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Tales of the Underdark



  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    "it would be good to have a healer," Lorianne replies. "But if you are that distrustful of him, put him in front of you, so you can strike him down should he betray us."

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited January 2013
    The Companions discuss taking Garreld with them and decide to allow him into their party. Unarmed and likely starving the party takes some time in the Silver mine to rest and recover their strength and allow Garreld to eat. The Human will need weapons if he is to fight along side of you however and supplies are in short supply unless Lorianne knows of a stash... Ebnar wears a obviously troubled face and makes it clear what he will do to poor Garreld should he cause them grief.

    Far away echoes of faint laughter can also be heard along side the rumblings of the goblin silver ore machines... And the smell of the Large Bugbear begins to grow very strong. This also upsets the Dwarf.

    (DM) turn end

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    "You are going to need gear,' Lorianne said to Garreld. "No offense, but you are not likely to last long the way you are. There isn't much surface gear hereabouts... so it is likely to be Drow gear, which will disintegrate in the sunlight, should we ever find our way out of here." She spoke low, leaning in so that her words wouldn't carry far. "I know where the guards keep their food and some of their supplies. Are you interested?"

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    Ebnar finds the distant laughter slowly agrivating him and topped with the Bugbears slowly decaying corpse not to mention its already naturaly foul smell only added to his anger, he relised rest was needed however but every now and again he would snap his attention to the dark convinced someone or something was watching them, or rubbing his ears believing he was hearing whispers, he didnt voice his opinion however less the group felt he was losing it, as a result he didnt speak for awhile which was most unlike him. He cocks an eyebrow up to Lorianne mentioning the newcomer needing gear. He looks around the room and notices the bugbears Morningstar still laying motionless on the ground when he through it, he pushes himself up and walks over to it, snatching it up and swinging it around slightly, he goes to walk back to the group but a nibling whisper keeps scatching at the back of his mind, wheither its the result of the constant laughing bouncing off the walls or not isnt clear.

    "Ere, if ye gonna get under foot might aswell give ye something to swing, who knows maybe you'll distract a dark elf long enough for me to plunge an axe in his skull!" he lobs the brutal looking spiked morningstar at Garreld's feet, one of the spikes lodges deep into the dirt, his cruel smile still on his face. He suddenly breaks his grin and sneers angrily out at the cavern.

    "By the Hells! Will someone shut that mad bird Elf up! or her laughter will drive ME mad!!"

    he grabs a rock and throws it deep into the cavern, it bounces off the walls with a loud cracking of rock and stone. He glares over at the Bugbear's corpse and got a heavy sniff of the foul remains he grimaces and begins storming up to it.

    "And why ye all decided to set up camp next to a damn Bugbear corpse of all things!..." he eyes it up and notices a small but deep crevis in the earth not too far from them, he trys pushing the large body and while it does move the sheer size and mass of the beast makes it awkward to shuffle along, he turns around and regards his group, "Oi Red! if we gonna be resting ere then help me push this blasted thing down that crevis!" he was regarding Lorianne, "I'm nay gonna smell this thing any longer!!"

    -End Turn-

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    Rhiannon rises smoothly to her feet from where she has been watching over the resting party. "Gladly," she says, and grabbing the dead bugbear by whatever clothes or things it is wearing, begins dragging it in the direction of the crevice. Still, she keeps her eyes open for any traps that might be sprung, or any sign that there are more monsters moving this way.

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    Tanis, with little to do, ambled over to a quiet corner to rest while the others debated the way forward.

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    Waiting for Demeisen and Garreld...

  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    Demeisen watches as Ebnar and Lorianne start to drag the bugbear carcase away, it leaves a bloody smear across the ground as it trails across the dusty floor. He then turns his attention to the newcomer, Garreld, and walks over to him, offering his canteen to the ragged man

    "here, you look parched... I have some nice mushrooms here too if your hungry" he smiles, patting the fellow on the sholder

    He then looks round at the rest of the party.

