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Tales of the Underdark



  • AnduineAnduine Member Posts: 416
    "Very well, Hanich. I do not believe that you are lying, so we shall decide on how we are going down."

    *Some deliberation, but the party seems to be set on Tanis*

    "Here, Tanis. I brought some rope with me, but it is only 15 yards. Even with the 4 yards of chain I have, I doubt that will be enough. I should have no trouble lowering you or raising you, however."

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    Tanis scowled mightily at all three companions.

    "I hope Face Snatchers get all of you!" He grabs the rope and tied it firmly around his waist in the manner that he was taught by his Shadow Thief mentor, "Ruddy sods!"

    He then climbed up onto the side of the well, found himself some good hand holds on the internal side, and straddled the wall.

    "Well?" He asked sharply, "Let's get this over with shall we?"

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    Ebnar lets out several snort laughs before grabbing the end of the rope.

    "Aye lets get this over with, sooner we be getting down there the sooner we be getting our hands on some gold, just try not to fall elf! ..actually, you can if you like, be giving us something soft to land on HAH!"

    The Dwarf laughs louder. Tightning his grip on the rope.

  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    Demeisen takes a firm grip on the rope, throws an end to Tharadin and looks at the rope in his hands.

    "hope this is long enough"

    looking up to the well ledge with a smile

    "ready whenever you are, Tanis"

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    As the adventurers decide on sending the Elf Tanis on a trip to the bottom of the well the Old man shouts at them "Ye be some fools me thinks! This here well has a foldable platform that attaches to this rope but it will take all 4 of you to operate it.."

    The old man lowers the platform for the adventurers...

    Will you descend?

    Ya or Na?

    (DM) - end turn

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    Ebnar throws the rope to one side, clearly frustrated.

    "Bah! Why you not be saying something sooner fool old man!"

    Ebnar glares at the platform.

    "That thing looks like it be about to fall apart... hm almost think our idea be better, but hells with it! Lets descend the damndable thing and be done with it!"

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited December 2012
    Ebnar - Vote for Ya
    Demeisen - Vote for Ya
    Tanis - Vote for Ya
    Tharadin - Vote for ya

    4/4 ya votes

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  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    Demeisen tuts to himself and sheepishly rolls the rope back up.

    "well, what do i know of lift shafts and pulley systems?"

    turns and looks apologetically at Tanis

    "Maybe next time then, boy"

    Demeisen walks over to examine the platform

    "Looks a bit ramshackle... but it should be sturdy enough, only one way to find out"

    (votes yes)

    (end turn)

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    Tanis gratefully takes the rope off of his waist.

    "Thank Tymora for that." The Elf said quietly.

    "I thought you said that one of us would have to go down to pull the level to make the platform for the rest of us work?" The boy asked, "I'm confused..."

    Tanis wants to get down there already. lol.

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    Waiting for Tharadin to continue...

  • AnduineAnduine Member Posts: 416
    *raises an eyebrow at Hanich, with a stern look*

    "Why didn't you mention this before? Patience has it's value, but wasted time is a folly."

    *raises Tanis back up*

    I vote Yea.

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited December 2012
    With all of the party descending into the darkness of the well you see the bottom of the well. Nearing the bottom you hear Hanich call down to you. "I'm sorry my lads, but this is the end of your journey" as he lets out a sinister laugh... Then you feel the ropes start to give away and hear the sound of the well closing above you.

    You quickly brace yourself against the sides of the well.. You must slow down the platform by holding onto stones from the side of the well...

    Ability check: Strength requires 3/4 of the party to pass a 1d20 roll.

    Tharadin rolls: 17 (success)
    Tanis rolls: 8 (success)
    Demeison rolls: 9 (success)
    Ebnar rolls: 18 (success)

    The Party safely lowers the platform by hand down the final amount and reach the bottom they see the bodies of many fallen warriors some of which appear to be gnawed upon. There are two passages going opposite directions one looks to be cavernous the other has many dwarven carvings and supports.

