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Tales of the Underdark



  • Deetz08Deetz08 Member Posts: 4
    (OOC: part of the learning experience [I am new to D&D, I hope you will all be patient with me as I learn the rules] but Is this the spell I am under?? Hold Person: The subject becomes paralyzed and freezes in place. It is aware and breathes normally but cannot take any actions, even speech. Each round on its turn, the subject may attempt a new saving throw to end the effect.)

    Despite his best efforts Gladian cannot break the hold.. 'What luck the best fighter in his lands will meet his doom against a measly spider before he can even engage in combat' Gladian thought to himself as he is bit by the spider..

    (HP: 80/90)

    (Action) If able Gladian keeps attempting to break the hold
    (Gladian) end turn

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    Ebnar swings his axe forward but in a sudden haze a white mist lifts up from the surrounding area and with it the faces of Drow shift once again into their regular form, he notices the Drow he was swinging at to be Lorianne and trying to halt his heavy axe swing shifts its direction narrowly missing her and instead forcing the blade of the axe into her assailants shoulder. The Drow hisses and spits as a flurry of blood splatters out from his wound, slapping the Dwarf in the face.

    Ebnar recoils slightly and takes a moment to breath in the surroundings, having been lifted from his confused state, he sees each of his companions fighting amongst the Drow and he snarls. His eyes drift to a stranger who was frozen to the spot by the Drow Priestess, a menacing spider lurching ever closer to him, he toys with the idea of coming to his aid but quickly snorts at the idea, the Priestess was the real threat and he had a score to settle with her now, his Berserker rage flares up again and he eyes up the priestess with viciousness in his glare.

    "Red!!" he barks at Lorianne, "Deal with this fungus licker! The spider cleric is MINE!!"

    Ebnar charges ahead aiming his rage towards the priestess, relising she had used her magic to dull his senses, he watches briefly the battle escalating between Tanthalas and Demeisen, a cruel smile creeps onto his face.

    "What!? You two not being pushed back by a limp framed Drow are yah!!?" he shifts his eyes to Tanthalas, "Elf! Stop playing around and fire some of ye damn finger waggling magics at the Priestess!! or she gonna heal em!!"

    leaping up at her baring his twin axes in a downward strike, Ebnar spits towards her trying to aim for a lethal blow against the defenceless priestess.

    "Trick me will yah spider wench!!? Ya got no one left to guard yah now whore!! AARRRRGHHH!!!"

    -End Turn-

    (OOC: @Deetz08 .... yeah you got it mate, its best just to let the DM decide when your saving throws kick in and break you from the spell, well unless he wants you to roll for yourself but i am entirly too lazy so instead trust his judgment in the matter lol, basicly your guys stuck there for the moment, i know how you feel, fighters always get nailed with the hold, confuse and slow spells -sigh- but thats what us meat shields do best!

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    OOC: If @Myval comes back, he is our healer/cleric. He might know or learn some spells to help with that, eventually. Like remove paralysis?

    Would dispell magic work?

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    @Myval your party needs you...

    Lorianne pulls out her weapons and charges the wounded Drow.. His attacks are not as fast but still very skillful and he is an amazing weapon master and blocks every attack.. Blood oozing from his leg he yells for aid.

    Ebnar changes focus and charges head first at the Drow Priestess.. The Drow Priestess smiles with a seductive and evil smile and then speaks loudly in a vocalized Drow language. The Drow Priestess casts fear on Ebnar... (failed) Ebnar is in a Berserker rage. Ebnar strikes the Priestess for (16) damage. The Drow Priestess is injured.

    The large spider is hit by Lorianne's arrow for (8) damage but continues to attack Gladian and hit him for (7) damage. Gladian comes out of the hold spell... and spits his blood on the spider.

    Tanis uses his amulet: (fire bolt) hits the Drow for (6) damage, instantly Demeisen jumps to attack the Drow again and hits for (7) damage.

    The Drow return their attacks...