    "So thats the bugbear is dealt with, a small fortune in silver gained and a new ally found in the process." Demeisen moves over and crouches against the wall near Tanis "We should try to find a way out now, possibly go back up that rock face and into the old dwarven mines perhaps? I'm sure we could scavange some armour from that pile of corpses, or perhaps the plate off our late preist *Glances at Garreld* though it may be a bit big for him."

    Demeisen shrugs.

    "Whats the plan? we've lingered here too long as it is... I get the feeling something very bad will happen if we stay here much longer" the sentence is puntuated by the distant and faint laughter echoing around the gloomy silvermines.

    (end Turn)

    (Demeisen wants to escape the underdark away from the drow fortress)

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    The Laughter grows quiet and nothing but the sounds of Goblin machines and gears can be heard. The smell of the Bugbear begins to dissipate but the sight of the blood trail from it's corpse leaves an unsettled feeling. You are only certain of a few things... One you are indeed trapped in this mine and the only way out seems to be the vast expanses of the Underdark. Two there are most certainly going to be Drow looking for you as they still believe that you are their prisoners and will no doubt come for you sooner than later... If not already...

    (DM) turn end

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    After several hours of debate the party decides to try and escape the mines and find safety... However this mine has no other exit other than delve even deeper into the Underdark. The idea does not sit well with some of the party. All of a sudden near the opening leading into the Underdark is the sound of laughter. The party looks up only to be horrified by what they see.

    The Drow Party

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    Lorianne mutters a curse under her breath and fires off the arrow she has nocked to her bow at the Priestess. "Ware! Drow!" she calls to the rest of the party while pulling another arrow from her quiver and preparing to fire again.

    End Turn

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    Ebnar walks at the back of the group, his footsteps trailing behind, almost dragging his feet, he clutches one of his axes tightly in his grip and rubs a silver bar in his backpack, constantly muttering under his breath though the tone too muffled for the group to overhear.

    "Voices... blasted laughter... in my head!... "

    He rubs his forehead with his wrist, a thick sweat on his brow, he bares his teeth in frustration glaring at the backs of his group.

    "Can't trust em... young... greedy... glint in their eye... should... leave em... nay... nay..."

    He tightens the axe in his grip and takes a few hurried paces forward, he glares at the back of the head of Lorianne, a delirious glazed look in his eyes.

    "Wench... can't be trusting her... nay... nay... none of em!... out ta steal... out ta kill... "

    He pauses for a moment and rubs his head again, 'Kill them!' a voice resonates in his skull, 'You don't need them, kill them!' Ebnar snaps his vision around looking for its source, he sees nothing, he raises his axe higher preparing for an attack, "Who's there!? Ye nay gonna ambush me!" the voices are silent for a moment before resuming, 'They are weak, you are strong, kill them!' the Dwarf continues to look around for the source, 'They will betray you, they will kill you and steal your silver! Leave your corpse here to rot!' Ebnar swings his axe around in arc, "Keep ye yap shut an come out ere an fight me face to face!", the voices come pouring back, amassing louder and louder, 'Kill them now! Before they betray you! Kill them! Kill them!' the voices repeats over and over again, Ebnar stumbles and clutches his temples with his hands. "Get out of me head!!" but the voices do not relent, a loud shout erupts from the Dwarf, he peers up and sees through his glazed eyes three Drow ahead of the party glaring down at them, a frenzy takes him and he begins snarling, spitting and growling he unsheaths his second axe and charges headlong into them pushing past the rest of the group, almost blind to their presence.

    "Ye wont trick me! Ye wont!! I'll kill yah where ye stand!!" he leaps up the rockface and in a blood haze begins swinging his axes towards the Drow screaming a blood curdling warcry.

    -End Turn-

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    Tanis sprung up from his resting place, startled by Ebnar's sudden warcry.

    "what the...?" He looked to the exit, and instantly recoiled. Drow. He shudderred, and then shrank backwards in fear.

    He shakily extended his hand and cast fireball.

  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    Muttering a curse to himself, Demeisen Unslings his crossbow and slinks into the shadows as far away from the drow as possible.

