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[Mod] Pink Lingerie Pack v1.5

CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,156
edited April 2014 in BG:EE Mods
First, this mod was based in THAT discussion, I really do not recommend installing if you dislike people with sense of humor, including neverending effects like being named Imoen and being female, and evil jokes like a Staff of Seven to kill broccoli.
Both items are in different containers in Candlekeep.
Well, the bracers rename you to Imoen and change your gender to female, also they give some AC bonus and, well, they give +3 to CHARISMA cuz they make you female :P @LordRumfish @Anduin @KidCarnival @booinyoureyes @Southpaw @Pecca Then, JUST DROP THE OVERRIDE IN YOUR FILES FOLDER!!! No, just drop the files in your override folder, if you don't know where the override folder is go search for it somewhere else.
Then, oh, the screenshots! NOTE: the brown UI is from another mod, I am too lazy to take it out, and the discrepancies in the Item names in the images are only because my dialog.tlk got splited by me while fooling with DLTCEP, I shouldn't have done that).
v1.0 Original release.
v1.1 Upgraded to WeiDU, item upgraded too, added description, staff removed.
v1.2 Added the Staff of Anti Broccoli back, now both items can be found in Candlekeep, ARE file added.
v1.3 Improved Staff (now it works :P) and its description is correct.
v1.4 Description improved (thanks to @Anduin) and inventory BAM added (thanks to @Pecca).
v1.5 Updated WeiDU and signature changed.
Also, I like this one better @Anduin :P

It is compatible with my other mod: which isn't so foolish (luckily for those that don't know why I did a so foolish mod :P).

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