    The large Drow pulls out the arrow from his knee and lets out a scream.. The Drow licks his fingers and stares at Lorianne. "I'm going to make weapons from your bones" The Drow says to Lorianne. The Male drow jumps toward Lorianne his speed begins to return with almost no sign of injury to his leg? The Drow attacks with a blood crazed vengeance and hits Lorianne for (17) damage. Lorianne is injured.

    The smaller male begins to run away from the thief and the elf... he sees that Ebnar is attacking his Priestess and throws himself at the Dwarf. The drow attacks Ebnar and hits for (12) damage. Ebnar is injured.

    The Spider attacks Gladian for (13) damage. Gladian is badly injured.

    The priestess uses this time to get back away from Ebnar and uses her Amulet again: Calls forth a Giant Spider. The spider now stands between herself and Ebnar.

    (DM) - turn end

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    edited March 2013
    Lorianne gave no sign of pain as the Drow marked her with his sword, Instead, she simply laughed and charged in to attack him again. Her face almost seems to shine with an inner light as she throws herself into the battle with renewed ferocity. She moved lightly and easily, as if she wasn't injured at all, and her blows were as hard as if her sword was made of lead, she moved them as lightly as if they were barely there at all. She forces the Drow back hard, making him work his already injured leg as hard as possible, and taking cuts at it, trying to injure him further or make him exhaust himself with pain and exertion.

    She smiled at Ebnar's words, but her attention was on the Drow. "I hear you, Dwarf." She didn't want to give their names away to their foes.
    End turn

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    Tanis gave Demeisen a weak grin, as he stepped forward to clap the thief on the shoulder in thanks for saving him.

    "We make a pretty good team." He said and then took a moment to breathe to try and regain his equilibrium.

    "Three choices..." He said more to himself this time, looking past the thief to the others, "The spiders, the priest, or her leering puppet..."

    Feeling guilty that no one had helped the frozen man yet, Tanis stepped forth gesturing purposefully with his hands and focussing on his inner magic.

    "Chromatic Orb!" He incanted, and cast the spell towards the spider attacking the unknown warrior (Gladian).

  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    Standing beside Tanis, Demeisen breathes in relief as the drow warrior hisses in frustration and charges away to defend the dark preistess. when Tanis claps him on the sholder, Demeisen breifly glances towards him before looking back towards the fight and snorts softly in amusement.

    "more lucky than 'good' I think, boy..."

    The thief then takes a moment to assess the situation as Tanis steps foward reciting an incantation, then hurls a shifting, bright orb from from his hands, like a thrown rock, towards one of the chittering giant spiders.

    Demeisen narrows his eyes and mutters quietly across to Tanis as he fades into the shadows...

    "leave the meat heads to fend for themselves Tanis, we must kill that caster first, perhaps her death will dismiss the spiders... perhaps..."

    out of immediate combat, Demeisen attempts to enter the shadows once again...

    (attempts to restealth and move round behind the preistess)
    (if he cant do that, he will back off and shoot at the preistess with his crossbow)

    (end turn)

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    Ebnar takes a few steps backwards while keeping his guard up, his vision switching between the Priestess, the spider and the Drow warrior, he growls at the amusment evident on the priestesses face from the change of situations but allows himself a cruel smile back as he sees her sneer while gripping the gash he had cut into her not a moment before. However the fact of him now being at the disadvantage didnt escape his notice, the priestess was now guarded by two beings ready to give their life to defend her.

    He weighs up his options quickly, the priestess is still the greatest threat, but the Drow warrior and spider bar his path to her, the warrior if left unchecked could tare into him if he dousnt deal with him now but the spider, while the weakest, could poison the Dwarf if not careful. Either option bore risk but the Drow warrior was weakened from his fight with Tanthalas and Demeisen and thus should prove the easier to take down, at least in theory. Lunging his axes forward he colides steel with the Drow warrior.

    Ebnar winces slightly to the wound left by his opponent, feeling a warm sensation dripping down his skin and a sharp stabbing pain in his side, "Anytime the healer be wanting to make himself useful now be a good time for it!!" he bellows, his axes collide with the Drow Warrior's sword again, a echoing display of metal clashing togeather in sparks and ringing steel bouncing off the cavern walls, both dodging and ducking under each others blows and swings.

