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Charming Tazok and his Confusing Banter (Spoiler)



  • fatelessfateless Member Posts: 330
    Ok. There is an intricate plot going on here and your mixing pieces.

    For the most part Daevorn is the one directly handing orders out to the Chill and the Black Talons are the obvious threat meant to be defeated by Sarevok later to help propel him upward in the eyes of others. So they are working under a lie that they are working for the Zhents on purpose likely to further increase tensions with yet more groups to create the chaos and destruction of life on the scale that Sarevok feels he needs . A couple of internal agents planted amongst the bandits do know the truth but they aren't the direct leaders on purpose. They are just there to keep an eye on the progression and ultimately help betray the Bandits at a later time when it's convenient to Sarevok to end their threat.

    Daevorn as the other side of this more direct plot and with a bit less subterfuge is also in charge of Mulehay in the Nashkell mines as the two pronged attack on the iron supply of the area to help destabilize things, create war, and give a crisis for Sarevok to overcome to help put him in political control.

    Daevorn himself is the third side of that whole mess in taking over the dwarven mine in cloakwood to stockpile and supply untainted iron when the timing is right to help "arm" the people at the right time when War is about to break out.

    Running mostly independent of that Are the bounty hunters and assassins. A few of which actually are loyal to Sarevok himself and may end up used for more than just assassinations such as Nimbul. Others are hired by the Iron Throne through other members (primarily Rieltar I believe) simply because you are medling in their affairs and hurting their bottom line mostly unaware of the plot that is going on and actually need the least subterfuge because the assassins are outright going to get paid for killing you and don't care why usually.

    Sarevok himself is actually a surprisingly intelligent and conniving person with plotting worthy of at the very least 17 intelligence that he has when you can recruit him at the start of ToB and not simply the powerhouse meat shield that we mostly get to see him as in person in BG.

    most of this information is actually found in the various notes, conversations, and occasional charm effects on various people involved While a couple of things seem like fairly obvious conclusions when you consider what is presented along with conversation pieces that you can have with Sarevok himself about trying to become the God of Murder.

  • makirumakiru Member Posts: 4
    Good day :)
    Tell me, how can I charm Tazok? a decrease in saving throws and a strong charm for him do not work, a cloak too. I try this on BGEE

    please help me :)

  • makirumakiru Member Posts: 4
    In Bandit's camp, after the script began the conversation between Tazok and my NPC on any of the options (the peaceful end of the dialogue or the duel with Tazok), I can not enchant him. He always throws a saving throw. How did you do that? I really want to see his hidden dialogue.

  • SharGuidesMyHandSharGuidesMyHand Member Posts: 2,402

    Tazok knows FULL well who is behind all the shenanigans on the Sword Coast - he's involved at all levels of the scheme and is one of the big bosses who makes a last stand alongside Sarevok at the very end. Either he somehow "programmed" himself to lie even when charmed or, as the OP suggested, this was a simple oversight on the part of the devs (heck, just look at all the continuity errors that occurred between BG1 and BG2 - it's bound to happen).

  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 1,257
    Probably an oversight I agree, but that's okay. The mass use of the charmed dialogue state was one of the best things about BG1. BG2 gave a nod to this during Nalia's quest, but what a feature that would have been to have in the later installments.

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