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[MOD] "T'was a Slow Boat from Kara-Tur" Quest/Store/New Items - Release .90

CorsymyrCorsymyr Member Posts: 146
edited February 2013 in General Modding

This is my first Mod that contains dialog files, a store, and a quest. The battle is pretty rough, and I would suggest a party of 6 level 5 or better ... depending on your ability. The quest starts at the Friendly Arm Inn (just to the left after entering the drawbridge). There will be 3 monks, the one in red has a story to tell you. If you take his quest and then complete it; when you return he will give you a unique leveling relic (with a future quest tied to it). Once completing the quest he will also open up a Store from Kara-Tur. I couldn't figure out 2 pieces of the Dialog, so I will list them now; < CHARNAME > is supposed to list your character name (it did not work for me). The second being creating/updating/deleting Journal Entries, so I gave you items instead that have reminders of what you are to be doing ... they serve as well as tips to the huge easter egg the quest itself is. If you enjoy playing a Monk there are some very nice items to help you through your early life (don't forget your Wisdom).

The store has a mix of about 30+ new items (around 7 or so new types). The relic is something you'll have to figure out how to work, but it has 4 levels of power. All in all it shouldn't be too over the top, the highest items in the store are +2 and there are only 3 if I remember correctly.

It may need some fixes, but I have run through it about 10 times and it seems to function ok for me. If you run across an issue please let me know, and I would be glad to correct it.

If you really have to know what is in the store, or what powers the relic will give, send me a PM.

I hope it is enjoyable!

** Two quick pix. 1. This is your quest giver. 2. .... the lights go out. What's that spinning around the head of the Avatar?

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