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Crashing on EE servers

Wall3tWall3t Member Posts: 69
So i run a 2009 Lenovo with windows 7 system and i just recently purchased EE two days ago. I've reconfigured the game to have everything turned off for the lowest spec's possible for the system to run.

offline i am fine but online if there is too much going on or too many players in an area i seem to crash.

1.69 nwn does not do this and i thought i'd make it aware that it seems the older the hardware the harder it is to play EE.

I installed through the steam version, but also play on the beamdog client just to make sure, and i can confirm it does the same thing

i wish i could take screenshots of this but in the moments before crashing i'd see player's (on no hak servers fyi) and they'd appear as floating heads and no meshes or textures on their bodies.

Perhaps someone else has had this issue before?


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