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  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    Confession: At times I think David Gaider wants the Dragon Age Series to crash and burn.

    Ex: He wants to write a book or comic with Bethany, Sebastian, and quite possibly Nathaniel Howe. However, the issue with this is that Bioware has gone on record saying that Hawke is a blood mage canonically. Therefore, Bethany would be very dead if you're going based on the Lothering part of Dragon Age 2. /rantover.

    Confession: I think everyone loves Snarky!Hawke, except for that husk known as Justinders. Get it? Justice and Anders are mashed together! XD

    Ex:This morning, I took Sebastian through his Act 2 quest, and got his bow. Then, after telling him that he needs to get his lands back, therefore, getting rivalry points, I proceeded to give Sebastian his grandfather's bow, and used the Snarky option, and got +5 to Friendship! I was somewhat amused.

    Confession: I still wish Bioware would give us one last patch to fix some of the glaring issues in Origins/Awakening, and Dragon Age 2.

    Confession: I feel like kicking a puppy when someone calls Awakening, Awakenings.

    Confession: I'm sad that Grey Warden!Alistair doesn't make a cameo appearance in Awakening.

  • KaltzorKaltzor Member Posts: 1,050
    Confession: I've never beaten a Dragon Age game... But I'm trying to fix that.

  • GilgalahadGilgalahad Member Posts: 237
    Confession: I've played DA:O 4 times. 2 males noble human warrior sword and board, nasty and naughty human commoner thief dual-wielder (I hated never being able to get all those damned chests). 2 females, dwarf noble 2h wielding runt of nastiness and female clan archer. I'm terrible at magic but I'm tempted to try a human male one for shits and giggles.

    Confession: Unlike most, I didn't hate DA:2, didn't like it but didn't hate it either, kinda fence-sitting on that one.

    Confession: I'm soooo looking forward to inquisition(plus bioware really need a hit(though again, I go against the curve and didn't dislike SWTOR though the cross-over quests got boring and repetitive after a while, but the original stories of each class were well done and I thouroughly enjoyed hunting down datacrons without any effing guides with 1 exception where I needed help, shame power gamers ruined it like they've ruined every mmo in the past 10 yrs and I'm sure that will be the reason and motivation to make inquisition(though obviously NOT an mmo) fantastic.

    "R" rated Confession:I want to bed that pirate lass Isabella from in DAO:2 so bad but at my age, she'd be the death of me...but what a way to go.

    Confession: I always do something wrong with the final confrontation with grumpypuss loghain and can never get him to join me and become my pet warden. I'll get him one of these days(I do not like relying on spoiler sites)

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182

    Confession: I've played DA:O 4 times. 2 males noble human warrior sword and board, nasty and naughty human commoner thief dual-wielder (I hated never being able to get all those damned chests).

    Human commoner? Is that a mode or did you simply mean human rogue?

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    @Sjerrie - My guess is that he made a human noble, but decided to roleplay it as a commoner.

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,605
    @SapphireIce101‌ , don't kick that puppy! I edited my post above to change my apparently incorrect use of "Awakenings" to "Awakening". Sorry, I didn't know.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,151
    edited May 2014
    Confession: I really want to get Oghren asap into my party (because I want to have him for the circle/the forest/redcliff/denerim just to have something different dialogue wise) but man Orzammar is not easy when you are low level.

    Confession: I get why they made different areas have different difficulties (Orzammar being arguably more difficult than the circle for instance) but I still don't like it :D

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    @BelgarathMTH‌ - Its alright! People have been doing it for 3-4 years, I expect it to keep going for many years to come. :P

    Confession: I rather dislike the fact that Anders approves of selling Fenris back to Denarius. I get that they don't like each other, but really Anders? What the hell is the matter with you? Even Fenris can realize that not all mages are bad, and will help fight for them too.

    Confession: In DA:O, after Lothering, I usually start with Redcliffe. However, with my Dalish, I went straight for the Brecillian Forest.

    Confession: I've never played a dwarf commoner, or a dwarf noble from start to finish. However, my boyfriend has convinced me to play a rogue dwarf commoner and a warrior dwarf noble.

    Confession: I never ever take Bethany/Carver on the expedition, mostly because I want to respect Mama Hawke's wishes.

    Confession: I think Mama Tabris, and Mama Cousland are the most badass mothers in both Dragon Age games.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    Confession: my last playthrough, the one I abandoned, I did so because I think I broke the game through overly enthusiastic modding. I only found out something was wrong at the gates of Denerim prior to the final battle, where my party members didn't chime in on our impending victory or death. It broke my heart when the "goodbyes" didn't come up.

    Clarification: I think the culprit was the 'Ser Roland' mod, as I doubt the extra weapons and armor could mess it up that much.

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    Confession: Due to my over zealousness with modding, I didn't get my third specialization on my dalish warden until Witch Hunt. heh.

  • CherudekCherudek Member Posts: 73

    Confession: I always do something wrong with the final confrontation with grumpypuss loghain and can never get him to join me and become my pet warden. I'll get him one of these days(I do not like relying on spoiler sites)

    Do you per chance pick Alistair to duel him every time? He executes him automatically. That's the only reason I can think of why you wouldn't get the option.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    Confession: I have (imperfectly) converted most of the major Dragon Age NPCs and a few minor ones to BGEE. My love is boundless. :p

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    Confession: I have succumbed. I had to clear Shogun 2 from my harddrive to make space but I have resumed my last playthrough of DA:O, last save dated 31st of januari 2013. It has been WAY too long.

