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How was your first experience with Baldur's Gate?

I figured it would fun and interesting to hear about the misshaps and goodies that took place when you took your first steps on the Sword Coast or in Amn.

I don't remember exactly when it was, but Throne of Bhaal had been released and I bought a box which contained both Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal. The reason was that I had gotten the demo of the game with one of those demo discs you got with various gaming magazines back in the days, and well, I thought it was fun. I had never ever played the original Baldur's Gate.

So I installed the game and made a character. A mage in this case. I had no experience with D&D and the only other RPG I had played was Fallout, so I didn't know what ability stats to use. I also didn't understand that you could reroll scores so I went with the first one I got, which was something like 74-75. I figured you had to be wise and smart to be a Mage so I maxed those stats out and just randomly put out points in the rest. I mean strength, dexterity and constitution are all for warriors anyway. And charisma, ha! That wouldn't help you kill any orcs (I was like 13 or 14 you see).

Anyway, I finished my character. Played through all of Shadows of Amn with a party that was basically made up of the first characters you meet on your journey (damn you for betraying me Yoshimo!). I had one of the best gaming experiences in my life and became a BG fan for life.



  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,148
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    Twani said:

    (maybe Railroad Tycoon?)

    Now I wanna play Railroad Tycoon... Man, that game takes me back. (Maybe I'll actually learn how to play this time instead of create nonsensical choo-choo-train worlds...?)

    Anyway. On-topic!

    My mother got me into Baldur's Gate. As a little kid, I would wander in and out of the office and watch her play Shadows of Amn on the computer. Eventually, though, as I got older, I decided to give it a try.

    I honestly can't remember most of my original adventures--two characters, a female cleric/mage and a male fighter/mage. I beat all of SoA with my male Charname, but I got stuck on my female track. I'm hoping to remake her in the EE editions, but ever since, I've always loved cleric/mages. So much spellcasting! So much fun! :D

    We never owned the original Baldur's Gate, so when I heard that Overhaul was creating an Enhanced Edition, I pounced on it. I recreated my fighter/mage and took a swing. There was a sort of...magic to it, watching the game from the very beginning. I actually got to see and interact with Candlekeep, not see it in a dream sequence and wonder what the heck Imoen was talking about. I actually got to meet Khalid before Irenicus butchered him on the table. I got to meet the mysterious Dynheir that Minsc so desperately wished to avenge. And oh man, putting a face to the name of Sarevok, your lifelong enemy whom I'd hardly even heard of in my own dreams, and beating him into the ground... It was glorious.
    Of all the games I played in my old iMac, the only ones where I did not kept on dying where Zoo Tycoon and Majesty.
    I could hardly get out of Candlekeep, Shank and Carbos....... Did their job pretty well, and I did not knew english!

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