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SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
edited November 2014 in Off-Topic
This is mostly inspired by @booinyoureyes‌'s thread, #ConfessionsofaBhaalspawn.

I figured instead of de-railing that thread with Dragon Age confessions. I figured that we could put them in here.

Confession: I love Dragon Age: Origins.

Confession: Out of all the romances my favorite is a tie between Leliana and Zevran.

Confession: I really don't like Morrigan, but some how all my Wardens become friends with her.

Confession: I've never completed a Human Noble playthrough.

Confession: I've never completed a dwarf commoner or a dwarf noble playthrough.

Confession: I found Dragon Age 2 to be...mediocre at best.

Confession: My favorite romance in DA2 is Fenris'.

Confession: I think that Anders is a terrorist, and an abomination. Why? Well, the terrorist part is obvious, but the abomination part, its mostly because he's losing his true self the longer he keeps Justice/Vengeance inside of him.

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  • ChildofBhaal599ChildofBhaal599 Member Posts: 1,781
    Confession: I repurchased origins on steam so I could mod and just have better systems than console

    Confession: I have no current intentions to buy inquisition because I hated DA2

    Confession: I've only ever played human noble

    Confession: I use origin's battle of denerim as my idea of what the final battle of Mass Effect 3 should've been like, and it is sad because they are both from Bioware!

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    Confession: Between Carver and Bethany, I like Carver the most.

    Confession: I think Carver is the more realistic of both siblings.

    Confession: I prefer DA:O Merrill over DA2 Merrill.

    Confession: When playing my Dalish Warden, I seem to have a knack for pissing off Alistair with my Warden's Shem hating ways.

    Confession: When it comes to the Connor Situation in Redcliffe, my Warden usually sacrifices Isolde, or kills Connor, mostly because I'm too lazy to go clear out the mage tower.

    Confession: I wish Nathaniel Howe was romancible.

    Confession: I think Nathaniel Howe is the best character in Awakening.

    Confession: I actually enjoyed the Mark of the Assassin DLC, and I kind of like Tallis.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    Confession: DA:O is the only game that ever came close to the feeling I had with BG2.

    Confession: my profile picture is of my very first DA:O character. He's a dwarf noble dual-wielder rogue and still the funnest one.

    Confession: I feel DA2 was okay, but incomparable with the awesome that was DA:O.

    Confession: I do absolutely hate what they did in DA2 with the genlock model. I also have a (very) minor issue with the changes in the elf models.

    Confession: I also like Tallis, and I wish Hawke could take her from Mark of the Assassin into the regular game.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,151
    I liked DAO but it felt kind of empty from a secondary quest standpoint. I also hated the deep roads and that place where you go to get the ashes of Andraste. It just felt like the levels went on and on.

    I beat it twice as a mage and once as a city elf rogue/thief. I never beat it as anything else though. I would like to try an archer but I've read that (at least in DAO) a lot of the archer talents aren't that good.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    @elminster I totally agree about the Deep Roads. They're long and winding and full of annoying but hardly dangerous deepstalkers. They were meant to be long and winding though, so in that way it fits. :)

    A well equipped and talented archer is definitely viable and can be fun. My last (and as of yet unfinished) playthrough was one, and arrow of slaying and scattershot are a favorite. A rogue-archer build would be better from a stat perspective, and that also gives you someone to pick locks.

    Confession: when going through the Deep Roads for the second time onwards, I take at least one mage with me that can shapeshift into a swarm just to speed through it.

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    @elminster‌ - Archers are fun, and thanks to Awakening archers get buffed with nifty skills like accuracy, and rain of arrows. They aren't hilariously broken like the Arcane Warrior, but still Archer is the next best thing during and after Awakening.

    Confession: I think the Deep Roads are way too long, and I actually try to speed through it, even if it means missing side quests.

    Confession: I like the Grey Warden armor from DA2 so much, that I use the mod "Grey Wardens of Ferelden" just so then all the Grey Wardens can have the same armor.

  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,839
    Confession: I believe The Darkspawn Chronicles DLC is better than the main game.

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,152
    Confession: I never played any of DA games other than one of the demos because 1) it does not run in my computer 2) I disliked how combat was implemented.