    A pin prick digs in the back of Ebnars head, 'Kill them.... kill them al-'
    "NOT NOW!!" Ebnar barks allowed, silencing the voices abrutly and pushing the Drow warrior off balance and trying to make a twin strike against him.

    -End Turn-

  • Deetz08Deetz08 Member Posts: 4
    The spider lunges at Gladian just as he is coming out of the hold spell and regaining control of his body, Gladian is hit again, Extremely aggravated Gladian spits out into the spiders many eyes hoping that may slow it, "You eight legged, hairy abomination!!" He shouted at the spider.

    Still wanting the largest adversary for himself Gladian searches for the large drow in midst of all the chaos, just as he locates the large drow warrior he is struck again by the spider.. Gladian lets out a battle cry, "AHHHHHGHGHG!! YOU DIE NOW!" the spider has drawn Gladians full attention now.

    Just as Gladian is about to start his assault on the spider he sees a bright orb whizz by striking the spider, Gladian looks back in the direction it came from and noticed the Elf, Gladian nods in his direction, then brings his attention back to the spider beginning his onslaught..

    Gladian now had several moderate wounds but he was accustomed to fighting through wounds and moderate wounds no longer hindered him in battle, Gladian started slashing and stabbing in very precise locations at the spider knowing that if he landed a solid blow the spider would almost certainly be disposed of.

    (HP 60/90)
    (Action - attack spider with sword, if spider lunges and tries to attack again Gladian attempts to kick/stiff leg the spider deflecting its attack)

    (End Turn)

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    Gladian ducks as a Orb of magic flies over his head... and strikes the spider broadly with a loud and painfull impact. Giant Spider is damaged for (11) spider near death. Gladian regains his prowess and strikes mightily with his sword. Gladian hits the Giant spider for (12) Giant spider is dead (500) exp for all party.

    Lorianne attacks the large Drow with a renewed ferocity and cat like reflexes.. She lands a clean hit with her weapons for (12) damage to the Drow. The Drow is badly injured.

    Demeisen runs to the shadows and is un-followed by any foe he (hides in shadows) successfully... Demeisen creeps up near the Priestess and back-stabs. The Drow Priestess is injured for (9) damage. Drow Priestess is now injured.

    As Ebnar feels the injury from the Drow attacker he realizes he must make a move. Ebnar attacks the Drow warrior and lands a critical hit... As the Drow smiles wickedly at Ebnar something inside him lets loose and he strikes at the Drows head (head is completely removed).. Drow warrior is killed... (1000) exp

    As the battle continues the Drow forces have now been lessened. The Priestess looks in disgust as her brother is slaughtered at the hands of Ebnar the Dwarf... The Priestess casts a healing spell on herself the priestess is now fully healed. The Large male Drow begins to loose his focus and stumbles before Lorianne he loses his attack turn and grabs ahold of his leg in pain. "Please heal me".... the Drow calls out to the Priestess. The remaining Giant spider lunges at Demeisen and attacks him for (11) damage. Demeisen is injured and poisoned (-2) HP per turn.

    (DM) - turn end

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    edited March 2013
    Lorianne stabs downward at the badly injured (Player is presuming) Drow's stomach. "Heal you, a male?" Lorianne says. "Why would she?"

    End Turn

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    Tanis looked around the room, and relaxed slightly. Things seemed to be well in hand, or so he supposed, and his companions had the drow force on ropes and the unknown warrior had broken free of the hold enchantment.

    He debated his next course of action internally. He could toss a fireball at the dark elf priestess with the risk of almost certainly catching Ebnar, and possibly Demeisen (wherever he had gotten off to), in the backwash of the blast.
    Or he could pick a less powerful spell.

    Ebnar would probably shrug off the damage from a fireball, but Demeisen would be at much greater risk.

    Decided that since he owed the thief his life, it would be poor repayment to blast him with a fireball, that he ought to focus his magic on the priestess in a more singular way.

    He waved his hand, focussed his magic, spoke the incantation, and gestured towards the priestess.

    "Magic Missle!" He called, relying on that old mage mainstay instead.

