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[Christmas Thread 2012] Your presents for Baldur's Gate NPCs!

ShandyrShandyr Member Posts: 8,263
Christmas is coming...

What would you buy as a Christmas present for which Baldur's Gate NPC?

As an inspiration for some NPCs I've made a Christmas tree with their names.

If you would like to give a present to someone whose name is not on the tree, I will add his/her name.
If you add a present for someone whose name is already on the tree the name will turn green!
If the whole tree is green the "+" at the top will glow!

You can think of any NPC in BG1 & ToSC, BG2 & ToB, BG1:EE.

The Christmas presents can be items from our real world or fantasy items or whatever you can think of.
(Though it should fit under a tree, shouldn't it?)

As soon as Christmas is over I'll update this OP with a list of gifts every NPC will have received from you.
Be creative and have fun.

"Tiax      "
"Sarevok    "
"Minsc    Boo"
"Ajantis      Xan"
"Coran       Safana"
"Dynaheir       Imoen"
"Khalid    Skie    Jaheira"
"Yeslick      Nalia     Kivan"
"Aerie       Keldorn     Mazzy"
"Valygar  Larze  Cernd  Anomen"
"Jan   Angelo   Branwen"
"Faldorn   Prism    Garrick"
"Quayle      Ribald      Edwin"
"Yoshimo   Viconia    Haer'Dalis"
"Korgan   Nizidramanii'yt   Kagain"
"Eldoth       Montaron    Vax     Xzar"
"Shar-Teel      Cespenar    Bodhi    Zal"
"Irenicus    Elminster    Carbos     Gorion"
"Melissan     Solaufein     Firebead     Phaere"
"Yaga-Shura        Solar       Sendai      Gromnir"
"Illasera    Gaelan   Firkraag   Ragefast   Ellesime"
"Saemon     Drizzt     Draconis    Kirian    Balthazar"
"Aran      Abazigal      Volo       Scar"
"Thalantyr     Belt    Cadderly    Eltan"
"Liia       Taerom     Rieltar      Tamoko"
"Tazok     Mulahey     Ardenor    Taugosz"
"Narlen      ElderBrain    Arcand      Mutamin"
"Noober    Korax     Dradeel      LordDe'Arnise"
"Winthrop    BubSnikt     Raelis   Brielbara   Nexlit"
"Ratchild       Albert       Ruffie    Renal     Melicamp"
"Larry  Darryl  and  Darryl   Silke     Arkanis      Nimbul"
"Brage      HarwilligerNeen   Laurel   EnderSai     OfficerVai"
"Keldath    Karhk     Degrodel     Lavok    Kangaxx     Rasaad"
"Portalbendarwinden    Perdue   Dorn    Neera"
"Shandalar  Dushai  Mendas  Salvanas  Kaishas"
"Ike   Delsvirftanyon  Maheer  Phandalyn  Aldeth"
"Delainy     Karoug   Maralee     Ramazith    Husam"
"Halbazzer      Centeol     Tarnesh    Tenya     Bentley"
"Gellana      Gamaz      Lothander     Marek       Jalantha"
"Demogorgon      Entar       AspenWillowMaple      Arkion"
"Cromwell    LordForeshadow     Oublek     Greywolf      Hull"
"Nemphre       Ordulinian      Schlumpsha       Quenash       Vail"
"Fuller     Doomsayer     Davaeorn     Semaj     Brunos     Thaldorn"
"WinskiPerorate   Bassilus  HabibKhalidAhmedAllafif  Spectator  Yago"

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