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Android version with the Dlan translation..

Hello, there is a way to put the files of the Dlan translation into the .obb file ? I have opened the .obb and the internal structure is the same than pc, so It´s only overwrite the files with the new one. Someone can help me ? thanks in advance.


  • GlutenGluten Member Posts: 10
    I've tried to open the .obb with 7z opens perfect but the extraction no works..

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,721
    Hi @Gluten, I can't comment on whether what you are doing will work (not sure what Dlan translation is...), but to extract the .obbs, I use WinRAR. You can either rename the .obb to .zip or open wiith WinRAR (v5.x) and you should be good to extract. If you rename to .zip, just right click and extract to path.

    Again just guessing, but when you zip it up again, it is likely that you need to use a 'store' format rather than compressed in any way. And if that doesn't work when you copy it back, you could also try and 'centralfix.exe' the .zip prior to renaming it back to .obb (might make it readable in Android).

    I did try much earlier (before centralfix was around) to push the modified dialog.tlk into BG1 .obb without success (couple of years ago) but haven't tried since as there has been a better method...

    What exactly is Dlan translation (German Language maybe)? There might be another means of doing this if the rebuilt .obb doesn't work.

    Good Luck

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,721
    edited May 2018
    @Gluten, I did some tracking down (and a bit translation using Google Translate :)) and I think I have found out what Dlan is. If it is the Spanish translation using dialog.tlk, then give this a go...

    With no changes to the .obbs, copy this file directly into the root of (I forget the exact path, but if you are having trouble, I can find it) /Android/data/Plansescapefolder/Files/ (where the baldur.lua is). That is it. Run the game and see what happens.

    It should replace the text in your game with Spanish. I haven't tested this as I don't have PST:EE installed on my device at the moment. If any probs occur, I will install and test.

    Fingers Crossed

    Edit: Just want to point out that I am unsure which version this was written for. It was v1.0 of the mod. So if there are any changes between when this was written and the current versin of Planescape, there may be some text out of place (if there was some changes in dialog.tlk)...

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  • GlutenGluten Member Posts: 10
    Hello @Gusinda, first thanks for the reply and sorry for the lack of info. I mean with Dlan translation a spanish fanmade translation. I have tried to copy "dialog.tlk" into /Android/data/Planescapebee/files but inside there no .tlk to replace in..... because the tlk is inside the .obb as I told before to replace it like the PC version. Im I wrong ? thank you and sorry for my english

  • GlutenGluten Member Posts: 10
    Here is the dialog.tlk (spanish version, update to work 100% with the enhanced edition) Please help me friend. :)

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,721
    Hi @Gluten, using the method described here by @junyangche, I was able to get the game running in Spanish with the DLAN mod. Unfortunately, I couldn't see if everything was good but it was in Spanish.

    I will described the steps used:

    If any of it is a problem, then let me know. It involves some Command Prompt work, so if you are unsure how to get a open a command prompt, ask away.

    - Create a folder called 'C:\PSTEE'
    - Copy '' file from '\Android\obb\com.beamdog.pstee' to 'C:\PSTEE'
    - Take note of the file size, in bytes (so look at the properties), of ''. For me was 1,767,745,548 bytes, and I see no reason why it wouldn't be the same for you.
    - Download 'centralfix.exe' and place in the 'C:\PSTEE' folder.
    - Copy the DLAN modified file ('') you uploaded to 'C:\PSTEE'
    - Rename '' to ''
    - Unpack '' keeping folder structure.
    We should now have the folder structure of:
    C:\PSTEE\\chitin.key (file)
    C:\PSTEE\\engine.lua (file)

    - We are now ready to mod.
    - Replace the 'en_US\dialog.tlk' with the DLAN version and copy the included override folder into the en_US folder.
    - Because the file size of the packed .obb will now be bigger than what is expected by the game, we need to reduce the file size. To do this, delete the 'dialog.tlk' from the 'lang\ko_KR' folder (if you need to keep this one, then any of the others would do).
    - Because the file size is now going to be smaller, we need to add content to get the expected file size. We are going to create a file that will be adjust in size later.
    - Using a command prompt and sitting in the folder 'C:\PSTEE\\lang\ko_KR', create an empty file called '000.000' using the command:
    fsutil file createnew 000.000 0