    (DM) - Turn End

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  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    Demeisen staggers off the platform breathing heavily, and stares murderously up the pitch black closed off well shaft.

    "Curse me for a fool! I knew that old man wasn't right, should of killed him when i had the chance, and i swear, if i ever get out of this deathtrap, I'll strangle that crazy old snake with his own entrails!"

    scowls at seeing the bodies that litter the floor.

    "well, seems we weren't the only greedy fools running up here to die, looks like hes caught out quite a few, poor bastards"

    Demesion then pads over to one of the bodies and rolls one over with his foot, taking note of the partially eaten sections.

    "it gets better, looks like theres somthing else down here chewing on these bodies, who knows what?"

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    Ebnar scrambles to his feet having slipped in the confusion upon reaching the bottom of the well, he grunts loudly and rubs his back and neck, he stretches back and unclicks his neck.

    "By all the bloody hells! Did i not being saying that old fool was up to no good!? I said it, and ye all just went along with it anyway, dont listen to the Dwarf! Whats the Dwarf know about a 'DWARVEN' mine!! Not like i done got knowledge on such things or nuthin! Now we done stuck down here in the dark!..."

    Turning Ebnar glares up at the closed off well shaft.

    "Ye think ye done so clever eh!? Wait till i done get out of ere! Ye dont be knowing pain till i done cut your guts open an pulled your intenstines through ye arse! YE HEAR ME OLD MAN!? YE GONNA BE WISHING THE HOUNDS OF HELL BE EATING YOUR ENTRAILS BEFORE I BE DONE WITH YE!!!"

    Throwing a large stone up at the ceiled well, it bangs and crashes against the walls and clunks back down onto his own helmet throwing the already irratated Dwarf even deeper into a rage. After a few moments of punching and kicking the side of the wall (and making a considerable dent through the stone work) he finally calms down, his breathing heavy. He turns and falls onto the ground, his back placed against the wall, there he sits silently, with only his heavy breathing giving his position away. He grabs a clump of dust and throws it out in front of him, it scatters like a cloud in the air.

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    Tanis stumbled off of the platform, shaking in fright, with a distinct green hue.

    He promptly plonked himself not far from the raging dwarf, and buried his hands into his face.

    "Why did I agree to this again?" He mumbled into his hands.

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited December 2012
    Path 1

    Path 2

    Take as much time as you need to discuss with your party the direction you wish to go as well as any searches or actions you choose to perform before you end your turn.

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  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    Demeisen lifts his gaze from the bodies and spits on the floor in disgust, then moves out of the well shaft and up to the junction of the two passageways. squatting down he looks from the natural and cavernous looking path to the dwarven mine corridor with its runes and rubs his chin.

    Looking back at his beleaguered companions

    "well for better or worse we're here now, no way back up that shaft, only question is, which way do we go from here?"

  • AnduineAnduine Member Posts: 416
    edited December 2012

    *slams morningstar against the platform, causing some of the wood to shatter and splinter before calming down a bit*

    *turns to meet the party with an angered and stern glare*

    "It would appear we have a choice ahead of us. I feel that this one (Path 1) may lead to battle. Just look at these bodies and how open the cave is. However, that one (Path 2) looks like it would be more prone to traps. I can only imagine the death that traps in such an enclosed space could cause. I would much prefer fact, I think I may be craving it after what just happened...I need a moment. Please do not disturb me."

    *Turns away from the party and tries to calm himself by grabbing his morningstar and praying*

    "My Lords, clear my mind and guide my hand for what comes before us. May rage not lay claim over me...*continues*

    I vote for Path 1.

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited December 2012
    Votes for Path 1
    -The whole party

    Post edited by Knoland on
  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    edited December 2012
    Tanis slowly picked himself up from where he was moping.

    "Well at least I don't feel guilty about calling the old psychopath a loon now!" He attempted a somewhat cheerful smile, as much as he can manage under the circumstances.

