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#7489 & #7490 [CORE] - Bard offensive/defensive spin is considered a spell

AranthysAranthys Member Posts: 718
edited February 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)

It's affected by anything that affects spellcasting. It's an ability, and as such, it shouldn't be affected.

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  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    I noticed this as well in the wild forest. I tried to do offensive spin and ended up changing colors.

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,154
    edited December 2013
    Hmm. Tenser's transformation disables all spell/ability regardless of whether it is priest, wizard, or innate. I'm not necessarily saying that is right though. On top of that most class abilities are not castable while silenced. I am not saying that is right either. After all, it does seem odd that an assassin can't poison their weapons (an activity which requires no sound whatsoever) while silenced. But I think I should get a second opinion before I suggest these changes, which would affect almost every class ability. @CamDawg, @Avenger_teambg?

    Ninja'd again. I think the only spells/abilities that cannot wild surge are the shapeshift ones as they were making a nasty bug.

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    @LiamEsler, @Troodon80:

    Troodon: I assume this is the same in the base game?

    Liam: I assume given the scope of "fixing" this that we're mostly on a "that's how it works in this game" with this?

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,154
    Lots of redirects here. Too bad everyone is on vacation... And Liam has other things on his mind now.

  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    edited December 2013
    If a modder is interested in weidu script:

    COPY_EXISTING ~insert spell name~ ~override~
    ~insert spell name2~ ~override~
    WRITE_LONG 0x18 THIS|0x2000000 //makes it bypass silence
    WRITE_LONG 0x18 THIS|0x4000 //makes it bypass wild surge and spell failure checks

  • AlexTAlexT Member Posts: 760
    This is definitively a bug.

    If someone hasn't done so already, feel free to log it.

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    Will do @AlexT. The next order of business for getting a bug posted on this would be to determine what all abilities are affected by this, so we can get all of them together at one time. Or, I could take the simple way out and just open a bug on the Defensive/Offensive spin and we can bug each ability as it comes up.

    @Tresset, @Troodon80, @Gate70 (Because we don't have enough Summoning going on to this thread already!)

    Any of you want to run a fast pass down the ability section and figure out what does NOT already have these two flags on it that should? That's probably a larger task than I'm thinking it should be. Just say so and I'll open bugs for Defensive/Offensive spin only.

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,154
    edited December 2013
    @Gate70 Like I said, Tenser's disables all spells be they priest, mage, or innate. In the case of innate spells the icons do not get grayed out but they will not cast if selected (possibly a bug in itself?). This is an issue with Tenser's itself and it would be pretty easy to fix by removing its ability to disable innate spells (unless the devs feel like getting fancy and blocking only specific innates).

    In the case of silence preventing innate class abilities, it would probably be easiest to crack open NI and go through all the spcl spells (and several others) and see which ones lack the "ex: castable while silenced(25)" flag. Most of the innate abilities do lack this flag even if there is no conceivable reason that they would need sound to perform.

    As for wild surge and spell failure check bypassing; I am unsure how that is programmed but I get the feeling most innate abilities lack this feature as well. Edit: Ah. It is the "Non-magical ability(14)" flag that affects this. Most innate abilities seem to already have this flag.

  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 744
    Just bumping this since I noticed it in the BP2. Couldn't use Critical Strike, Kaï and Sequencers while under Tenser. Really annoying.

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,154
    Since this is actually two separate, albeit simmilar, issues; I have created two reports for this:

    @Illydth @Troodon80 7489 (Tenser's disabling innate spells) and 7490 (silence disabling innate spells).

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    Adding to Consolidated Report.

  • sunset00sunset00 Member Posts: 309
    Well.. Here is a quick hotfix i just made to put in the 2EE override folder (easy one thx to the combo EEKeeper/DLTCEP) [BG2EE v1.2.2030];
    1. EEKeeper --> Tenser's transformation = spell SPWI603
    2. DLTCEP --> Load SPWI603 --> Remove the line 17:Spell:Disable Spell Casting Abilities [145] (0x0 0x2)
    Only trick was to remember to remove it for the 9 different levels/lines of the spell.. ^ :/
    Unzip, File 'spwi603.spl' to put in the game override folder, reload the game and..ok. ;

    Now, all innate abilities do work here (AND Blade OS/DS indeed^^).. but also sequencers (minor sequencer for my Blade always..blur/mirror images/etc always possibly nice in the middle of a fight too..and after the transform so^).. also tested a normal sequencer on Aerie; worked too.. not tested others innates/chars, but should be ok..

    Thx @Illydth to have resurrected that thread so.. ; i totally missed that one in december apparently... i noticed the really annoying bug on the Slayer form back then though..also very irritating/annoying for a Blade planning to use TimeStop Traps/Slayer forms tactics too..^ (only one charge possible with the current version.. hotfix provided here thx to @Jarleale/dib ; that other be added and corrected later in the next patch they said too..ok..).

