to mate with species they can't reproduce with and even inanimate objects, but eventually they find some way to reproduce.

    It's not a moral right or wrong, it's simply math.

    For instance, a certain continent, which you probably can guess, has all its political leaders as people who are old with no children. That's also unnatural. Many celebrities also are like this.

    Shandaxx said:

    "natural" with good and right and "unnatural" with bad and wrong.
    And then those people have a certain interest in labeling homosexuality as "unnatural".
    Too many, that term "unnatural" has a negative meaning.

    The religions that oppose homosexuality are very anti-nature and anti-druid, so can't be used in any decision for how a druid would react. These religions are all about human civilization and man ruling over nature. A number of them even promote genital mutilation, which is very unnatural.

    Western culture shifted from nearly 2000 years of imprisoning people who supported homosexuality to imprisoning people who oppose it. But the AD&D fantasy world is more like ancient China or Japan where there's no insane societal control. So the question is how would people view it there?

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 4,134
    This discussion would seem to have deteriorated into the far realm of real life and as such become...unnatural to the Forgotten Realms of BG.

  • Zaghoul said:

    This discussion would seem to have deteriorated into the far realm of real life and as such become...unnatural to the Forgotten Realms of BG.

    Some aspects of nature are a lot like the far realm. Consider mind flayers. This is how they are born: They're a parasite that goes into the brain of the host, eats them, and is born.

    On our world, there are several flying insects that will go and put a parasite in the brain of other insects and that parasite eats them from the inside and that's how it's born.

  • Story time about nature.

    Where I live there's wild rabbits. I've tried my best to befriend them but they're always scared.

    At my last oil change, they found a small rabbit in the car which ran away. The oil change place was many miles from where I live and so I felt sad the rabbit would be lost from where it normally lives. Then I asked and they mentioned rabbit poop found so I had to go in and clean it out as they wouldn't do that.

    Now before the oil change, my window sprayers wouldn't spray and I thought it was just out and afterwards they still wouldn't. So I bought window sprayer solution and went to fill it and it was already full.

    I investigated in there, could see nothing. All the jumpers were fine too.

    So I took it to service and they found an animal had chewed wires were I couldn't see and a ton of insulation. I had to spend all day waiting around for service and spend several hundred dollars in repairs.

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