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Clara DLC/Patch. Spoilers inside.



  • Max_SpartaMax_Sparta Member Posts: 10
    Id love this. i kinda see her as a chaotic good character. I dont really roll evil teams so Hexxat doesnt appeal to me. the choice to save Clara is appealing to me.
  • simAlitysimAlity Member Posts: 64
    I actually killed Hexxat for what she did to Clara. I don't care of Clara was "similar" to Hexxat, she didn't deserve that fate. I think Clara could have been reformed. She had a hard life. Maybe all she needed was a little kindness.
  • RemenissionsRemenissions Member Posts: 102
    Other than her having terrible stats, she should have stayed. I'd take the creepy simple-minded hottie over the full-of-herself turd who I killed the first time I went through the quest as only a level8 DD. Then I gave in and reloaded to see what I was missing. More of her being "oh so useful" yet not being useful except as a thief. I'd rather keep Clara with the low stats just so I didn't have to deal with Hexxat's mouth. Still ended up ditching her when I realized she was a terrible addition just for her to say "When you change your mind-and you will- you know where to find me." #1. No I won't. #2 No I don't, but I really don't care.

    Besides that, the mechanics of the tomb were not Black Isle-esk at all. Forcing you to leave Clara behind to fight the Unyielding guy, pointless. Forcing you to figure out that you have to somehow take out a rod that completely disappeared from it's holder in order to get out, pointless. Forcing you to make Clara past the shiny force-field so you can move the rest of your party through it, pointless (I went and grabbed Yoshimo just to check if only PC couldn't travel through it for the whole 2 seconds it takes Clara to walk through it). And before the "well in order to activate the Hexxat dialogue, Clara would have to be there." Write the extra line of triggering that makes her be nearby or just in the party in order for Hexxat to appear.

    The one-day npc mods on PPG did a better job, and Beamdog wants people to pay for this. Makes me want to beat my head into a wall.
  • SilmarilNaroSilmarilNaro Member Posts: 17
    Well I got through this whole thread and I am still firmly in the pro-Clara camp.

    I'd like to see something done with her (though that mod that's been mentioned a few times seems to have frozen, with the last response on SHS being around the same time the modder commented here).

    I would be happy with a full-fledged joinable NPC, I'd be okay with her being alive at the end of the Hexxat recruitment quest, but not joinable. I do think she and Hexxat should be an either/or choice - you either let Hexxat kill her or you save her and kill Hexxat.

    She's an almost blank slate - no, she's not totally blank, because she does have a backstory, and I am curious as to what could be built out of that. Can an ordinary girl who was a mediocre thief become something better? What sort of recovery would she have from what's happened to her?

    Frankly I like the idea I have seen mentioned here and in other threads that she could make an interesting story based solely on her recovery. I love the idea of her developing based on her interaction with Charname - would Charname influence her to be Good? Evil? Inbetween? Dependent? Independent? Seduce her? Become her mentor? I'd love to see that.

    But there's part of me that is cynical about this. I have my doubts about how likely the devs would do such a thing. I more expect it from modders, but as I said before, the only modder who seems to have actively tried to start such a project has been silent for over a year and a half. I guess my Good-aligned parties will just have to kill Hexxat in some futile revenge for killing the girl they were trying to help.
  • karvaskkarvask Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2016
    Wow this is a old and undead thread. That aside I just wanted to join in on this discussion after fully reading all the posts. Also spoilers if anyone hasn't dealt with this or the quest

    After playing Hexxtat's journey to the end I felt kinda underwhelmed by her character and her flip flop at the end.
    At the start she's like
    Hexxtat: I'll do anything to stay alive you hear me cause I'm a survivor!
    Charname: You just murdered someone just to get out so ok I see your willing to go all the way come join me.

    At the end she's like this (if not high enough charisma + wrong dialogue)
    Hexxtat: I want mortality again.
    L: Ok, but your gonna basically super age and die.
    Hexxtat: K! Thanks! Bye guy's and Charname.
    Charname: Wait a minute. What about you being a survivor?
    Hexxtat: Nope. "Poof"

    So in discussing Clara I think it is relevant to discuss and point out things between them both and what some people want from this. If I miss a thing or two it's 4:04am so mistakes in spelling might be there.

    The TL/DR at bottom just Read the headlines for a quick jist.