    He moves amongst the rocks with a snarl on his lips, keeping his eyes fixed on the drow preistess.

    (if he was able to enter stealth, Demeisen will remain hidden to see what happens the first round, if he was unable to hide in time, he will shoot at the drow preistess if/when she starts casting)

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited March 2013
    The Drow Priestess casts confuse on Ebnar (roll fails) Ebnar is now confused and is attacking the party..

    The large male Drow catches one of Lorianne's arrows from mid-air. He is under the effects of a haste spell and moves with blinding speed toward her his weapon moving back and forth as an instrument of blurred perfection.

    The final Drow (the one that lusts for Tanis) springs toward him and places his hand on Tanis's shoulder. "Kneel before your new masters.." The Drow says with a smirk.

    DM turn end

    Post edited by Knoland on
  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    Lorianne shot her second arrow at the male Drow and dropped her bow and hauled out her scimitars, one in each hand. She is going to try to block his blade with both her scimitars before she attacks back.

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    Ebnar feels a wash of haze and confusing cloud his sense a yellow beams connects with him in a flurry of sparkling dust, he glares at the Drow who he was charging at, their faces blur into that of his companions and back again, constantly morphing their apperance and location, he turns around to glare at his own group only to see where once his party stood yet more Drow had appeared, an ambush? a trick? did the group run away? did they abandon him and leave him to the mercy of the Dark Elves? The voices rush forth, 'They have left you, they have abandoned you' Ebnar grows red with rage, gritting his teeth, 'you are surrounded, alone, the dark ones will capture you, torture you and finally kill you!' the voices pauses for moment before continuing 'Your group are cowards, but the dark ones are weak, you are strong! kill them! kill them all!!', Ebnar grits his teeth tighter so much so that one cracks, he switches his attack position and charges back towards the Dark Elves behind him, blind to the fact they are his own group.

    "I'll kill you!! I'll kill you all!!" he charges at one Drow, Lorianne, seeing her draw two scimitars, "I'll not be beaten by a bunch of dark skinned spider loving Elves!!"

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited March 2013
    Lorianne parrys the Drow warrior with her weapons and begins to counter attack him. The Drows eyes glow red with anger, Lorianne is a much better fighter than he expected and the two battle dodging and blocking each others attacks. Suddenly Ebnar jumps into the fight to the horror of Lorianne he is attacking both her and the Drow?!

    Tanis still standing motionless as the smaller Drow male begins to pull out a pair of shackles to capture the Elf. Demeison notices that this Drow has not even looked at the others in battle and has left himself open.

    DM turn end

  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    edited March 2013
    From a bolder strewn corner of the silver mines, Demeisen watches as the drow engage his companions, a barely audible voice crawls in his mind...

    with a shreik of alien dialect, the preistess casts some form of spell upon the charging dwarf, who stumbles to a halt halfway between the two groups, clutching his head and cursing loudly.
    Meanwhile, Demeisen takes note of Lorianne firing her longbow towards the casting drow, and blinks in surprise as the flashing arrows are snatched from the air with lightning alacrity by the drow male standing beside the preistess who then charges into mele combat with lorianne.

    Deciding he is unseen, the thief moves silently round the room, looking for a good line to shoot the drow caster...

    The spell effects on Ebnar take their toll, the already mentaly battered dwarf turns with bloodshot eyes and foam specked lips upon the group and charges towards Lorianne alongside the drow warrior.

    Demeisen watches the fight in dismay as Lorianne dances between her two attackers, it was only a matter of time before she fell to them.

    movement catches his eyes, and Demeisen sees the third drow moving fast up to young Tanis, a glinting set of chained manacles in his fist. Tanis stutters in fear, attempting to bring his magic to bear against the drow, but it appears to be too late.

    sighing in resignation and ignoring the growing itch at the back of his mind, Demeisen stows his crossbow and moves with the skill of his profession, soundlessly in darkness. Past desperate and beleaguered Lorianne as she spins and deflects her two opponents, Demeisen pads up behind the drow bearing down on Tanis.
    As he nears, Demeisen sees the drows attention is fixed completely upon his surface cousin, and he recognises the drow as the same from his partys earlier capture...

    two steps away, Demeisen draws his short blade in one motion and strides out of the darkness, plunging the steel blade into the leering drows lower back...