    Confession: my computer's graphic card is an intel 950 gma chipset, so yeaaaah! I couldn't even run BG:EE :P with the shaders.

  • badbromancebadbromance Member Posts: 238
    Confession: DA2 has to be one of the worse games I have ever played and has me wondering if I will bother with DA:I.

    Confession: My first ever Warden was a City Elf and the Alienage quest line had me very angry, so angry in fact that in a later play through I killed the douche later on for no other reason.

  • badbromancebadbromance Member Posts: 238
    While I'm on a rant I think all the DA2 companions are terrible besides Varric.
    Fenris and Anders are by far the worst

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    edited May 2014
    Confession: When it comes to DA2 Companions this is my list from most favorite to least favorite, not including the siblings seeing as I view them as temporary anyway.
    1. Fenris
    2. Varric
    3. Aveline
    4. Isabela
    5. Merrill
    6. Anders

    Confession: I believe all NPCs suffer some sort of mental handicap. The worst ones being Merrill, and Anders.

    Confession: I can't play a male hawke, mostly due to the similarity in voice that goes on between him, and Vaughan from the City Elf Origin.

  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    edited May 2014
    Confession: I quickly bored of playing a male Hawke and restarted as a female. She had a whirlwind adventure of a romance with Isabela. She never trusted anyone more than Varric (was logged out before I could finish the post).

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    Confession: I actually liked Anders, but only in Awakening.

    Confession: when it comes to DA:O characters returning in DA2, I prefer Awakening Anders (both model and personality), DA2 Isabela, DA:O Zevran, DA:O Bodahn, DA:O Sandal, not sure about Leliana...

    Confession: I have only finished DA2 twice. Once with a male dual-wielder rogue, later with a female mage. Next playthrough (whenever that is) will be a female fighter.

    Confession: I haven't romanced Anders yet for the same reason I haven't romanced Anomen yet. They both strike me as self-righteous and annoying.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,151
    edited May 2014
    Confession: I really liked the city elf and mage origins, but I found the dalish elf origin to much less engrossing. Which is too bad too because I actually liked Nature of the Beast (and that forest in general).

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    edited May 2014
    Confession: I am slightly stressed out because both this topic (thanks @SapphireIce101...) and the upcoming Inquisition is making me want to play DA:O and DA2 again, but I'm also on a playthrough of the BGEE series.

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    edited May 2014
    @Sjerrie - I have no regrets!

    Confession: Started a game of DA2 with my Dalish Warden import, and planning on romancing Merrill, and now I'm starting to think Merrill is adorable. Curses.

    Confession: I like that Anders doesn't get credit for the Mage's freedom. In fact, its Wynne's son,
    that gets credit for the mage's freedom in the book Asunder.

    Confession: I think Anders is a dick to other mages, and I mostly blame Justice for it.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    edited May 2014
    @SapphireIce101 Merrill: making demon-worship look cute since 2011. Dat accent <3

    Aveline: "Haven't you got something unholy to do?"
    Merrill: "Nooo, we're following Hawke, that's important too."

    Confession: apart from being so violent about it, I kinda *get* the Qun, and the Qunari.

  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    Confession: Hearing people enjoy DA2 makes me lose a bit of respect for them.

    Confession: Whenever I read a discussion about DA characters, It always feels like the participants talk like children discussing thier favourite member of 1Direction.

    Confession: DA2 was so bad it actually went back and made DAO significantly worse in my eyes.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,151
    Confession: In DAO I'm playing a dwarf noble warrior at the moment (that is dual wielding weapons). I plan on having Shale, Oghren, and Wynne in my party (who needs rogues :p)

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,151
    edited May 2014
    Confession: I secretly love being a blood mage and using it in front of Wynne. Its too bad something like this

    never made it into the finished game (at least not in any kind of properly functional way).

    Confession: I also like to make Wynne a blood mage. Just because I can :D

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    Confession: I think its funny that nobody in Kirkwall cares that Mage!Hawke is an apostate, and does nothing about it.

    Confession: For some reason, every time I play a Mage!Hawke, I never take Carver on the expedition and he becomes a Templar.

    Confession: The origin that makes me the most angry is F!City Elf.

    Confession: I think Eamon is a dick, especially to Alistair.

