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Tweaking the Thieves (Shadowdancer, Assassin, Bounty Hunter, and Thief)

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
edited November 2013 in General Modding
The v1.2.0 patch modifies the Shadowdancer kit rather significantly; as a result, there has been some discussion about whether we've gone from one end of the spectrum (too powerful) to the other (too weak). I'm reserving judgment, but in an effort to get a little more information, I've made this little override pack. The pack affects the Thief, as well as the Shadowdancer, Assassin, and Bounty Hunter kits.

Just extract to your override. The changes will only work with v1.2 or later.

All I've done is applied an additional multiplier boost at level 17. The Bounty Hunter follows the same progression.
Backstab progression changed:
- Level 1-4: x2
- Level 5-8: x3
- Level 9-12: x4
- Level 13-16: x5
- Level 17+: x6
The Shadowdancer now follows the same progression as the Thief, but at -1 multiplier.
Backstab progression changed:
- Level 1-4: x1
- Level 5-8: x2
- Level 9-12: x3
- Level 13-16: x4
- Level 17+: x5
The Assassin now follows the same progression as the Thief, but at +1 multiplier. Because this makes the Assassin a bit of a power house at level 1, the Poison Weapon ability has been moved from level 1 to level 7.
Backstab progression changed:
- Level 1-4: x3
- Level 5-8: x4
- Level 9-12: x5
- Level 13-16: x6
- Level 17+: x7
Poison Weapon received at level 7 instead of level 1 (starts at level 7 with one use)
(obligatory tagging for @Infiltrator, @enneract, and @Aranthys)

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