    (Demeisen attempts to backstab the drow in front of Tanis)

    (End Turn)

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    Demeisen hits the Drow for (15) damage the Drow is now (Barely injured)

    DM turn end

  • Deetz08Deetz08 Member Posts: 4
    edited March 2013
    (OOC - Hey everyone look forward to joining you guys! :) ..)

    Name: Gladian The Crowd Cutter
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class: Gladiator (Fighter)
    Age: 27
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 180 lbs

    Strength: 18/97
    Dexterity: 18
    Constitution: 17
    Intelligence: 10
    Wisdom: 10
    Charisma: 14

    LVL: Gladiator (6)

    Short Sword:*****
    Unarmed: **

    Short Sword +1
    Studded Leather Armor +1

    Living in Calimport his whole life and the fact that Gladian is outdoors almost all hours of sunlight he has a very dark tan tone to his skin, he also has a very muscular build due to his years in the arenas, and being that he has had a life of bloodshed and constant combat in the arenas he also has many scars to show for it, so many it is hard for the women he lays bed with to count. He has very short black hair and black full stubble that accompanies, his eyes are very dark brown, almost so dark it seems the pupils and iris blend. Gladians attire consists of studded leather armor along with tattered tan cloth undergarments, he wears leather wraps on his forearms and worn leather boots that go to midcalf. Gladian does not deem it necessary to carry a shield, he believes it just encumbers him and his skin has practically become as tough as leather itself..

    Gladian lives for the moment at hand, and his decision making is often that of the same which at times benefits him but at others hinders him. Once he sets his mind to something he will not stop until it is done and will often not take on other tasks until the one at hand is complete, this more times than not gives him a tunnel vision approach to life. Gladian is not bound by law but he will not go out of his way to break it either and his moral choices are not that of others, he has no trouble helping or harming the innocent as is the same with evil doers, he will do whatever he sees fit to gain the accomplishment of achieving whatever in life he craves at that moment. Gladian believes that all parts of luck, the Gods, and fate play an accumulative role in the world and hence does not rely on any of the aforementioned, although he does tend to be a bit superstitious at times. Gladian is a showman at heart and his actions in battle and out reflect that, He has no ill-feelings of any race of Faerun, whether it be the most Noble of Elves or the poorest of Dwarves, he does however have a fascination with Half-Orcs because of there size and domitable features..

    Gladian was born in the city of Calimport and was sold into slavery on the day of his birth and therefor never knew his birth parents, but as he was brought up by his gladiatorial tutor he was told that his mother was a wench and looked at her kin as a way of added income because in these lands slave children sold at a very agreeable price. He cared not for knowing anything other than that about the rest of his bloodline, to him they were all dead, Gladian was named by his tutor (which was also his purchaser) and was brought up to be a God of the arenas. He enjoyed this lifestyle of training and being outdoors all day in his younger ages. From ages 5 to 16 he was only allowed to fight in non lethal bouts which usually consisted of hand to hand fighting and on occasion wooden swords and shields for show, the fights in these small rinks were nothing compared to what he wold create his glory in though..

    On Gladians 16th birthday during a fight he hit an opponent so hard that it killed him on the spot, the crowd was in awe at such power possessed by this *kid* On that day there happened to be a very wealthy yet struggling Colosseum owner ringside. the Colosseum owner had not had a hero of his own to fight in his grand Colosseum for 10 years following the fate of his last hero. This man purchased Gladian for a very healthy chunk of coin from Gladians tutor (which he never saw again from that day forward, though Gladian didnt care) From that day on Gladian rose quickly through the ranks of gladiators and within 1 years time was the Champion of the Calimport Colosseum. He was the youngest the city had ever seen and was an instant crowd favorite. In his mid career Gladian layed waste upon who was conceived to be the greatest gladiator of his time, during the frenzy of the home crowd a 15' section of rail gave way and 20 spectators fell to the sand below, to the excitement of the rest of the crowd Gladian slaughtered those that entered his place of business without hesitation hence earning him the title of the Crowd Cutter.

