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Tales of the Underdark

KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
edited December 2012 in Role Playing
I will (DM) this journey into the vastness of the Underdark RPG tale.

INTRO: The path from Waterdeep into the Underdark is a maze of caverns and tunnels filled with many different kinds of foes. As travelers from Baldur's Gate you and your companions are (for the most part) unfamiliar with the Underdark.

While at a tavern inside Baldur's Gate you overhear others speak of a map that leads to vast riches and treasure in a cave deep underneath Waterdeep. After purchasing and researching this map you discover that its creator was a rogue by the name of Hanich a skilled treasure hunter. After venturing into the Underdark many years past he had sketched together rather articulate and detailed maps of his journey and made claims that there was vast fortunes to be discovered within. However the tales of the map and it's creator are veiled in skepticism and doubt by many would be adventurers.

After several days of preparation you arrive a few miles outside of Waterdeep at the mouth of a small cave precisely located on the map. From here you notice some of the "other" adventurers from the same tavern camped outside of the cave. A large fire lights the faces of the adventurers together you all agree that there should be better safety in numbers and according to the rumors more than enough riches to carry away...


1.) You may create any character that fits into the D&D Forgotten Realms universe. (and any alignment)

2.) post the name of your character along with His/Her ability rolls Str, Dex, Vit, Int, Cha, Wis (DM approved)

3.) your gear (+1 weapon, armor, helm) more to be added through the game.

4.) your starting level will be 6

5.) Death is permanent (no revive spells) except for spells granted through the game.

6.) one post per turn, please wait for the (DM) before taking another turn. this "turn" may include some backstory for your character, an attack sequence or plan of attack, and any dialog you choose.

7.) Outcome of all encounters and instances will be created by the (DM) The game will begin with 3-6 players and if we get more people interested I will try make another game ASAP.

D&D Dice
Experience guide

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  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    (Prod) What version of the D&D/AD&D rules?

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited December 2012
    2nd edition rules (however) for each player I ask Only that you help keep track of HP, level and class abilities. I don't want this game to get too cluttered with numbers as it takes away from the fantasy. ;)

    For anyone familiar with the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide
    I will be also referring to this for direction in decisions regarding underground battles, spells and abilities.

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  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206

    Within the context of a game, the Underdark is extremely dangerous, especially to characters or other fictional creatures that are not native to it. There are the usual dangers associated with caverns: claustrophobia, occasional poor air circulation, and getting lost. Cave floor and ceiling collapses are also a hazard.

    There is no light except for occasional patches of phosphorescent fungus; most Underdark inhabitants either have highly developed senses other than sight or have developed Darkvision. Food can be extremely difficult to find, and much of the natural vegetation is poisonous. In addition, potable water is seldom easy to locate in this setting.

    In the Forgotten Realms setting, the Underdark is permeated with a magical energy the Drow call faerzress, which is used as a source of energy by the native plant life but which interferes with scrying and teleportation spells.

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    I would love to play but I really am not at all familiar with any of the editions of DnD except for my exposure to it via video games like Baldur's Gate.


    And the varying books and whatnot are so expensive. And there are so many to buy. I don't know where to begin.

    *sad panda*

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206

    I would love to play but I really am not at all familiar with any of the editions of DnD except for my exposure to it via video games like Baldur's Gate.


    And the varying books and whatnot are so expensive. And there are so many to buy. I don't know where to begin.

    *sad panda*

    It's ok for starters just select a character and class. Nothing is really required to play. Manuals and guides just help clarify things for both the players and the DM. Exploring the worlds of imagination is a free process and one that requires very little experience. ;)

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    I used to be part of an RPG club when I was a kid. So I have experience Role Playing lol. Just not with DnD.

    We played werewolf, vampire, frenzy, steampunk, and marvel as far as I recall. As well as our own universes.

    Just not familiar with DnD outside of Da Games.

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited December 2012
    Pretty much the same thing however with D&D there is so much in terms of literature, guides, manuals, editions and realms. Some people have a very deep understanding of everything while others casually like to stroll through dungeons...

    I don't really like to stay with one set of rules personally but many people do so I stay on the side of the majority. If people want to toss the rule books out the window and allow total control of outcome to a DM that's cool. The other thing about D&D is dice.. There Are many different sets of dice for the game however "core rules states" only the player can or should touch the dice in ones own turn as luck or fate as it will is determined by the person touching them.

    On a online forum we have no dice... And no way to guard against a cheater other than to have a dedicated (DM) doing his/her homework and knowing what should be an outcome of any situation one could imagine.