  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    Moving silently over the bolder strew floor, Demeisen swiftly traverses the cavern, coming up behind the drow preistess as she screams what he can only guess are obsenities at her two male companions.

    Nearing his target, he draws his short sword, a wicked grin spreads across his face as he steps through the darkness unseen and strikes a vicious blow into the preistess back...

    with a twist and a shove, Demeisen withdraws his blade and spins about just as a furry, black and gigantic shape crashes into him from the side, a loud chittering sound fills his ears and makes his skin crawl as the loathsome creature pins him down on his side and sinks its fangs into his arm...

    with a strength born of terror, Demeisen lets out a shreik of fear and hurls the giant spider off him and leaps to his feet backpeddleing away from it quickly, bringing his short sword up in front of him.

    unable to escape and with his vision swimming from the poisen in his arm, Demeisen steels himself, stepping foward to attack the giant spider with his short sword...

    Demeisen attacks the spider with his short sword)

    (turn end)

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    Ebnar grins his insane smile as he watches the Drows head severe from his neck, a flurry of blood and gore splattering out across the Dwarfs face and armor, the rest hitting the dirt floor, the head tumbles and rolls down the small rock pile, a shocked and confused expression still evident on the decapitaed Drows face, the body soon following in a heap that hits the earth with a loud thud. His moment of bloodlust fueled pleasure is silenced as he he sees Demeisen get caught by the spiders mandibles, the thief manages to push the hulking creature off but it had done his damage and the Dwarf could see on the thiefs face that he had been poisoned. He growls and looks at the Priestess, she was still the strongest threat by far but if he leaves Demeisen to fight the spider he might lose his life, while Ebnar was aware the Thief could defend himself, between the poison and attacks of the spider his strength would quickly wein. Ebnar glances around the cavern quickly, Tanthalas was aiming his magic for the priestess but he knew it would take a powerful spell to take her down and with both he and Demeisen so close chances are they would be caught in the blast, Lorianne was busy fighting the remaining Drow warrior, finally his attention turns to Gladian, the Dwarf spits and sneers at him.

    "Oi you! If ye be wanting to make yourself useful then be taking down the spider bitch!!" he nods over towards the priestess, "Dont just be standing there gawking at ye kill like a weak bellied Goblin brat!! Do it now!!"

    Ebnar hated relying on strangers but his code of adventuring prevented him from letting Demeisen fight the spider alone and lunges himself at the hulking creature, his eyes stay fixed on the Priestess- he wanted her head the most of all, reluctantly he turns his attention to spider and begins kicking it in the back and thumping it with the blunt end of his axes, trying to draw its attention away from the thief. He raises both axes up to bring down and twins strike against it.

    -End Turn-

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited March 2013
    Lorianne says a few unkind words to the wounded Drow and then plunges her blade into his belly striking him fatally (Death) 1000 exp. The Drow is dead.

    Ebnar and Demeisen land several blows to the Giant Spider (9) & (12),(10)... The Spider is killed 500 exp.

    Tanis makes his focused attack of magic missiles toward the Drow priestess she is hit by the magic and left with minor wounds. damage (8).

    The Priestess shouts at the party with a venomous rage "I will kill you all for this treachery!" The Drow pulls out a mystical and strange device from a satchel attached to her hip. The origins of this device seems to escape anyone from your party and you have no idea what the device does? "Now you will all pay with blood" The Drow Priestess snarls... The device seems to glow with a purple hue and you can hear the sound of hundreds of footsteps and a low vibration of heavy movement on the ground.

    From the Darkness countless Drider...

    The Priestess laughs with a wickedness as the Drider seem to ignore that she is standing in front of them. The party groups up near Ebnar and forms a tight circle.. The Drider horde nearly fills the room and their countless numbers surround the entire party. Demeisen spots a small hole barely big enough to squeeze through on the cave wall and alerts the party.

    You have but two options. Stay and fight or flee through the small hole?

    (DM) turn end

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    OOC: @Myval Are you gone?

    Jeez we are having real bad luck with clerics lol.


    Tanis paled and gestured frantically around, not sure to try and reach Ebnar or to find Demeisen, and thus only flailed around for a moment impotently.