    Confession: I think Alistair is stupid most of the time, especially when it concerns Arl Eamon.

    Confession: I wish that Bioware would release one more patch for DA:O and DA2. Mostly the latter, because they broke Sebastian's quests so very badly.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    edited May 2014
    @elminster Confession: as in BG, I want my party to be as well rounded as possible, so including at least one mage, one rogue, one warrior, one ranged-damage dealer and one melee guy (or girl).

    Confession: also as in BG, I feel obligated to LOOT ALL THE THINGS! So for that reason a rogue is also pretty handy.

    @SapphireIce101 Confession: I think Isolde is a bigger dick than Eamon.

    Confession: I usually send Irving into the fade to get to Connor, just to be able to play with him for a while.

    Confession: For my next playthrough (like in BG I also plan these out beforehand) I am torn between romancing Anders or Sebastian. Both my characters and me have never found Anders boyfriend material but his romance does seem more in-depth than Sebastian's.

    Edit: @elminster a warrior dual-wielder can make a ridiculously awesome mage-killer when combined with templar and berserker. But you may already know that. :p

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    @Sjerrie‌ - Isolde is more of a bitch than a dick. However, she is worse than Eamon.

    Confession: I had to use the immortality cheat just to get the Grim Reaper achievement. No, I don't feel ashamed about it at all.

    Confession: Sometimes I think Connor is Teagan and Isolde's love child, rather than Eamon's son.

    Confession: I always recruit Zevran, and I can't ever kill him.

    Confession: When I go to defile the Sacred Ashes, I sometimes bring Wynne and Leliana just so then I can get rid of them.

    Confession: Sometimes I don't bring Wynne or Leliana at all when doing the Sacred Ashes quest, and I manage to convince Leliana to stay in the party.

    Confession: I think Bryce Cousland, or Loghain should have been king of Ferelden instead of Maric, Cailan, or Alistair. The three of them are a blight upon Calenhad's bloodline.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    Confession: my first PnP character (game is still ongoing) is a dwarf named Oghren. Oghren was the first name on my mind since Oghren is so awesome.

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    edited May 2014
    Confession: I like Oghren, therefore I wasn't upset when Oghren showed up in Awakening.

    Confession: Oghren from Awakening is a lot more harder to please than Oghren from Origins.

    Confession: When I went through WItch Hunt on my Dalish. I stabbed Morrigan, and it was my first time doing that.

    Confession: I'm starting to think that Snarky!Hawke is the best Hawke of them all.

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  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,151

    Confession: Oghren from Awakening is a lot more harder to please than Oghren from Awakening.

    Interesting. :)

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    @elminster‌ - Crap! I meant Origins. XD Fix'd! Sometimes I type way too fast, and sometimes the wrong thing comes out. Stupid typing classes anyway.

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,605
    edited May 2014
    Confession: I've only ever played a complete run of DA:O plus Awakening once, although I took a long time, and restarted several characters before I settled on one. I was deeply into it, and it was a great gaming experience.

    But for some reason, it just doesn't have any replay value for me. I've tried a few times, and I always lose interest shortly after the origin story. I think it may be because the combat is so repetitive and all the encounters are with the same creature types over and over.

    Confession: Even though I was so into DA:O, I never finished Witch Hunt. I started into it with my character who had just been through Awakenings, and lost interest. I still have that save on my computer, and I've always meant to come back to it, but I never have. It's been four or five years. I think I'd have to start over with a new character and try to work back up to that point.

    Confession: I was disappointed with Awakening. None of the new characters were interesting or memorable to me, and I didn't like that my decisions at the end of Origins had no impact at the beginning - it was like none of my past ever happened. Alistair wasn't around, and my romance with Zevran was ignored. Where was he? What happened to him? The end of Origins said we continued our adventures together, and my character would never have left him.

    Confession: I never even bought DA2, because I believed all the people who said it was terrible, and I had already felt the decline in quality starting with Awakening.

    Confession: I'm sad that my confessions are making me sound so negative about the series. I loved and enjoyed DA:O. I truly did. But it's nowhere near being a second Baldur's Gate for me.

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    [Deleted User]elminsterbadbromanceJuliusBorisov
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
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