    For example: let's say we are exploring a tunnel filled with the half eaten corpses of Drow... If there is a trap and we do not have a rogue to do a Check for traps and magic detection is basically void within many areas of the Underdark how would you be able to run a dexterity check for a save vs sprung trap? Would you just trust that the DM has your best interests in mind? Many people are not so trusting lol. I could go on but you get the idea so for my game I would like to have a preset developed on any character that plays to help me determine their fate using my judgement. Any player that would play would need to understand that before we started.

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  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    edited December 2012
    Okay... Heres my shot then.

    Full Name: Tanthalas of Luskan (family name unknown)
    Nickname: Tanis, Pretty Boy, Elfling
    Race: Sun Elf
    Gender: Male
    Actual Age: 107
    Human Age: 16/17
    Origin: Luskan

    Tanis is considered tall for an Elf standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall, and is as lithe as one might expect an Elf to be. With his soft angular features, long dark hair, and pretty green eyes you might be forgiven for thinking him a young female elf (a mistake that many a brash young luskan male has made in the past which often resulting in him setting fire to their breeches with his magic) and he certainly fulfills the stereotypical expectation that Elves be comely.
    He also has a notable scarab shaped tattoo on his forehead, and a tribal tattoo below his left eye.

    Growing up as he did he learned pretty quickly in live to have zero respect for authority figures, as authority in Luskan usually meant corruption and cruelty and as such it is something of a minor miracle he grew up with any goodness in him at all.
    He is kind hearted, and generous, but only to those that have earned his trust and care. To strangers and those he dislikes he is wary and borderline hostile towards. He is also fairly bad tempered, and impetuous.

    Tanis grew up on the streets of Luskan after his mother, who was visiting the northern port city on some business, died giving birth to him in a rather dingy Inn that she was staying in. She had only the time to name the boy before passing. The owner sold the babe to the Luskan chapter of the Shadow Thieves (of Amn) for a few coppers and a valuable healing potion (the owner had a "problem" in a "sensistive area").
    The leader of the Shadow Thieves in Luskan at the time was a Calishite by the name of Brindir, was notable only by his shaved head and scarab tattoo on his forehead. Brindir had not long been leader of the Shadow Thieves and had introduced a policy of maintaining a small army of orphan children as lookouts and pickpockets, and young Tanis was one of those children.
    All the children viewed Brindir as a pseudo father figure, and Tanis was no exception. As Tanis grew Brindir became old, too old to run the guild, and was stabbed to death by his successor (who had grown tired of waiting for the old man to shuffle off the mortal coil) and Tanis (who was in his 50s by this time - still a child by Elven standards) and the other children were turned out from the guild by Brindir's successor (who had no use for Brindir's brats).
    Growing up in the guild had prepared him for life on the streets however, and he (and his friends) got along rather well save for the occassional rape and mugging attempt by the odd enamoured human who usually found themselves inexplicably on fire.
    It wasn't wrong before Tanis realised that these incidents were incidents of uncontrolled magic, and he and his friends did everything they could for him to learn to control his powers to avoid attracting undue attention. It wasn't to be however as after one too many burst of uncontrolled magic brought him to the attention of the Arcane Brotherhood of Luskan (after he accidentally set fire to a member's hat), and fearing for his life he fled Luskan.
    He spent a few years wandering the Sword Coast before eventually settling in Baldur's Gate, where once again his magic drew the attention of the Shadier aspects of the city and he soon found himself in the employ of the local Thieves Guild.
    They helped him to pin down the nature of his magic, and learn some measure of control over it. He found that he was uniquely talented in blasting things to pieces with his magic, and was often used as a magical enforcer by the guild because of it.
    He made a number of friends in the guild, and for a time life was semi decent for Tanis. However as he reached adulthood (in elven terms) he began to grow restless and bored with his lot in life, and wished to move on to bigger and better things. While he was, and would be eternally, grateful to the Guild for helping him he felt it was time for him to leave.
    And so he has.

    Family: Unknown
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class: Sorcerer

    Strength:- 10
    Dexterity:- 16
    Constitution:- 12
    Intelligence:- 18
    Wisdom:- 17
    Charisma:- 15

    Dagger - *
    Quarterstaff - *

    1st Level-
    Chromatic Orb
    Magic Missile
    Protection From Evil
    2nd Level-
    Agannazar's Scorcher
    3rd Level-

    Quarterstaff +1
    Dagger +1
    Traveller's Robe

    Uh. I think thats everything.