    Repacking the file
    - Not sure what packing/zipping tool you are using, but I use WinRAR, so I will explain repacking using that...
    - From the 'C:\PSTEE\' folder, select all the contents inside.
    - Right click and select 'Add to Archive...' from the context menu
    - In the WinRAR dialog box, select the radio button 'ZIP' and make the compression method as 'Store'. The archive name should now be ''. Click 'OK' (You can't compress this file, it has to be set to Store or No Compression depending on which tool you use)
    - This will now create the archive in the folder. Find out the file size of the archive, for me it was 1,759,376,024 bytes.
    - To determine the difference required for the game to properly register the .obb, subtract the original file size from the new.
    1,767,745,548 - 1,759,376,024 = 8,369,524
    - This determines the required new size for the '000.000' file we created earlier to be 8,369,524 bytes long. To do this, sit in the 'C:\PSTEE\\lang\ko_KR' folder and delete the current '000.000' file.
    - Create a new '000.000' file using the command prompt and command:
    fsutil file createnew 000.000 8369524
    - Go back to the root of 'C:\PSTEE\' and delete ''
    - Recreate the .zip by repeating the WinRAR steps:
    - Right click and Select 'Add to Archive...' from the context menu
    - In the dialog box, select the radio button 'ZIP' and the compression method as 'Store'. The archive name should now be ''. Click 'OK'
    - Check the file size of the new file. It should be 1,767,745,548 bytes (or the size of your original .obb if it was different), which is what is expected by the game.
    - To make '' readable by Android, it needs to be centralfixed. Copy 'centralfix.exe' from 'C:\PSTEE' into 'C:\PSTEE\' and open command prompt again.
    - type the command:
    - You can check the size again to make sure it hasn't changed (but it shouldn't have).
    - Rename '' to ''

    Finishing up
    - You are now ready to copy the file back to your device.
    - Connect your device and copy the new '' to '\Android\obb\com.beamdog.pstee' on your device.
    - Disconnect device and test run the game. Hopefully, all should be in Spanish.

    - If you have any probs, let me know and I will see if I can help further.

    Buena suerte y feliz juego...

  • GlutenGluten Member Posts: 10
    Thanks again!! I will try this week. Im under Mac but I will try under some emulator of windows or something like that. :)))

  • GlutenGluten Member Posts: 10
    The "success" is modify the obb, taking in account that the final size will be the same than the original?

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,721
    edited May 2018
    Yes, the final size must be the same as the original and the .obb must be centralfixed (so it can be read in Android). Also, the stored files in the zip as opposed to compressed...


    Edit: Let me know if there is a prob with the OS and making the files. I know very little about the MacOS but the file creation command is MKFILE. So the command should go something like 'mkfile -n 0 000.000' for the first empty file and 'mkfile -n 8369524 000.000' for the second. The default is bytes in size but you may need to put a b in the command ie: 'mkfile -n 8369524b 000.000'

    To get 'centralfix' to work on the Mac, have a look here.

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  • GlutenGluten Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for the replies. Yes, I mean the spanish dlan translation that was fanmade. I will try to replace the file(my file is more updated because was revised to work perfect with the enhanced version, I mean all the dialogues texts) I cross my fingers too. Thanks everybody :))

  • GlutenGluten Member Posts: 10
    edited May 2018
    Gus you are my heroe !!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!! works like a charm !!!! I dont believe it !! I own the android version in Spanish !!! thanks for your time Gus !!!! and all my respect :)

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  • PeterOldPPeterOldP Member Posts: 1
    Holy Moly! Works on Chinese too! you are the best

  • GlutenGluten Member Posts: 10
    The main problem is that in some passages of the history the game crashes.. I dont know it is due to the change of text or whatever..

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