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iOS updated

proccoprocco Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 891
Heads up, BGEE for iOS has been updated. Finally multiple items can be selected from a container!
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition by Overhaul Games

Dee: Here's the "What's New" text if you don't want to click the link to the store:
Universal App: Buy it once, and play it on your iPad or iPhone.

If a player's access to DLC becomes limited after installing the new patch, please select one of the two main game modes, then "Store," and then "Restore Purchase."

- Saved games can now be exported by long-tapping the Quick Save button during play
- Characters can now be opened in other applications during the Export Character process, including Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition if it is installed
- The battle music now ends correctly after combat ends
- The kit description for the Wizard Slayer now correctly states that all of the Wizard Slayer’s attacks bestow spell failure, not just melee attacks
- The description of the Detect Illusion spell now correctly describes the radius of the effect as 30 feet, and that only enemies of the caster are affected by the spell’s effects
- The game will no longer crash when attempting to join a multiplayer game, with or without a password
- The side panels on the left and right sides of the screen can now be restored on iPhone by tapping the (enlarged) buttons in the bottom left and right corners of the screen
- The descriptions of innate abilities and spells can now be viewed from the gameplay screen by holding and releasing on the spell’s icon
- Double-tapping an item while purchasing equipment now displays a prompt to set a purchase quantity for that item

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  • spacejawsspacejaws Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 221
    Also the side bars are recoverable just like IWD! huzzah that was one of my worst peeves.

  • proccoprocco Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 891
    Everyone, this update is really great! You can now export a save game by loading it up on, say, your iPad, holding down the quick save button, and a little menu will pop up. You can then send it to your email, open the email on your iPhone or pc/Mac. On a computer, you can just dump that file into your save folder. On your iOS device, clicking on the save from your email will allow you to open with BGEE. The game will automatically start up, but you still have to go through the regular menus to open the save. In my example here, it's the export save. Cloud saves are (sort of) a reality!!!!
    Other fixes include the dreaded iPhone side bar issue (haven't tried it on iPhone yet, so can't confirm that that's fixed) and being able to take more than one unit from a stack out of containers at a time. This is seriously the thing I'm most excited about. Taking 200 arrows out of an ammo pouch one at a time is no fun.


  • proccoprocco Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 891
    @spacejaws I think we posted simultaneously! :tongue:

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,436
    If you have DropBox installed on your device you can even send the file directly there, eliminating the need to use email.

    The update doesn't precisely restore iFunBox functionality (that's sadly beyond our reach in iOS 8.3 without horrendously breaking everything else), but this way players can at least access their saved games.

  • proccoprocco Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 891
    Thanks @dee. It's a near perfect app now! And now the obligatory "when will BGII get a similar update" question... :wink:

  • DaemondevirDaemondevir Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 80
    edited June 2015
    I have just updated BG on my iPad. Now when I load any savegame, the Game closes automatically when I tap on any point (to walk anywhere). Does anybody else have this problem?

    Edit: It seems a problem with the soundfiles. Usually I play the german version and up to now there was English sound and German text. Now the game is completely in German. After switching to English it does not crash anymore.

    Edit2: I changed the sound of my main character to default. Now I can play in German as well.

    But something is wrong with the German iOS Version of the game. I hope Beamdog will read this and fix this BUG.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,436
    @Daemondevir - after changing your character's sound set to Default, can you change it to another sound set and continue playing?

  • DaemondevirDaemondevir Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 80
    No other sound than the default one works.

  • DaemondevirDaemondevir Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 80
    edited June 2015
    I emailed the savegame and tried to open it on my pc. But just saving the exported file to the savegame folder is not enough. I had to rename the file extension to and to unzip it. The archive contains two files "BALDUR.gam" and "BALDUR.SAV". (Both are necessary to open a savegame)
    Now I created a new folder named "000000014 - test" and moved both files into it. Then I could load this savegame on my PC.

    I believe zipping these two files on the PC and emailing to my ipad (just the other way around) should then work as well. I will test it during my lunch break today.
    Edit: Cofirmed! It works also in the other direction as described.

    That means:
    Zip the two files ("BALDUR.gam" and "BALDUR.SAV") and rename the zip file to "anything.bg1save". The ending is important here. Email it to yourself and on your iPhone/iPad tap on the attachement and select open with app Baldurs Gate. Now you will find an additional savegame, which you can load.

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  • proccoprocco Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 891
    @Daemondevir good to know! Thanks for the tip.

