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CLUA Console problems with SoD - lua file always over ridden

My PC imploded recently and I have had to reload everything. I am having increasing memory problems, and I couldn't remember how to install my BG Series games via steam etc - so I just brought the lot again from Good Old Games.

I have installed BGEE SoD (GoG version) no probs.

I want to enable the CLUA Console, but have had hassles. I've located the Baldur.lua file in the my documents - BGEE directory, and succesfully added this line using WordPad
SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')
However, every time I open the game a new copy of the original Baldur.lua file appears next to the altered version, and the console won't work. Trying to access it using Ctrl-Space just pauses the game, without opening the console. I am not opening "options" - all I need to do is open the game.

I am running Bg2-tweaks v16, and bg1npc-v22

Character creation and prologue run fine. I've also had no hassles adding custom portraits, and EE Keeper works as well.

btw I have read this thread - Clua Console No Longer Work? - but decided to open a new one as it's been a while since the last post there.


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,558
    @kiwidoc, when you say that you have 2 x baldur.lua, are they both just called baldur.lua? If so, have you tried looking at their properties at all? One might be baldur.lua.doc or .rtf (with the .doc/rtf hidden). Wordpad's default is to save as .doc (or .rtf) and add a bunch of hidden metadata inside the file.

    You would be better off using a third party program to edit, like Notepad++ (its free), or at a pinch use Windows Notepad. Wordpad isn't the best tool for editing text files. If one of the files is .doc. or .rft, open it with notepad and have a look.

    BTW for info, BG2-Tweaks v16 is now decommissioned; Tweaks Anthology has taken it's place, and BG1NPC is currently at version 23.3.


  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 2,136
    Are you quitting BGEE before editing the LUA file?

  • kiwidockiwidoc Member Posts: 1,280
    @Gusinda many thanks for the advice. I finally managed to get the lua file to open using Windows Notepad (memory problems are a major bugger!) and saved it as a pure lua file, not a text document. This solved the problem completely YAY

    I'm going to do a re-install at some more sane hour of the morning, using the newest versions of the mods.

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