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#7190 [HEXXAT/CORE] - Hexxat Dies/Leaves Immediately upon Start of ToB

MortiannaMortianna Member Posts: 1,355
edited December 2013 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
I just finished SoA with Hexxat in my party and she immediately dies at the very beginning of ToB. It's as if she's been exposed to sunlight for too long (the "Dying" snake icon appears on her portrait). She first loses all but 5 HP right after loading the game, quickly turns into gaseous form, and then dies. I've tried putting Dragomir's Cloak on her, resurrecting her, using the CTRL-R CLUA command, and even kicking her out of my party, but she dies over and over again in the same manner no matter what.

I didn't see this reported in the master bug list or find any other threads reporting this issue. However, I haven't looked in the threads with spoilers since I don't want to spoil things for myself (I already read one spoiler unintentionally while using the forum's Search function).

I've attached the save game.

Update: I tried resting for 8 hours and she "resurrected" herself. She then turned into gaseous form, took Dragomir's Cloak and Respite (which was full of items), took off toward the end of the map, and disappeared. Is this a bug or part of the plot? The reason I'm asking is because I can summon her in the pocket plane, but she doesn't have any of the items and her level is much lower.

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