    Apart that;
    YEAH...seems at least an extremely nice new "little detail"/ added gameplay/fun possibility for a... good level BARD BLADE especially^ (Tensers=lv6 spell=lv16 Bard Blades+=mid/end SOA game+ only..but sure a new little possibility with OSs/minor sequencers now..^). I could not not to be interested when i saw that thread quickly... :*/

    BTW: i tested under the original BG2 (to verify the original behaviours)... the weird thing is that that one was ALSO bugged in the original apparently.. ...maybe that is why i was initially not surprised to see it again in the EE maybe..i actually did not remember another behaviour /Tensers.. On the other hand, in the original, all the Slayer transforms / polymorph transforms spell (all forms), did work perfectly with innate abilities / sequencers TOO with my quick tests.. only Tenser's seemed not to work with the innates/seq. so.. and thinking about it now, yeah, seemed weird too (affecting the spells capacities and disabling them, like the other transforms, ok..but the innate abilities/pre-created sequencers..was weird too..)... now, much better.. Bard Blades should love that one imo (new possibilities^..).. thx for the late possibilities again.. :/

    [ i also have another personal hotfix for the Blades OS (also DS..) ; to reintroduce the original Offensive Spins behaviours (were NOT wasting with/by Haste/IHaste spells like the EE modified ones are..i was not sure initially, did not remember the original OS/DS too much.. -why i never really reported that EE new OS/DS Blade fun/gameplay killer- ..but now i am sure after i reinstalled the original for comparisons and curiosity sake..^), btw..aka an original BG2 OS with a haste portrait icon (meaning you have already a 'haste-like' spell effect on you with your 4 rounds OS, so indeed naturally not improvable by another H/IH attack multiplier effect till that OS is on so..true..), but nevertheless and more importantly able to LATER pass on that Haste/Improved Haste only effects too..just not allowed to stack all the attack multipliers improvements at the SAME time..BUT also aka able to keep H/IH when the very short 4 rounds of the OS are over, wasting nothing..on the other hand, the fix is also keeping the interesting new instant switch OS/DS added by the EE - no need to wait the end of the 4 full rounds (24sec..) that one or the other is ended to instantly switch with the EE (very handy to interrupt a DS and suddenly run away/reposition if needed with an OS effect instead for exemple..^).. and dam/thac0 bonuses are also directly visible with the improved EE UI - another nice detail the EE added..that was not there in the original too, easier to instantly see the OS stats benefices in the EE..).. mix with the original behaviours with H/IH so..Result= little detail again, but much funnier gameplay too..and i see HERE, that that will be even funnier with a little Tensers now..^^ no OS/H/IH wastes after/before anymore.. ^). I don't know why they changed that in the EE too.. was one of the major "little" tactical trick/fun with the original Blades OS that disappeared with the EEs (worse..the EE made H/IH spells or OS very few available charges wasted for nothing in the heat of fights..great idea/implementation..^).. (the EE instant switch OS/DS was nice too of both worlds)..^ If anyone liking/playing the Bard Blade class interested too..could see later to add a separate hotfix for that one too, why not.. already corrected/done here anyway. (not sure that one is even referenced for the next patch, no (blades) players/testers ever noticed or complained about that OS/H/IH "little" change in the new EE apparently, go figure..anyway, DLTCEP did work wonders for that one too if wished; was possible to change too..if nterested and remembering the original OS H/IH interractions fun/behaviours -and strictly respecting the rule 'not together'..right^- (and same with the DS and Free Action EE wastes..another possible patch too^) more wastes for the Bard Blades gameplay/fun so^.. and combined with that Tensers new thing, should be another very funny possible mix too indeed..another tactical possibility for the blade..and one a basic Fighter/mage could never have with OS/DS too, here.. unique little rebalance so.. but i won't spit on it for the end game for sure for the blades direct fights fun to compensate a little... *// ].

    OK.. now the Tensers quick patch do work better than the wall of text above.. not hard (rolling eyes). *// end.

    to the happy few *)

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    @sunset00: Thanks for the tag here and thanks for the help/work.

    I've identified that an unofficial hotfix has been posted here under both bugs.

  • sunset00sunset00 Member Posts: 309
    @‌ Illydth
    (passing back quickly) Thx for your thx.. not that common here. ^^
    I tried my hand on a few other little things like that near december/january.. i let a little the game aside by now, to be honest.. but i remember i fixed a little like that also the Blade OS, DS (making them work again exactly like they were in the original game..another gameplay too..).. speed potions interractions too.. and a few others.

    Anyway, thx to that thread, i also noticed the similar bug with the 'silent' spell !.. that one is indeed very tricky.. and annoying. Even more when there is another bug in the bug in the EE; when you use the counter spell 'vocalize', by definition, in the original, you could use that one when you were silent (aka removing it instantly if needed urgently^).. with the EE, you can't launch even 'vocalize' when you are silenced!^^.. And of course, silence affecting innate abilities, that means that, as a bard blade, you loose once again all your OS/DS possibilities... on top of your spells... in a middle of a fight, for a b.blade silent + vocalize bug = Game, set and match.. *) .

    Well, hoping to see that one (/vocalize) added to the list of the solded new 'admittingly not so easy to spot/notice' new EE bugs in the next patch too so.. and yes, thx to the people really participating to fix 'little' things like that (but for me, those 'little' things are doing all the differences for the playing fun alas..especially for the tricky b.blade that seems to have been expecially impacted with the EE..'additions' and/or new bugs lol. Was my luck..^^). Anyway..


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,768
    Yep that one is logged as 7134

    There are various items which didn't get onto the consolidated list so flagging @Illydth‌ and @Troodon80‌ for this one.

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