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"Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "The Tale of TEN THOUSAND Trials"



  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,261

    Teaches me to not properly test what I'm doing. v0.82 makes the enemy stats significantly lower. A bunch of mooks should not make for a more difficult fight than their boss. I apologize.

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 3,204
    edited January 2018
    @Pantalion Did you give oublek the emeralds before getting him killed?

    Pantalion said:Biggest problem with Tristan and Isolde for me was that I was heading north from Nashkel. They start in melee range and mixed in together with your party (at which point I'm scurrying around trying to save Charlie's squishy ass from Isolde's gatling dagger). If I had been going the other direction then my usual policy of blowing up unfamiliar NPCs on sight would have saved me the trouble.

    Since I normally play good guys, Blowing NPCs up without first checking what they are up to is a no-no for me. I therefore speak to them and kill them when they attack.

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 3,204
    edited January 2018
    Pantalion said:

    At least I don't have Jini installed anymore for my next games.

    Makes me glad that I didn't install it.
    The one mod that I wish that I had is DSoSC.

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 3,204
    edited January 2018

    Journal of Storak Swiftaxe

    In Baldur's Gate we did several minor quests which are undocumented.
    In this house we killed a lot of nasty creatures.

    An important quest was that of dealing with Marek and Lothander.
    Beating Ramazith wasn't too hard.
    Shortly afterwards the Moonblade honoured Xan!
    We were then given a fresh quest at the FAI.
    On the way to complete it, we killed Zargal et al.
    We finished the quest without too much difficulty upon this occasion.

    We fought more enemies upon a boat at the Gate.
    At the Firewine Bridge we defeated Kahrk and others. :)

    The latter gave Tenya considerably more power. We returned to the Gate, trashed the Iron Throne there and returned to Candlekeep.
    We then did most of the Stone of Askavar Quest.
    Both Xan and Dynaheir got killed in the process but were not chunked. I was sad that Dynaheir missed out on much needed experience. :'(
    We then did the Aaron quest killing ogre mages and winter wolves in the process.

    We then did the very last part of the Stone of Askavar quest.

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 3,204
    edited January 2018
    Journal of Storak Swiftaxe

    Horror of horrors. None of the characters that I am supposed to meet after my return are there.

    No smuggler near the bridge.
    No harper to give hints as to what to do next etc.

    Will I be able to finish the game?

    I went to Duke Eltan and he asks: "What are you doing here? There is much to do."

    It is as if the game hasn't registered the fact that I have finished Candlekeep.


    At least I have plenty to do at present: ; Werewolf Island; Durlag's Tower; The Drizzt Saga. Having thought about it, it looks as if I need to change a Global Variable. Which it is, I have no idea.

    I have had a reply to this in the BWS THREAD. :)

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  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 3,204
    I've never seen a wyvern in that sort of area though plenty travelling around in Cloakwood.
    Is that the result of a mod?

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137

    I've never seen a wyvern in that sort of area though plenty travelling around in Cloakwood.
    Is that the result of a mod?

    No idea, it was travelling the Larkwood area of the map I think. I didn't stick around to see if it was a special encounter (at least not after it saved twice against Blind). I vaguely recall meeting one once before, but it's safe to say if it's vanilla content then it's pretty rare.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,261
    Still only two Shadow Mages found though. If one is in the acid area on the bottom floor, they can stay missing as far as I'm concerned.

    I'm not that cruel.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,999
    @Grond0 I'd be interested to know which stats your blade has and what proficiencies you have taken/plan to take for him.

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    edited January 2018

    Not even close. Wand of fire handshake before sending in the fighter types to kill the survivors that were smart enough not to follow Gabriel outside.

    Huh. Forgot about these chuckles. Good thing I wasn't in too bad shape.

    Gabriel ate three flame strikes in this fight, but everyone survived and it all went pretty well. Time to-


    Oh lookit that, came into the map from another direction. Seer powers activate etc.

    I'm just glad I scouted with this one, these guys are nasty, but I thought they only showed up in Chapter 5. Apparently they have nothing better to do?

    According to Nyx I'm one of her better masters, overall.

    That's is a little sad.

    Zero risk free stuff is the best type of free stuff.

    That's twice I've failed pick pocketing against Shandalar with pick pocket skills way above one hundred. What's the safe number here?