    Wizards of the Coast DnD Dice Roller

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  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    Thx for the link! ;) never searched for a virtual dice roller.

    That is a great bio and character/player sheet. I hope to have at least 3 players before the campaign begins.

    Tanthalas is nearby the fire outside of the cave.

  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    edited December 2012
    Hi there,

    I wouldnt mind having a go at some roleplaying here. Ive been enjoying reading the ravenloft game here for a few weeks now, and it looks good fun :)

    Ive been trying to come up with a character, but its a bit late here and i have work tomorrow.
    If theres still room tomorrow night ill write up a character sheet, proberly for a Human fighter

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  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    Aww, and here was me hoping this would be a drow campaign :(

  • AnduineAnduine Member Posts: 416
    edited December 2012
    Name: Tharadin (surname undisclosed)
    Race: Human Male
    Age: 29
    Height: 6’2
    Weight: 210
    Hair: Black, shaved nearly bald. (Stubble)
    Facial hair: Full stubble.

    Class: Fighter (3) // Cleric (3, active class)
    Follows/Worships: Ilmater (primarily) , Tyr, and Helm to a lesser degree.
    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Notable Personality Traits:

    Is often stoic, and looks down on those that cry out from pain. Only helps those that are willing to help themselves. Has a great respect for guards, knights, Paladins, etc. Judges by personality, and is not impressed by personal wealth. Respects those that are Good and hardy. Has little tolerance for unjustified crimes. Attacks monstrous/evil creatures on sight, as they are a blight upon the world and only here to test the strength and fortitude of Man. Has no tolerance for sinister/"behind the back" actions, and is very forward. The only thing that he attacks more than evil creatures are Good creatures who have turned evil, as they are a living mockery. Believes that women and children are to be defended by men; has difficulty accepting females that fight on the front lines.


    Born to a noble family in Athkatla, Tharadin was always expected to achieve greatness, even at the cost of others. However, he always had an appreciation for those that lived a more difficult life. Most people in Athkatla did not have the luxury of being pampered, and it sickened Tharadin whenever those people were harmed or abused without there being cause. He spent many years as an Athkatlan Guard, doing his part to ensure that the good and innocent people of the city had no unjustified wrongdoings happen to them. What really got Tharadin's attention were those innocents on the wrong end of a beating, who stood up to their bullies again and again. It would have been easier to give the criminals what they want, to give in and just go with the events as they transpire, but that would not have been right! Standing up to one's foes, injured or harmed, ultimately makes one stronger.

    After being repeatedly criticized by his family about how "Being a guard is so undignified for a noble", and being told "You should find something more lucrative; Men are judged by their gold reserves, nothing more", Tharadin renounced his claim to the inheritance of his family and exiled himself, even abandoning his surname. A "free" man, he sought some form of direction in his life, and it came to him in the form of a Priest of Ilmater observing his training sessions, always pushing himself to the brink of unconsciousness. Strong, agile, and hardy; yet never content. The priest introduced Tharadin to the Temple of Ilmater, and from thereon, Tharadin became a Warrior-Cleric, gaining an even greater appreciation for those that suffer in the name of good. While he learned the ability to heal, he only does so in situations to prevent death or severe damage, and often only with reason. If one cannot take a blow from their opponent, why would Ilmater want them to be preserved? Strength through trial!

    Eventually, Tharadin's adventurous nature got the best of him, and at no better time: It was time for him to travel the realms, showing the world what a Warrior-Cleric of Ilmater and Tyr is capable of. Where he had no cause living in fortune, one shall be found through faith and fortitude.

    HP: 79

    AC: -5

    Ability scores:
    STR: 18/81
    DEX: 18
    CON: 17
    WIS: 18
    INT: 10
    CHA: 10

    Weapon proficiencies:

    One-hand and Shield style: ** (Specialized) (Missile weapons have a harder time hitting me)
    Morningstar: *** (Mastery)
    Sling: * (Proficient)

    Morningstar + 1, Helm of Darkvision, Medium Shield, Full Plate + 1

    Notable items:
    Small key, dropped from a goblin.

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  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    weapons can be +1 everything checks out great.

    I like these Bios... It really helps for the fantasy of this campaign and allows us all to reflect more clearly on the player/characters that are in this party.

    Thank you Tharadin, You have joined the campfire awaiting more companions..

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited December 2012
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  • rexregrexreg Member Posts: 292
    edited December 2012
    which method for determining stats & when will play-time be?
    non-weapon proficiencies?