    1. Clara as a full NPC.
    I wouldn't mind it but as Edwin_Odesserion pointed out earlier, there are other's that have a back story already that wouldn't need as much work and they are already interesting, plus she was already by intention of the devs meant solely as a means to an end. They didn't realize that there would be a camp of supporters for this character. Honestly if Clara came across as a actual evil temp NPC, that was greedy sounding or abandoned you during the crypt fights on purpose not via mind control but because of cowardice. I personally think more people would be like. "She got her due" but between the fact she doesn't do that and has no personality since she's being dominated people will as I have sympathized with her. This and her portrait. It makes her feel more important since she has actual art. If they had left that out as well, this would made her feel like a innocent but less of a important one.

    2. Saving her option
    This I'm in full support of wether or not she became a full npc. I for one like options and the awkward time of Hexxtat just floating to Clara while Minsc ( Who hates vampires as a enemy )
    And everyone else just fail to react to do or say anything just felt forced and odd. I wouldn't care if it we had a voiced opposition to the murder. I like voiced myself but at least give a reaction to the situation at hand. This and the interrupt needed to save Clara, it could be a simple one size fits all or specific to class to the main character, clerics-rebuke, thieves-throw a knife, mage-a cantrip, druid-a nature thing like vines or something. So for this I'd like the option if nothing else to spite Hexxtat and see Clara working for the shadow thieves or something.

    3. Clara's monotone voice
    This argument I've seen people use when discussing why they wanted her dead and gone. Personally I thought Hexxtat's voice was boring myself, decent voice actor but just felt wasted, now back to Clara, we don't know how she speaks generally speaking in terms of a personality since she was under domination by a vampire. Yes she seemed absent minded and her dialogue for the most part was dryish. We knew why so using this as a argument isn't very strong

    4. You can't save everyone
    No you can't and I accept that fact when it plays out in the game. I just can't except the character or the party would be like "Cool a mist... A vampire mist... A vampire... She's gonna bite her maybe we should do.. oh no wait she killed her. Hmmm your mysterious and just murdered a person we just met and your a vampire... WELL COME WITH US THEN!" Just feels meh

    5. Hexxtat tells us all we need about Clara
    Honestly for me and I don't know about the community at large but this is where I definitely break on. Hexxtat is a vampire. A evil vampire (half hearted evil but evil). She dominated and controlled someone against their will just to eat them to be free. If my thrall did have any story I would sure as hell not tell the main character. I wouldn't want to tell them anymore then a bland basic story because the less people know the less they care thus the A-typical girl goes to city, dreams are crushed, goes to selling her body, moves to thievery, death by Hexxtat felt very "Ok, so what are you not telling me" kind of thing. For me it's not that Clara is a blank slate or canvas. It's more like, here's a painting now trust me it's not that good but still understand the devs soley make her for a twist. I also understand that this is just conjecture from me and looking more into it but it is a RPG and normally the last thing you do is trust vampire but also felt it was a bit dry in delivery.

    6. Why waste time on this NPC
    Don't. If I had the Choice between new content in any form or just Clara id I'd say do that first above this old tired thing.

    7.Background compared
    Hexxat has a background and it has something to do with chult. Too bad she won't tell you anything at all that makes you care. Clara has none and was dominated by Hexxtat, thus the background was never there to explore anyways since she was on a single minded purpose. Hexxtat's mysterious nature isnt mysterious just annoying. Clara's is, for good or worse what ever people want cause they weren't aloud to try and explore it at all. I actually think Mordues made a more interesting story/backstory for Hexxtat then the Canon writer's did and its just a post on a thread called "The tragedy of Hexxtat"

    1. I would be OK with it but Edwin_Oddesserion is right.
    2. Yes felt odd no reaction by whole party.
    3. Domination by Hexxtat byproduct so not normal voice/personality of hers.
    4. As (2.) Just the argument against her.
    5. Vampires can lie and why wouldn't she.
    7. Hexxtat won't go into detail, Clara could be anything practically.

    In conclusion she's a temp character I found interesting. More interesting after being so disappointed in Hexxtat and I'd gladly take a Clara dlc/patch just to explore the variant on this whole questline even if it didn't meet everyone's expectations.

    My edits are me trying to correct bad grammar or messed up words because my phone likes to bounce what I write around lol.
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  • edgartheslayeredgartheslayer Member Posts: 3
    I arriveth to beat the undead horse and bid thou, beamdog, grant us the option to save Clara and hast her as a permanent companion cut-purse for our pleasure. Thou shall be rewarded fortune and treasure for thy work! The people hast spoken!
  • byrne20byrne20 Member Posts: 500
    Just having a little nose about the forums as I haven’t really looked a lot further than the BG3 sub part lately. It’s a real shame something like this or any further DLC was never made for BG2 EE to be honest. I definitely would of been on board.
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