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Post-ship features: what would you like?

AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,326
edited September 2012 in Archive (Feature Requests)
This thread is for listing our desiderata in terms of post-ship features and interaction between the developers and gamers.

I'll start with a few ideas of mine:

- Weekly portrait feature. As suggested in my request thread for a wider selection of portraits, I believe it would be great to release a number of new portraits drawn by Nat Jones (e.g. 2) every week for a predetermined number of weeks after the game is released. You can never have too many portraits, and it would assist in covering as many race/class/sex combinations as possible.
- Weekly paperdoll feature. I have already put forth a request for new, high resolution paperdolls drawn by Nat Jones. However, if time was tight and that couldn't be done before the game was released, I believe it could be a high appreciated post-ship feature. Every week, one category of new paperdolls is made available for download until all paperdolls have been covered. E.g., week one Male Fighter paperdolls are released; week two is for Female Fighter paperdolls; and so on. Of course, it would be nice if half-elves could look different from elves and tieflings, and gones could look different from dwarves. Also, let us not forget beardless lady dwarves and gnomes ;-)
- Weekly animations feature. What about the addition of new animations to the game? If the game was made "Infinity Animations" compliant (I have already put forth a request for this), adding animations would not be a problem. Has it ever bugged you that all fiends display the same, generic tanar'ri animation? Isn't it wierd that all Sirines look the same as Dryds, Nereids and Nymphs? It's time for some variety! Also, the new models could be high resolution, which never hurts ;-) Dual-wielding support for BG1 character animations could be part of this feature, and a very welcome part if I can say so myself.
- "Interactive" bugfixing. Gamers, and especially modders, are likely to run into a variety of bugs the develoeprs weren't even aware of. Their bug reports should be taken into consideration for post-release patches.

More ideas?

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