    After 10 years and a thousand adversaries later Gladian grew bored of fighting those that were outmatched by him. His battles were beginning to attract less and less spectators by the showing and the Colosseum owner knew it was time to find a new hero so after 26 years of slavery (which he never once saw it as) he was given his *freedom* Having an urge to find some creature that would be a challenge to what he saw as his great might he immediately took to adventure setting sail to Baldurs Gate. Gladian had heard stories of this *magic* stuff his entire life but had never actually witnessed it and he thought to himself "maybe someone that wields this may give me a good fight"..

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    Welcome aboard @Deetz08.

    Tanis was seized by fear, the lust filled drow who would surely give the boy nightmares, advanced on him and he found himself frozen unable to react.

    Suddenly the drow roared in pain and whirled around to face his attacker, dropping the manacles in the process.

    The Drow's movement allowed Tanis to see that it had been Demeisen that had saved him from being captured again. The thief momentary look of concern and censure jolted the elf into action. He quickly kicked the manacles away, and brought his magic to bear on the drow.

    He snarled out the requisite incantation, casting Agannazar's Scorcher at the drow male.

  • DreyyDreyy Member Posts: 118
    Ebnar growls and swipes his axes at the two Drow before him, a deadly trinangler battle ensues, swords and axes narrowly missing their marks by a hair line, suddenly he pauses and steps back a few steps, he sees the two Drow before him exchanging blows with themselves almost ignorant to pause from the battle, 'why...are they fighting each other?' he thinks to himself, he glances around and sees a similar scenerio playing out between the others.

    "Why... are they exchanging blows!?" he glares at the scene and trys concentrate on their faces, their structure still changing and distorting in a hazed blur, faces of friends and allies morphing into Drow and beasts alike making distinguishing one person from another impossible.

    'They fight for the right to take your head for themselves...' the voice says in a mocking tone, 'They only see you as prize, a stack of meat, they are wolves fighting for who gets the take the biggest bite..' the anger returns to the Dwarf as the voices continue to mock, '..They underestimate you, kill them!! Kill them all!!' gritting his teeth again and smashing the blunt end of his axe into his helmet Ebnar roars aloud and his veins begin to pop out and his skin turns blood red.

    *Ebnar uses Berserker Rage*

    He flings himself back into the fray, a fury of blood rage and confusion making him strike out his blows towards the two Drow yet again, one being Lorianne. "Think me a prize for the taking eh!? When i'm done with all of ye i'll be picking ye blackened entrails off me armor and cooking em on a pitt fire for my supper!!" he roars aloud.

    OOC: Welcome @Deetz08

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited March 2013
    As Ebnar struggles with the magics coursing through him he begins to anger.. Perhaps it is his stubbornness, or just his Dwarven breeding but the spell had only a limited effect on him (the silver curse is a different matter). Confused state ended. Ebnar goes into a enraged state! (Berserker rage) oddly enough to any normal person the two states are neatly identical and Ebnar swings his axe at the Large Drow male. Lorianne instinctually backs off quickly and makes ready her next move. Ebnar strikes the Drow with a solid blow. (20 damage) the Drow is now injured.

    Suddenly a unknown Fighter charges into the room, Gladian. He sees the female Drow Priestess and makes his move but is caught by her (hold) spell. Gladian is now held.

    Tanis watches as Demeisen dashes away from his sneak attack but he fails to hide in shadows as the gay Drow zeros in on him.. Very angry now. With a powerful chant the Elf casts Agannazar's Scorcher. The Drow is hit for (12) damage. The Drow is now injured.

    (DM) -turn end

  • Deetz08Deetz08 Member Posts: 4
    Gladian hot on the trail of what he believed to be a war party judging by the remnants of slain monsters knew he was finally getting close. he thought to himself 'Maybe this is where I can find an equal adversary.' He 1 voice in particular over all the sounds of the current battle. It appeared to be of Dwarven nature. Getting closer and closer he could finally make out a host of creatures..