    He went out to the passages and had a little look up and down both, and 'hmmed' out loud.

    "Well..." He said, "I think we should let Ebnar decide this one."

    He didn't say that because of Ebnar's grumping either.

    "The dwarven passages look like the most likely prospect to get back to the surface, i'd imagine. And treasure, I'd think." He explained, "Unless they are Duergar tunnels... in which case either passage would be as bad."

    Tanis still thinks following the Dwarf in the Dwarven mine is a good idea, so he is leaning towards path 2. But could be persuaded for path 1.

  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    Crouched at the juction of the two paths, Demeisen stands, dusts off his knees and glances at Tanis as he approaches

    "I tend to agree with you in this elf, if there are any enemies down this mine shaft, the tight spaces mean it would be near impossible for them to flank us."

    Turns back to the mine shaft and squints into the darkness thoughtfully

    "Looks like theres just room for two abreast down there" *looks towards Ebnar and Tharadin* "those two upfront 'should' be able to hold out to a larger force... theoretically....."

    Demeisen trails off with a frown

    "unless of course its all just trapped to hell like the cleric said and the ceiling comes crashing down around our ears, first step we take"

    with a shrug and a sigh, looking towards the open cavern

    "either way is like to be a deathtrap, but I'll follow whatever way the group decides"

    Demeisen walks away from Tanis into the shadows and leans against the wall, pulling his cloak tighter about him then folding his hands across his chest to wait

    (votes for path 2)

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    Ebnar pushes himself up from the cave floor, his plate armor grinding against the stone and rock, he pats his legs and arms down freeing himself of the numerous dust particles which had settled on him. He hobbles over to the two passageways, he pulls one of his axes from their holster at his hip and leans down to inspect one of the decaying bodies, using his axe he tilts the carcass over to its front revealing a horrific visage of a long dead soul with his pain eternally etched onto his face, most of his flesh having been gnawed or decayed off sometime ago.

    "Well could be Ghouls n Ghasts though aint like em to leave any remains, they just as likely be chewing on the bones n marrow, so i wouldnt hold me breath..."

    He continues to inspect the body a few moments longer, finally losing intrests he removes his axe with a sneer causing the corpse to flop back to its orgional position. The Dwarf stops and ponders for a moment, gazing at the passageway with numerous bodies and turning his attention to the mines second with its narrow path and old beams, he scratches his beard and looks up at the Dwarven runes etched into the stone work. Finally he turns and looks at the group.

    "I be saying we follow the bodies... Whatever done live down ere the amount of noise we gone an made already have no doubt given us away, wouldnt be suprised if we have eyes on us already"

    He glares back at the bodies and tilts his head looking at passageway number two.

    "I dont be trusting that passage, it be too tight, an them beams dont be looking safe, even if one of us gone set off a trap there aint being much room to manevuer to get out the way, chances are we pin ourselves in and fall all over each other... and i be prefering whatever beastie done left this mess not being at our backs if we walk down that passageway, if it leads to a dead end and the critter be on our tails, we got no room to be fighting it... nay, it dont sit well with me."

    Ebnar draws his second axe and swings it around in his left hand.

    "I say we go follow the bodies, there be more room and if we do run across any beasties least we got plenty of room to take it down..."

    Twisting his next a sinister smile creeps on the Dwarfs face.

    "Sides i be intrested in seeing what done be living down ere, me axes be itching for some blood, maybe if i be real lucky it be a nest of Face Snatchers HAH!"

    He coldy grins and laughs in Tanthalas direction.

    - Ebnar Votes Path 1 -

    - End Turn -

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    Tanis glared at Ebnar.

    "I am sorely tempted to set fire to your beard right now." He said, "Just so you know."

    He looked down towards the cavern, and the pile of bodies, with trepidation.

    "I just know we are going to be attacked by a carrion crawler or something equally foul down there..." He grumbled quietly, "I suppose both paths are equally terrible. Whatever."