    "Guys!" He all but shrieked, "Uh, I think... I think we should run!"

    He gestured towards the exit, while keeping an eye on the priestess.

    "That way!" He called, "Run!"

    And began quickly backing off, all the while watching the priestess, and her Drider.

    He reached the exit, where he paused, and waited on the others. If they followed, he would wait until the were past him and then toss a Fireball into the room in the hopes of delaying the enemies.
    He began to focus on his magic.

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    Ebnar raises his axes in ready, as he sees the countless Drider scailing towards them the Dwarf lets out a loud roaring laughter.

    "Ha-ha!! finally a worthy challenge!!"

    He goes to charge the onslughting Drider hoard but its stopped by Tanthalas's cry to flee into a near by opening, the Dwarf turns his head to him while still keeping his battle stance aimed at the oncoming threat, he sees the Elf dart away down into the narrow gap and snorts disaprovingly.

    "What!? ye wanna be fleeing just when things be getting intresting!!?"

    He turns his head forward and glares at the ever rising number of Driders, almost blanketing the cavern, emerging in hoards from the darkness. The thrill of excitment and bloodlust rising up in the pitt of his stomach. The whispers creep back into his mind, 'Let the cowards run! they are weak fearful children! Slaughter these spider-men and bathe in their dark blood...'

    Ebnar thinks the whispers words over carefuly, he watches the Driders get closer and closer and feels every part of him want to thrust himself forward and unleash his fury upon them in a glorious charge that would lead to victory or death! A fitting end for the last of the Bluemaces he gloats to himself. At the last moment he glares back at his group and his crazed smile falls away from him, he lets out a annoyed grunt and growl.

    "Bah!! to hells with it then!!" he begins taking a hurried pace backwards, reluctantly giving ground away, "There be too many of em, the rest of ye dolts stop standing around like a bunch of clueless goblin filth and get ye arses moving!!"

    Ebnar heads towards the cavern opening, looking back with a disapointed sneer, 'No! Fight them! Kill them all!' the voices insist, but Dwarf rejects the prodding and continues towards the opening, a sharp pin prick in Ebnars brain reeks his head with agony and he grunts with each step, 'Go back and kill them!' pushing through Ebnar roars a defiant shout and makes it to the cavern exit and grips his head, he turns his gaze to his party.

    "Hurry up ye damn humans or ye be Drider meat!!" he bellows.

    -End Turn-

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    Waiting on players. Please contact me if you feel there is oddity within the story or something I may have missed? ;)

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    Time has stopped... (underdark is frozen in time) players may contact me for updates or to unfreeze time.


  • Aron740Aron740 Member Posts: 153
    Please guys continue!
    This was an amazing read that I spent two hours on, you can't stop now!

    Must say that the depth of every character is amazing. Sad though that some had to stop since I would love to see more of the Thradin and Ebnar conflict and see it be fully resolved or ended in a more story driven way.
    The way everyone is so unique is also truly amazing, would pick this over any book.

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    Aron740 said:

    Please guys continue!
    This was an amazing read that I spent two hours on, you can't stop now!

    Must say that the depth of every character is amazing. Sad though that some had to stop since I would love to see more of the Thradin and Ebnar conflict and see it be fully resolved or ended in a more story driven way.
    The way everyone is so unique is also truly amazing, would pick this over any book.

    Thank you, this tale came to a sudden end for many of us.. However I keep my eye focused on the characters still should they want to return to Underdark and continue..

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    I'm still keeping a corner eye out to see if this continues on but without the rest of the party poor old Ebnar can't continue the story solo lol

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    I'm still around.

    Dunno where everyone else has got to...

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    I'm here, just trying to stay sane looking after my Dad. :P

  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    Heya, i'm still here and willing to continue

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    edited July 2013
    Well thats enough of us to continue the story, huzzah! On @Knoland 's mark, get ready...set....

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    Okay so it's now september.

    Can we assume this is done?

  • SciobthaSciobtha Member Posts: 54
    ah bummer... Just when it was getting good. RIP Underdark thread :(

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