  • cmk24cmk24 Member Posts: 604

    - Saved games can now be exported by long-tapping the Quick Save button during play
    @Dee Is this a feature we can expect to come to android as well? I know on android we have full r/w access to the save folder, but this seems like a nice shortcut for transferring save games.

    Also this could be a nice feature for the PC and Mac version as well. E.g. long pressing "q" will quick-save, zip, rename, and move the save to a folder/email specified in the buldur.ini file. And double clicking a compressed save automatically unzips, renames, moves, and launches the save game. By setting the target folder to dropbox this would essentially give cloud saving between all platforms.

  • DaemondevirDaemondevir Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 80
    The same method could be used to import Portraits as well. Maybe with the file extension .bg1portraits or similar. Just an idea.. :smile:

  • Xerxes1811Xerxes1811 Member Posts: 55
    I tried this, but my ipad doesn't give me the option to "open with...." when I email it to myself, I've tried the email app and doing it on hotmail's mobile site. It just gives me the option to message or mail the file. How did you guys get iOS to give you the option to open with an app? Thanks

  • ArdentArdent Member Posts: 15
    Dee said:
    Will this functionality also be applied to IWD:EE and BG2:EE? (but mostly IWD *gg*)

  • Xerxes1811Xerxes1811 Member Posts: 55
    Figured out what I was doing wrong and got it to work, I agree this cool feature needs to come to BG2EE also.

  • PibaroPibaro Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,986

    Zip the two files ("BALDUR.gam" and "BALDUR.SAV") and rename the zip file to "anything.bg1save". The ending is important here. Email it to yourself and on your iPhone/iPad tap on the attachement and select open with app Baldurs Gate. Now you will find an additional savegame, which you can load.

    That's great!

    It also works with bg2ee, just rename the zip to .bg2save
    But the most important thing is not to zip the folder (if only I read your post yesterday!!!!!!!!!) but just the files in the folder!!!

  • catch6229catch6229 Member Posts: 26

    Figured out what I was doing wrong and got it to work, I agree this cool feature needs to come to BG2EE also.

    I'm actually having the same issue. I'm as far as zipping and sending to my email. It also only gives me the option to "open" rather than open in Baldur's Gate. When I open the file in Gmail, there's an option to "Copy to Baldur's Gate" - which I try. This immediately pops up a black screen and then does nothing. But when I open Baldur's Gate - I don't see the file in there. I did the process as indicated - renamed the save to "anything.bg1save" - nothing

  • MarqMarq Member Posts: 2
    I needed to change the format of the file in dropbox so it was not recognised as a zip. bus as a bg1save. file. Thanks for all your inputs. Now I can finally play my 50hours game on my iPad.

  • OrmyOrmy Member Posts: 1
    I've been trying to import a save game from my PC to my iphone, a TOB save yet it doesn't show up. I've been able to get saves from my phone to pc but not the other way around. Is there's something special I need to do to achieve this?

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 13,884

    1. On the desktop of your choice open the ~/Documents/Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition/save or bpsave directory.
    2. Open the Directory for the Saved Game you want to transfer (such as "000000001-Quick-Save").
    Select all files within that directory and compress them using a compression tool such as 7-Zip - IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOT COMPRESS THE DIRECTORY, ONLY THE FILES WITHIN THE DIRECTORY OR THIS WILL NOT WORK.
    3. Rename the file with a ".bg2save" (or .bg2bpsave for Black Pits 2) extension. If the original file was "" it should now be named "quick_save.bg2save" for SoA or ToB import and "quick_save.bg2bpsave" for The Black Pits 2 import.
    4. Move the .bg2save/.bg2bpsave file either to a Cloud Storage Platform you have access to on iOS (Such as Box or Dropbox) or attach the file to an e-mail retrievable from the iOS Device.
    5. On the iOS System, navigate to the file (whether on Cloud Storage or E-mail) and open the file through the application's "Interact with other Applications" Menu (Generally the Square with Up Arrow button on an iOS Device). We're looking for either "export" or "open in another application".
    6. In the list of applications, Baldur's Gate II should show up.
    7. Tap it to open the BG2 Application. The .bg2save file will be processed by the BG2 iOS Application for the SoA/ToB Campaigns and a .bg2bpsave file will be processed by the BG2 iOS Application for the Black Pits 2 Campaign.
    8. The exported game should now show up in your "load game" interface.

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