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What's your personal best stat roll?

Hey, I have only been playing IWDEE/BGEE for almost a year, I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of total stat rolls people have scored. I thought it would give an insight into the chances of getting some crazy rolls like 100+.

My personal best is 100... THAT WAS AWESOME!. She was a Cavalier Paladin in BG (and kicked butt), she even had a ridiculous strength of 18/88. I have had rolls of 98 (once), 97 (three times) and 96 (a couple of times).

So what's is your best? Please let me know!



  • smyth25smyth25 Member Posts: 83
    I believe the best i have gotten is a 98 on a half-elven bard. That seemed kinda surprising since stat rolls like that are generally only seen on paladins and rangers. Never gotten anything 100+ though :'(

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 7,033
    @Crawler Even on a paladin, 100 is a good roll.

    @smyth25 Now that is lucky. I've always had a hard time rolling Bards, they use almost every stat, and they don't have the high minimums of some other classes to help.

    My highest roll is 103 on a Cleric/Ranger.

  • MirandelMirandel Member Posts: 452
    In another topic like that I said my top (in all years!) honest roll was 93. But right after that, playing with a random character generating mod I've got an amazing unbelievable never seen before 105! Though, on a Wizard Slayer (and I do not normally play Wizard Slayer). Still keep the character, just in case and as a reminder of "miracles do happen".

  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 2,800
    I got a 100 for a half-elf Totemic Druid in IWDEE. Thought it was a huge waste for a guy who would be sitting in the back conjuring spirits...

    It was still pretty cool though!

  • ChillyBreezeChillyBreeze Member Posts: 11
    I just got a 100 earlier today on a stalker that I now don't want to play, haha!

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 3,741
    I've played the game a lot over the years and I suspect have gone in for more character re-rolling than most - my standard expectation in the old days was to roll for between 30 minutes and an hour to try and hit my target score (that varied, but would often be 93 to allow for all 18s except one dump stat).

    In all that time I've never rolled anything with 3 figures, so I can't help feeling a bit jealous of people casually achieving that total :s.

  • vyvexthornevyvexthorne Member Posts: 53
    I've never gotten it to the 100's in all these years. I feel good if I get it in the 90's.

  • SkatanSkatan Member Posts: 3,476
    IIRC I've got 97. I believe it was a bard, but to be sure I don't really remember for sure. I did notice a surge of high rolls when I played on my ipad some years ago, getting many 92+ rolls. I even managed to roll a fighter which could dual to Druid on there, and that's not very common.

    If I were to play with limits on rolling and still want as high rolls as possible, I'd play an elf Archer I think.

  • NoloirNoloir Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 241
    100 Roll Ranger named Noloir. Became lackluster compared to more arcane classes by the end of ToB though.

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