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New Game Update #2 Build 2009

TrentOsterTrentOster Administrator, Developer Posts: 390
Fix list:
Multiplayer connecting to non-host bug fixed
Fixed Right click map crash bug
Crash reporting has been improved
Dorn stuck in Kryll cutscene fixed
Fixed crash for OpenGL drivers that don't support compression
Fixed Neera dialogue problem with Edwin in party
Fixed Rasaad dialog loop
Fixed Dorn movement on early Kryll letter retrieval
Version # now displays on main screen
Added support for 'Program Options', 'Maximum Frame Rate'
Fixed function key assignment issues
Updates to English, French, German text
Improved Mouse Wheel support
Min/max damage correctly displays strength modification
Help tooltip says 'Help' instead of 'Rest'
Fix for Half-Orc Biography
Fixed Dorn looping dialogue problem
Fixed Neera and Rasaad item descriptions
Fixes Gallus in the Black pits proficiency selection
Added toggle for hardware mouse cursor
Disabled stairs in tutorial until Belt tells you to use them
Lothander / Rasaad bug fixed
Flaming Fist reputation loss bug fixed
Neera plot Thayan bodyguard XP fixed
Fixed party members attacking each other bug
Bastard sword strength requirement description updated to 11
Tranzig not using spells fixed
Fixed Neera is busy and won't rejoin party bug
Added autosave for Start of Black Pits


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