    Gladian paused... watching the battle.. waiting for his chance to strike.. from what he could make of the situation it appeared that there was a mixed race party fighting what appeared to be a group of elves darker than he had ever seen.. These elves appeared very powerful and it looked as if the mixed race part was losing this clash. Then he made out the dwarf.. This dwarf seemed to be attacking anything in range, 'maybe' Gladian thought 'there are 3 groups?'

    Gladian shrugged his shoulders After seeing these dark elves take a few blows from the party Gladian Charged in blade drawn! He let out a battle-cry almost seeming like he was trying to out yell the noisy dwarf "AHHHHHHHHHH"

    Gladian targets the largest drow

    As he was charging however he heard a female chant and within an instant he had been stopped in his tracks.. He was stuck in the position of his charge, sword above his head.. trying to break free he attempted to move any part of his body but to no avail, he then noticed that the dwarfs voice could be hear again.. He was no longer yelling, he knew he was trying to yell but appeared to be failing..

    'What is this?!' Gladian thought to himself 'Is this magic?!'

    Action: Gladian attempts to break free of the hold feverishly.
    (Gladian)-end turn

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    Lorianne takes advantage of Ebnar's attack by attacking the Drow male while he is distracted by the Dwarf's attack. "Die, blackskinned freak!" she says gleefully, aiming her attacks at the Drow's legs, hopefully making it harder for him to move and retreat.

  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    edited March 2013
    Lorianne lets loose a perfect shot with her bow.. It whistles through the air and strikes the Drow in his knee. "Arghh!" The Drow screams with pain! Lorianne does (15) damage to the Drow. The Drow has it's movement rate reduced by half.

    While Gladian struggles to free himself from the HOLD spell he discovers that his attempts are useless. The Drow Priestess calls forth a giant spider from her magic amulet. (casts: amulet of the Spider) Spider does (10) damage to Gladian. (Gladian is injured.)

    (DM) turn end

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    Drow: I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee... ;)

    Lorianne snapped off a shot at the Priestess, and then one at the Spider (2 arrows per round with a Composite Longbow), Hoping to ruin any further spells or item castings she might be using and deter the spider. In the meantime, she is ready to drop the bow and leap into combat with her swords should she need to.

  • ScotGaymerScotGaymer Member Posts: 526
    "Come on!" Tanis screamed at the drow warrior as he flourished his staff, "You want me? Then come and get me drow!"

    His attack and taunt ought to have been enough to attract the attention of his foe, distract him from Demeisen's retreat. He took several steps backwards, keeping his eyes on the drow, and forcing down instinctual desire to recoil in fear from these foul creatures regarded the drow male with a mocking expression.

    "Tell me drow, is it true what I heard about your kind?" He asked forcing as much mockery into his tone as he could, "Is it true that your women rule you as the humans rule their dogs?"

    He reached into the folds of his robe and clasped the amulet there.

    Pulling it from it's hiding place he used it. Flynn's Amulet of Fire ejected a Gout of Flame towards the drow.

  • AshtoneAshtone Member Posts: 53
    OOC: welcome @Deetz08 :)


    Unable to withdraw into the shadows after his backstab, Demeisen backs off and holds his blade ready as the enraged drow warrior spins to face him, his face a mask of rage.
    scrabbling backwards across the rocky ground, the thief gets control of himself, pushing down his fear, and spits at the feet of the wounded drow as he strides towards him. eyes burning with hate.

    The dark elf snarls in anger as he steps up to Demeisen, lightly handeling his cruel looking black longsword with the skill of a sword master.

    Out of options, Demeisen prepares himself to die... when a sudden flash and hiss of fire lights up the darkness behind the dark elf, and he roars in pain as a searing bar of white hot fire strikes him in the back.

    muttering a final prayer to mask, Demeisen hurls himself towards the wounded and burnt drow warrior as he is distracted by Tanis' attack...

    (Demeisen attacks the Drow with his short sword)

    (end turn)

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