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If BG were a game of DnD...

How do you think it would be different? A few things come to mind, for one thing one moment Aerie is sobbing about her lost limbs, the next moment hey, you just found a scroll of flight. All problems solved forever.

For another thing I was just in that area where you need to put a beholder eye in a pot of red liquid then activate a machine. This is easy to figure out because the beholder dies there and you have an eye and hey, its those circle arrow thingies that mean do stuff.

Imagine trying to figure this out in a normal DnD game.

I imagine my players will have tried to tunnel out eventually.

another problem is doors that require locks. I imagine it would go like this.

DM:You fail to open the lock.
Thief:What?! I invested all my thief skills into open locks! I TOOK A POTION OF MASTER THIEVERY! I have enchantments up the wazoo to increase my lock opening skills and its still stuck?!
Thief:...How long would it take us to break the door down?
DM:Er. The door is solid metal-
Thief:You said it was wood.
DM:Fine! Wood! But its going take far too long to break down.
Thief:Bullshit. Wizard? Get your fireballs ready.
DM:Its enchanted against magic!
Thief:Luckaly we have a barbarian.
DM:It will take several days to chop through!
Thief:Well, we're waiting then.
DM:...Just go get the sewer golem activation stone already!

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  • NecomancerNecomancer Member Posts: 622
    edited February 2014
    Its a well known fact by DMs everywhere that a player's job is to ruin our plans, @Rewolf just demonstrated why perfectly. Make your game about Badlur's Gate? Where do you think they'll want to go first? That being said if you're lucky you can figure out a way to roll with this and still keep the game on track. Sometimes it even works out for the better.

  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 7,481
    @Necomancer with all the rolls to seduce earlier, if I was DMing, I'd do something like this to put him in his place. 6 feet under. Where all PCs belong muhahaha.

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