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Fallout 1+2: Enhanced Edition

AntonAnton Member, Moderator, Mobile Tester Posts: 513
edited September 2012 in Off-Topic
@TrentOster has mentioned earlier that he is also interested in enhancing Fallout 1 & 2.

As we all know currently players are interested in multiplayer features, as it is more interesting to interact with humans. There is a great MMORPG project that exists since 2009 - “FOnline: 2238”.
FOnline: 2238 is a Fallout game based on the FOnline engine that is developed and run by the developer group "Cvet & Rotators". It includes both the Fallout and Fallout 2 game areas.

I do believe that a lot of Fallout fans would gladly play multiplayer version of Fallout on PC\Mac\Android\iOS rather than just overhauled original fallout games. Thus I ask Beamdog to consider idea of cooperating with this independent devs and create really Great Game, that would support desktop and mobile platforms and allow all Fallout fans to step into the Waste from all devices.
I think a lot of us will gladly pay monthly subscription fee for such experience.

P.S. Kickstarter for initial funding perhaps?

P.P.S. This project allowed to live by Betheda as it is non-profit. However “it is possible to build new games with the FOnline engine, which are 100% independent from all Fallout content [currently you need master.dat and critter.dat from Fallout 2]. Thanks to this, it is also possible to use the engine for commercial projects”.

FOnline Devs:
Anton “Cvet” Cvetinsky (engine creator)
Grzegorz "Atom" Jagiella
Markus "Ghosthack" Öberg
Stefan "Lexx" Keßner
Slaven "Lisac2k" Ostojic
Bartosz "scypior" Przygoda
Ben "SlimCharles" Jenkins
Tom "Solar" Jones

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