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BG:EE on IPAD: copying saved games back onto IOS

Hey guys.

I saw the workaround the developers created for editing savegames on IOS devices now that IFunBox no longer works. I've succeeded in most of the steps - I'm able to copy the save game from the IOS device to my PC. Then I open the save file on PC & edit the file in EE editor and make whatever changes I need. I followed the procedure - rezip the edited file and change the file name to "anything.bg1save"

Then i email the file back to myself as instructions indicate. All good thusfar, the file even shows up in my inbox with a BG icon on it. I saw a suggestion from someone that I click on the file and press "open in Baldur's Gate" which should make the saved game appear in the BG:EE saved game directory. No such option is available. There IS an option to just OPEN the file, and then there appears an option to "Copy the Game to Baldur's Gate". I try doing that, the screen briefly tries to open Baldur's Gate, then promptly crashes. When I re-open BG, the saved game isn't in there.

I've tried multiple ways of opening it - copied the file to Google Drive, copied it to Dropbox, copied to File Manager. Each time, the only option continues to be "Copy to Baldur's Gate" - which still causes the same problem.

I'm totally stuck. Anyone else encounter this and have a suggestion? I'm running IOS version 9.0.2 FYI.

Thanks in advance.


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