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Android version with the Dlan translation..

Hello, there is a way to put the files of the Dlan translation into the .obb file ? I have opened the .obb and the internal structure is the same than pc, so It´s only overwrite the files with the new one. Someone can help me ? thanks in advance.


  • GlutenGluten Member Posts: 3
    I've tried to open the .obb with 7z opens perfect but the extraction no works..

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 530
    Hi @Gluten, I can't comment on whether what you are doing will work (not sure what Dlan translation is...), but to extract the .obbs, I use WinRAR. You can either rename the .obb to .zip or open wiith WinRAR (v5.x) and you should be good to extract. If you rename to .zip, just right click and extract to path.

    Again just guessing, but when you zip it up again, it is likely that you need to use a 'store' format rather than compressed in any way. And if that doesn't work when you copy it back, you could also try and 'centralfix.exe' the .zip prior to renaming it back to .obb (might make it readable in Android).

    I did try much earlier (before centralfix was around) to push the modified dialog.tlk into BG1 .obb without success (couple of years ago) but haven't tried since as there has been a better method...

    What exactly is Dlan translation (German Language maybe)? There might be another means of doing this if the rebuilt .obb doesn't work.

    Good Luck

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 530
    edited May 5
    @Gluten, I did some tracking down (and a bit translation using Google Translate :)) and I think I have found out what Dlan is. If it is the Spanish translation using dialog.tlk, then give this a go...

    With no changes to the .obbs, copy this file directly into the root of (I forget the exact path, but if you are having trouble, I can find it) /Android/data/Plansescapefolder/Files/ (where the baldur.lua is). That is it. Run the game and see what happens.

    It should replace the text in your game with Spanish. I haven't tested this as I don't have PST:EE installed on my device at the moment. If any probs occur, I will install and test.

    Fingers Crossed

    Edit: Just want to point out that I am unsure which version this was written for. It was v1.0 of the mod. So if there are any changes between when this was written and the current versin of Planescape, there may be some text out of place (if there was some changes in dialog.tlk)...

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