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Holy Helm! (first Sirine encounters)

Eeeee...What a crazy one that was. I'm playing with SCS, EET, Hard difficulty, etc., first time with mods and all that.. and I found Safana in the woods near the lighthouse. Cool, a treasure hunt sounded good, but I noticed the few areas (rocky coast + lighthouse area) where I thought the treasure could be were guarded by Sirines. Man, those things were tough for my level 3/4 party, and I knew I was in "higher level" area. Fought with the Sirines for about an hour, reload after reload. Man they are tough buggers! I knew I was outta my league so I ended up (kinda foolishly) going back to High Hedge, buying the equivalent of a powerful bomb worth of explosive potions from Thalantyr, and somehow getting through the 3 Sirine encounter (even that was almost not enough!)

Ok, cool! Where's the treasure? Oh no, an encounter with Sil, the Queen of Sirines! She sends me back to the Old Man, whew, no fight. Old man though, the fight ensues, and at this point I'm at my time limit with Safana, so I can't rest to replenish my spells. I'm half-dead, out of good spells and have to fight that encounter which was nearly as bad as the Sirines (well, not really, but it was still rough!) Especially if I didn't want to haul character's stuff back to town.

Cool, quest over, gimme da loot! Sil says I can go into the cave and take what I want but...BEWARE THE GUARDIANS.. !?! Oh no, not guardians. So now I'm in the cave nearly depleted of everything and have to fight freaking Flesh Golems. Somehow scrounge up a couple somewhat lucky victories and loot the place, holy Helm, amazing loot to be found! Definitely worth the effort (time, and frustration, too.) :smile:

Just happy to have made it outta there in one piece. Really didn't want to lose Safana. Gotta be careful about entering and starting quests in higher level areas, I think.



  • levelwormlevelworm Member Posts: 39
    I never installed SCS, but I do remember that if you have Minsc in the party, let him go into Berserk and within minutes he is able to cut down all of those Sirens. You may need to support him with a Cleric to remove the poison, though. For the flesh golems, yeah they hit hard and the only easy way is to kite them, again very difficult for a full party.

  • FluentFluent Member Posts: 35
    Yeah, it was rough. The flesh golems were doable, as long as Khalid kept their attention and I could keep him healed long enough that everyone could take it down. The problem was more that I couldn't rest as I didn't want Safana to leave. Once we found the treasure it was good to go. :smile:

    The Sirines though, sheesh. I didn't have Minsc yet, as a matter of fact I ended up...*gasp*...killing him, lol. He attacked me when I turned his offer down and that was that. Yes, I killed the legendary Minsc! Ah well. Still rescued Dynaheir eventually :blush: . But the Sirines were just nasty. I had to resort to just nuking them essentially. Cost me a bunch of gold (at least 2000) and the first time vs. the ones in the Rocky Coast area was just terribly difficult. The ones near the cove were easier as I got lucky and they died upon impact of 3 explosive potions. :smile:

    Anyway, fun stuff. Now that I leveled up a bit and have more Cleric/Illusionist spells things should be easier.

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