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Unexplained Sudden Death in the Crusader Camp during No-Reload Challenge

Hi everyone

I was playing a no-reload run of the entire trilogy. I made it to the point where Dorn is rescued from his cage in the Crusader Camp in SoD. Then I moved my party to the centre of the Camp, while I went to make a cup of tea.

To my despair, I came back to Charname having died inexplicably. I was so confused, I didn't really register what happened but saw that there was a quicksave just before this happened. I reloaded it, waited a while, and nothing happened. All the party was just standing there. Tried moving them around the area a little - nothing happened.

I should say that I have Autopause switched on for when my party sees enemies, and it definitely wasn't caused by lightning (my character had around 90-100HP and 50% lightning resistance). Nothing was hostile, anyways.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a bug? If it's a bug then I'll continue my game and not count this as an official reload; I'm at a loss to explain it as anything else.



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