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited December 2012
    I am trusting players to Roll for their stats... We will know if it sounds too good to be true lol ;) there is a link above from fitscotgaymer to help with that.

    Play time will be loose, I imagine this will be a long term thing once we get started. If we end up having more than 6 player/characters I will try to start up a new campaign for them. So once we establish a few characters And the game begins You will be given (1) post per turn... this can be edited obviously but once I read the post and have taken the time to calculate an outcome my post will (set) all actions from above. feel free to post questions and share comments in this thread as I can collect all used turns and generate outcome. All players will use their turn before (DM) compiles.

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    I have created a full and detailed DM map of this campaign and I am excited to get started we only need 1-4 more players to begin.

  • rexregrexreg Member Posts: 292
    i would like to play, schedule permitting...will need a little bit to look through the old books, though...
    i will be playing a Ranger-unless i'd be too hamstrung in an underground setting

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide might help shed some light on Rangers in underground environments however I personally don't see any problem with it? You have dual wield abilities no doubt a set of swords or daggers? ;)

    Bow and arrow along with animal charm will obviously become much less useful as creatures of the Underdark are most likely going to be immune to charm and there won't be many places except perhaps some very open caverns that allow for line of sight.

    I will do my best to be fair to all classes within this campaign I fully expect player/characters to be clever in surpassing obstacles.

  • rexregrexreg Member Posts: 292
    that LOS thing could pose an issue...i'll come up w/ a character/background by tomorrow evening, if that's ok

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    rexreg said:

    that LOS thing could pose an issue...i'll come up w/ a character/background by tomorrow evening, if that's ok

    no problem rexreg ;) enjoy your character creation (it's my favorite part personally)... I have some journals from 1998 when I was pretty Hardcore into D&D that I still enjoy re-reading.

  • AnduineAnduine Member Posts: 416
    @rexreg: While the setting may not permit effective use of a traditional medium-long range archer type, a "Skirmisher" type (short-medium ranged attacker that uses a combination of positioning and mobility to compensate for the inability to snipe) may be effective. Imagine a Ranger with a bit of Rogue in him, using a bit of stealth and acrobatics (Think 3rd edition Tumble) to avoid melee situations. While a longbow may prove to be ineffective, a shortbow and/or throwing weapons may succeed.

    I suppose more information would be needed, but I don't think you should throw aaide a ranged character concept just yet.

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited December 2012
    The environment of underground settings poses a challenge for any class... Fighters might become encumbered by plate, spell-casters will find many spells and abilities ineffective the lack of darkvision, fresh air will all place player/characters at odds with themselves at times.

    It is because of this players will benefit most from one another and learning good teamwork or problem solving. But beware the Drow my friends... For they are cunning, skilled and very deadly... (evil laugh)

  • AnduineAnduine Member Posts: 416
    Knoland said:

    But beware the Drow my friends... For they are cunning, skilled and very deadly... (evil laugh)

    Ilmater does not tolerate those that create unjustified suffering on the innocent! *slams Morningstar*

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    edited December 2012
    What I did was roll 1d20 on that site, giving myself a minimum of 8, and rolled for each score. When I got a 2 for Con I rerolled, I mean at that level my char would have had like 4 hit points at level 6 lol, so I thought an 8 min was reasonable.
    Also gave myself an 18 max because its that way in Baldur's Gate.

    So it worked out at a range of stats that aren't overpowered. Also his dex his only as high as it is because of his "past".


    If you could let me know what my spellbook is going to look like, I can update my character post. What spells (aside from Knock and Identify) Tanis is going to have, and how many casts he has per level.

    Also what equipment He starts with would be great.


    Oh dear. I see Tanis' distinct lack of respect for authority and nobility being a problem between him and Tharadin.

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  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    edited December 2012
    I wouldnt mind giving it a shot, but like many time is a factor and pulling two jobs certeinly leaves little free time lol but nevertheless i will put my guys stats down.

    Name: Ebnar Bluemace
    Race: Shield Dwarf
    Age: 292
    Height: 4'7
    Weight: 226
    Hair: Dark Brown, Ragged, Long, Wild
    Facial Hair: Dark Brown, Long, Unkept

    Class: Berserker (6)
    Religion: None (Formerly Clanggedin Silverbeard)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neautral



    Ebnar is foul mouthed and even more foul tempered, he is slow to trust, like many Dwarves he dousnt care for Elves and wont be shy about letting them know either, He holds great pride in his skill as a warrior so much so that he considers all none Dwarf warriors a laughable excuse for what he views a true warrior to be. He dousnt play well with others but will work in a group if it means achieving a goal, however beneath his brutish and sometimes harsh demenour he has a good heart though to say this to him directly will proberly result in a fight. He speaks little of his past before his career as a Bounty Hunter and Treasure Seeker, one key way to win the Dwarf over is with an Ale and lots of it. Brave, feirce, Harsh and sometimes reckless sums up Ebnar.

