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Wow ! BG EE and BG2 difference.

BG EE has spoiled me.
I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out why I can't zoom.
The GUI looks like blurry mud compared to BG EE.
I tried higher resolutions and the widescreen mod but I felt like I was playing an RTS not an RPG. The GUI was tight and it looked sharp....but it was cell phone size tabs and insects on the screen.
Lowered res to 8 x 6 and moved my 42" closer.
Maybe if I can get the TV even closer I can go 10 x 7
Man I miss zoom....sniff..

So Devs...don't worry about the patches or DLCs for BG EE. ( J/K ok ? )
Just get cracking on BG 2 EE...I Dire Charm you to work non stop until your task is done.

Glad the " Hide interface" option is still there. Doubt I could play the game with it full time.
Just looking at it gives me headache.

I still can't believe the difference.

I'm just scared that a pixel will poke me in the eye. I don't think my medical covers that.

Well I'm off on my how low can you go run ( STs ) So I will see you all in a month...if I don't die of fattyassthrombosis first.
Now where did I put my Red Bull and Cheetoes ?

And Devs I mean it...get BG2 out. Or you will wake up to find that your garden gnomes are not as innocent and peaceful as you think. Rise my brothers !



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