    -End Turn-

  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    Leaning against the wall in the shadows Demeisen silently listens to the dwarfs decision, then shakes his head and looks towards the cavernous opening over the mound of bodies.

    "Have it your way then, it seems we're to be ripped apart by whatever awaits us past that mountain of bodies"

    Demeisen pushes off from the wall and silently pads across to the front of the cavern, peering past the corpses, he then slips into the shadows (hides in the shadows) just inside the cave and waits for the others to gather.

    (end turn)

  • AnduineAnduine Member Posts: 416
    edited December 2012
    *standing up from his prayers*

    "Well, Ebnar, it would appear we at last have *some* common ground."

    *turns to address the concerns of Tanis and Demeisen*

    "Allow me to tell you a short tale of what can happen in an enclosed space like that? While I was a guard in Athkatla, I've had to do my share of arrests, sometimes involving evil or psychopathic wizards that have no self-restraint or desire to learn control. One such day, my small battalion of guards were in pursuit, and we wound up chasing the mad wizard in an underground tunnel, not much more or less narrow than the one before us now.

    Unburdened by armor and aware of the tunnel, he got a solid lead on us by 30 or so yards. He cast a Fireball upon us... and there begins my warning to you now. Some of us were incinerated immediately. But the worst were those that were burned or still aflame, trying to climb over or shove past one another to escape, which ultimately prevented any of them from doing so. I am the sole survivor of that day, and I've seen firsthand the damage and chaos that fire and magic can do in enclosed spaces like this, where this is no way to evade such things. I will of course ultimately accompany you, whatever choice is made, but remember this warning tale..."

    Post edited by Anduine on
  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    Ebnar snorts at Tharadin's comment, he proceeds to scratch his chin using his axe, the blade dangerously close to his own throat, he pulls it away and leans it on his shoulder.

    "Hmph, while i be hating to admit it, prince charming ere got the right of it"

    He says with an annoyed expression.

    "Still could of done without the wordy proverbs and doom sayings, ye humans and ye speeches, how a race so short lived gets it in der head their wise i dont be knowing."

    He barks, turning his ahead away and shaking it.

    "Aint no girly ere for you to impress with your stories knight, well, maybe the Elf, he deffintly be looking the part, all soft skinned and doe eyed as he is"

    He chuckles with a rude laugh.

    "But... the knight got the jist of it atleast, be dangerous going down a narrow corridor without be knowing what lie ahead, hells, dangerous following a path of corpses but that be the unknown i know how to deal with"

    He grins swinging his duel axes in each hand.

    "Lets be done deciding then, treasure's be a waiting and monster be need a killing!"

    He turns and faces the line of corpses, slowerly begining to walk down the path. becoming harder to see as he disappears into the darkness.

  • AnduineAnduine Member Posts: 416
    *turns to Ebnar with an annoyed glare*

    "Listen here, dwarf. I will only tolerate your repeated disrespect for so long. Keep your unwanted insults to yourself, or simply do not talk. If you continue to test me, you will eventually get what I think you want: A fight."

    (End turn)

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    edited December 2012
    Ebnar turns his head showing a sinister almost crazed smile on his face, he lifts one of his axes up so he can see it clearly.

    "Anytime ye be wanting to try your luck prince charming, all ye gotta do is be asking!"

    Dwarf stare fixed stirnly on Tharadin's, both not backing away from the challenge, finally Ebnar snorts and turns his head back forward.

    "Bah, dont know why i be bothing, only a fool be wanting to fight each other while dungeon crawling, if ye get ye heart set on a fight knight be waiting till we done ere, ill glady test me axes against your pointy stick!"

    The smile creeping back on the Dwarfs face.

    "Wouldnt be the first knight ive killed, hells wont be the last...HAH!"

    The Dwarf viciously laughs while still walking down the path, he stomps on a decayed corpses skull which splits into peices.

    -Turn End-

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