    Short Background:

    Ebnar is the last surviving member of Clan Bluemace, a formlerly large clan located far into Icewind Dale, Ebnar speaks little of his former clan and any attempt to converse about it usually turns the Dwarf violent, it is however believed they were all wiped out in a great war with Frost Giants while Ebnar was away leading a Mercenary Group and the Dwarf blames himself for not being there, though the details are sketchy. He has spent the larger portion of his life leading Mercenary Bands and Adventuring Groups up around Neverwinter and along the Sword Coast, he openly admits his been on two sides of the extreames, rescuing villages from Orc Hoards one day and butchering a company of Knights the next, coin to him was his life and he cared little for the job aslong as it meant he had the gold to go to the tavern each night, he does however despise weakness and sees no point in slaughtering those who cant defend themselves and as such wont take jobs that meant killing innocents or the defencless, he enjoys nothing more than testing his strength against strong opponents even if it usually means his outmatched, as such he has earned a repuation for being a dangerous travel companion, often throwing himself into the heat of battle without thinking his actions through.

    Now he reaches his 300th year he has taken on the role of Bounty Hunter and Treasure Seeker which he considers a less stressful life and a better paying one. His greatest treasure is a small runed stone which plays music from his former clan, he is also feircly protective of his newly inherted ward, Vincent Sweet-Song, a young Half-Elf boy who is the offspring of his two late adventuring companions. While he tends to give the Half-Elf a hard time its clear he has nothing but fondness for the boy, his intending to leave him in Waterdeep while he joins an adventuring troup heading to the Underdark.


    Strength - 18/00

    Dexterity - 16

    Constitution - 19

    Intelligence - 10

    Wisdom - 14

    Charisma - 7


    Two-Weapon Fighting Style - **

    Axe - ***


    Axe + 1 x2

    Plate Mail Armor + 1


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  • AnduineAnduine Member Posts: 416
    edited December 2012
    @Knoland: I'd like to request an item that is the equivalent to a +1 bonus: Helm of Darkvision, or something similar to it, as Helms don't really get flat + bonuses. Also, I hope we can arrange some window of time between yourself and the players where our characters introduce ourselves to one another, allowing us and especially you to get a feel of how the party will initially interact.

    @Fitscotgaymer: It's true that our characters may have some issues at first, but most parties have that "initial hump" to get over, unless there are extreme differences. While my character spent a great deal of time as a Guard, he is not adventuring as one, so you need not worry about being arrested or attacked, unless you do something quite awful to the point of going well beyond your CG alignment.

    In regards to your character: I am quite rusty on how quickly Sorcerers learn spells per level. I know that unlike Wizards, they do not gain bonus spells from Intelligence or ANY stat for that matter, (Charisma in D&D 3.0+) and cannot learn spells from scrolls (But you can still cast them). Here are your spells per day as a level 6:

    1st level spells: 6 per day, 4 known.
    2nd level spells: 5 per day, 3 known.
    3rd level spells: 3 per day, 1 known.

    Level 7: 1st: 6/5 2nd: 6/4 3rd: 4/2

    Level 8: 3rd: 5/2 4th: 3/1

    Also keep in mind that unlike Wizards, you do not need to select and memorize your spells per day. You simply cast X spells per day in accordance to Y level.

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526

    I envisaged Tanis as the sort of person who didn't see a problem with stealing a loaf of bread to feed your children, or pick pocketing some fat rich merchant so you can pay to sleep on a comfortable bed for a night.
    He is generally good hearted (the basic nature of sun elves after all), and coming from Luskan that translates into viewing authority as self interested at best, and cruel at worst.

    Also I just realised. Tharadin. He sounds like he looks like Sheploo. lol.

    @Anduine @Dreyy

    You guys need pics for your chars. Good pics. :P

  • AnduineAnduine Member Posts: 416
    @fistcotgaymer: Updated my post and added a pic, after spending some time on google. Surprisingly, this pic fits quite well!

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    I dunno @Anduine...

    I was thinking this...



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