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    Kung Fu Amble IX: The Fist of Plot Advancement

    Okay, summon shades is pretty overpowered, since each of the shades summoned has a number of spells of its own, including, importantly in this case, Impose, which gives zero craps about Shandalar's MR.

    I don't remember who Dushai is, but hopefully he's not plot critical to anything?

    Phew! Didn't want or need to kill him, so I'm happy with zero casualties here. Shame about the infinite use ice wand from Aura I missed out on though.

    Since Gabriel actually has some defensive potions and a dispel magic memorised, his body is as ready as ready gets for the whole demon lord, with one minor issue being that he has nobody capable of casting invisibility to get position first. Darnit.

    Sorry Cult guy, Gabriel is loaded for ninja, your puny, non-toxic, attacks aren't going to do much.

    Having to reload due to a bug, I took a penalty for it, because first time round I forgot one of the cultists and had to kill Aec twice, this time round I went for three times.

    It would have been four but AI killed a cultist while I was trying to save Verr'Sza. Either way, Gabriel remained perfectly safe throughout, despite tanking the demon an excessively long amount of time, and Ishlilka and Verr'Sza died versus Sirene and Ishlilka.

    Dispel does nothing!

    Best. Guard. Ever.

    The party is joined by a dwarf who wants to go to Durlag's Tower and discover its secrets.

    I hope this isn't on a timer, because that would be awkward.

    Uhhh.... Sure thing, little miss "fails her first save and dies".

    I didn't forget about you guys.

    Well, I did. But not permanently. Gimme that belt that I already have one of!

    I generally prefer to leave AI intact and deal with the stupidity of my virtual comrades as it comes up. This is one of many such times, and why the ring of free action is mandatory adventuring equipment. Thankfully Ishlilka makes a few dozen saves vs poison, and Gabriel slow poisons Verr'Sza in time. Especially for Verr'Sza, whenever he dies and revives I lose reputation.

    Brute forcing things is sometimes more satisfying than killing everything with a wand of fire.

    That feeling when you're exploring for Shadow Mages with a lone boots o' haste scout and stumble across something ridiculous.

    Yes, the "dragon" dropped a wyvern head. I don't even. Checking spoilers, apparently the druid I murder on sight every game gives a quest to kill it.

    ...Whoops? I hope the reward isn't more than the two rings of protection +2, magic armour, druid bracers of +1 APR, magic druid armour and necklace of +1 Wisdom looted from her corpse. Maybe I should stop-

    Unfamiliar NPC!

    Karate chopping a panther to death: Pretty Metal.

    Let's hear it for lax equipment restrictions. Not that she's allowed to keep all that stuff, she still has -8 AC without.

    This is probably the second most ridiculous item I've seen after the katana of petrification. 50% chance of no save stun, which when it lands will make all future hits auto hitting, locking the target down forever?

    Apparently the NPC with a wyvern fetishist turns into a store when you pay him his 300 GP toll instead of attacking you with two ultra wyverns.

    Honestly, considering that wyverns are intelligent neutral evil monsters that love to torture the idea of a ranger hanging out with them is offensive to muh lore, and unfamiliar NPC policy saves lives, but my bag of holding was full of overpowered crap, so... yeah.

    Verr'Sza eats critical existence failure against Blacktalon Elites. Those guys are nasty. Also possible that the ranger with a racial enemy of "Gibberling" just isn't up to snuff, considering he has the worst AC and HP except Aura, who's exclusively on the backlines. I need to find him some better gear I guess.

    I should probably help them, right?


    Honestly I spare these guards whenever the opportunity presents itself. They're generally neutral schlubs doing a job, have zero hope against the party, and probably have family's of their own.

    Bye, placeholder!

    No shadow adepts, thankfully. Lost forever quest content would be lame. Searching everywhere is still tedious though. Time for Dave the Orn.

    Well apparently spell deflecting does nothing at all against Lightning Bolt. Good to know.

    Gabriel still solo'd him with Shadow Missile spam, of course. Shield is a level 1 spell, Dave, probably should invest in a scroll sometime.

    I don't even know what these guys' deal is, it might be some druid reward committee, but we'll never know, because druids still die on sight.

    Shadow Mage! One I... Thought I killed, actually?

    I did! I did killed that puddy tat!

    Ah well. I don't exactly need an extra throwing dagger. That did remind me to head south though...

    Chapter 5, time to start fighting ridiculous stone golems!

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