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Import Save from BG1:EE not visible in BG2:EE-SoA, only BG2:EE-ToB? What?!?

NirrudenNirruden Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3
edited July 2017 in Troubleshooting
Guys, I'm playing through the series with the wife.

We've been trying to find a way to import our BG1 save to BG2, Shadows of Amn for about an hour now. I've copied over the save folders. They're simply not visible in Shadows of Amn. Interestingly, if I open ToB instead, I can see my BG1 final save *there*, but we'd *really* like to play through the whole thing, and we can't roll the save backwards from ToB.

What's up with this? What can I do to fix this issue?


Some additional detail. WE both own the Steam Enhanced Edition version of the games (BG1 and BG2) so there's no unusual cross version stuff. No mods. We didn't play the Black Pits or any other BG1 content - just the base game as installed by Steam, all the way to making the "Final Save". I've moved this to *both* mpsave *and* save folders under BG2.

In ToB, it shows up twice (once for each folder) as expected, but SoA can't seem to find it at all.

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  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,034
    Does it show up on the 'Import Save' option in the starting screen? It's beneath 'Load Game', on the middle right.

  • NirrudenNirruden Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2017

    Does it show up on the 'Import Save' option in the starting screen? It's beneath 'Load Game', on the middle right.

    No. I can see, and attempt (and succeed) to import it in the ToB menu, but that means the BG1 save is importing straight into ToB, which precludes going back into SoA, as I understand it.

    We definitely haven't played Baldur's Gate 2 from end to end - we just smoked Sarevok! I simply cannot explain why *the wrong one* should be able to see our saves.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,034
    You can export your characters using the export option on the character sheet and copy the .chr files in the character folder from BG1 and BG2. It's not as clean of a transition but it'll still work.

  • NirrudenNirruden Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2017
    I might be satisfied with that, but the wife is going to be most put out at the possibility of losing her character's spell selection. Will exporting the character ahead of the final save allow her to retain this?

    Nevermind, answered my own question: Spellbooks are rewritten.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,666
    edited July 2017
    This is a bit convoluted but may retain spells.
    Might not work exactly as planned if you have e.g. a ranger with favoured enemy.

    Copy the save from the MPSAVE folder to the BGEE SAVE folder (not BGIIEE).
    Launch BGIIEE with the host only
    Start a new multiplayer game
    Create Character -> Import -> Saved Game -> select save -> Load -> select char1 -> Done
    Complete Appearance and Name, then Accept
    Repeat previous two steps for second character
    Have the client join, and assign slots as appropriate

  • WocizonWocizon Member Posts: 5

    Sorry for the thread resurrection but I have the exact same problem: final save from BG:EE is only visible in the import save screen of Throne of Baal, not in Shadows of Amn (which is what I would like to play).
    I played through BG:EE on macOS and would like to play BG2:EE on iPad.
    I performed the following steps:
    1. Zipped the contents of the final save folder, named it "final.bg2save"
    2. Moved the file to the iPad using iCloud drive
    3. Opened iCloud drive on the iPad, found the file and chose "open in Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition"
    I wondered if it may have something to do with the version of the final save, because it is a few years old (I finished the game before the large patch which introduced achievements etc.). But I don't understand why TOB would accept an older version of the save than SOA.

    Any clues?

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,771
    Can you zip and attach your save, please?

    If the zipped file looks like "000000000-savegamename/000000000-savegamename/*actual save contents*" it's not going to work: it needs to be "00000000-savegamename/*actual save contents*

  • WocizonWocizon Member Posts: 5
    Sure, here it is.

    My theory is that the import screen of BG2:EE SoA expects a ".bg1save" but I can only transfer files ending with ".bg2save" to the iPad version of BG2:EE. So when I rename my zipfile to "final.bg2save", it only become available in the Throne of Bhaal import screen since it looks like a BG2 save.

    If my theory is correct, I think the iPad version of BG2:EE should recognize .bg1save files (in addition to .bg2save) in order to be able to import a BG:EE save correctly.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,666
    Can you confirm BG:EE is not installed on your iPad please.

    Assuming this is the case, there are a couple of options
    1 Start BGII:EE on your Mac if you have purchased it. Import, save, zip to bg2save and transfer
    2 Install BG:EE on your iPad if you have purchased it

    I've attached a file based on option 1 in case you don't have multiple purchases.

  • WocizonWocizon Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for your assistance.

    I can confirm that BG:EE is not installed on my iPad (I don't own it).

    Can you confirm that it is impossible to import a BG:EE character to iPad BG2:EE without owning BG:EE for iPad? I fiddled with it for quite a bit and it wasn't quite clear how to do it.
    In that case, should it be registered as an issue/feature request in Redmine?

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,666
    Yes please report it as a bug.


  • WocizonWocizon Member Posts: 5
    Done! Thanks again for the assistance.

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