    Confession: I got teary-eyed when I found out this clean install neutralized the issues I had with Ser Roland. That progressed to shedding a tear when Oghren did his final-battle-speech. Sodding honor for everyone!

    Confession: I was, and I am still, SO happy with how this character turned out at creation. She may just be the best looking character I created for any game:

    Confession: total time spent playing DA:O thusfar: 642 hours and 9 minutes. This does of course not include the time I spent out-of-game, like thinking about characters and dreaming of Leliana.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    edited June 2014
    Confession: using ye olde e-Tools program, I have also (again, imperfectly) converted the Dalish pantheon of deities to DnD/BG.

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    Confession: So far, the only thing I don't like about Inquisition is how Bioware is forcing Redcliffe as the Ferelden Stronghold. Honestly, what about the people that made Redcliffe into the ghost town in Origins?

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    edited July 2014
    Confession: After all those hours of DA:O I only found the button to toggle the mini-map literally 30 seconds ago.

    Confession addendum: It took me that long because I had to scroll through my history to find this topic...

    Post edited by Sjerrie on
  • ElrandirElrandir Member Posts: 1,652
    Confession: I've never played past that first town you get to after Ostagar. (Taverly? Or is that another game?)

    Confession: I've completed the origins of every character except city elf.

    Confession: My favorite character I made is a female dwarven tank.

    Confession: I have serious restartitis and can't play any class for very long.

    Confession: I have a mancrush on Alistair.

    Confession: My favorite origin is the human noble.

    Confession: I haven't played DA:2.

    Confession: I think I would enjoy DA:2

    Confession: I think Hawke is hilarious.

  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    Confession: I've only played DA:O once, as a Dwarf Commoner. I did not finish the run.

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    edited July 2014
    Confession: When it comes to Varric and his fangirls wanting him to be a LI for inquisition, I want to make a list of why it'll never be as well as make one of those charts like this one.
    By: Epantiras

    Confession: Soon enough I'll change the title to Confessions of a Grey Warden/Champion of Kirkwall/Inquisitor

    Confession: I still need to finish my current playthrough of DA2, but...I just can't find the motivation for it, especially since DA:I has been delayed until the 18th of November.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    Confession: I haven't yet pre-ordered Inquisition, though I really really want to. Alas, I want a physical copy of the deluxe edition for pc, and they don't seem to have those yet.

    Confession: I am already planning multple canons and am playing DA2 to that end right now.

    Confession: I have never finished a romance with an npc of the same gender as my Warden or Hawke. Sure, the girls have fooled around with Leliana/Merrill, but didn't stay with them. :/

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    edited October 2014
    Confession: This video just reaffirms that Snarky!Hawke is the best of all Hawkes.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    edited October 2014
    Confession: due to lack of physical deluxe editions in Europe, I have pre-ordered my DAI from overseas. Sure, it'll arrive later than anyone else's, but that gives me more time with BGEE/IWDEE.

    Confession: Sofar I'm not impressed by the Kossith models for the Inquisitor. The ones I've seen look a little too 'human'.

    Confession: On my just-finished playthrough of DA2, I have really enjoyed Sebastian in my party. Also, the romance leaves you wanting more (which is kinda fitting I think).

    Confession addendum: I do think I screwed up that romance because I think I flirted with one of the man-whores at the Blooming Rose early in the game...

    Post edited by Sjerrie on
  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    TItle Change!

    Confession: I wish I could play DA: I on my computer, but Bioware broke the promise of "If it can play DA2, then it can play DA: I!" when they made the requirements for DA: I to specifically have a quad-core.

    Confession: I was going to finish my archer Trifecta with a female dalish archer!

    Confession: I was planning on romancing Solas, but I may just romance Sera instead, to have the same sex romance trifecta too.

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    Confession: Even with low graphics, and lowered resolution quality. I think Cassandra is pretty hot. 10/10 would tap, and touch butt if Cassandra were into females.

  • Son_of_ImoenSon_of_Imoen Member Posts: 1,781
    Confession: I only just started with Dragon Age II and am stuck on deciding what spell to pick at my first level-up

    Confession: I will only buy Dragon Age: Inquisition when it's price drops to below 20 euro, just like I did with DA:O and DA II.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    Confession: happily starting a new job coming monday after being unemployed for quite a while, and there's that voice in the back of my head that says I won't have any time for DA:I...

  • SapphireIce101SapphireIce101 Member Posts: 866
    @Son_of_Imoen‌ - Oh god. That Landsmeet confession just made me laugh. Unhardened Alistair on the throne without Anora...Ahh...Good times.

    Confession: I think Dragon Age: Inquisition has an identity crisis going on. It can't seem to decide if it wants to be a Skyrim Clone, a Single-player MMO, or Shadow of Mordor in Thedas game.

    Confession: You know how I said that Gaider wants to watch Dragon Age burn via Lore? Well, when it comes to gameplay aspect of Dragon Age, I think Mike Laidlaw wants to see it burn. Why? I think he's upset he didn't get his Jade Empire sequel, so he's taking it out on Dragon Age. EA GIVE THE MAN HIS JADE EMPIRE SEQUEL!

    Confession: I want to love Dragon Age: Inquisition, but due to controls for PC, I just don't think it wants me to love it.

    Confession: I think I might end up playing my first, and probably only, Male Hawke after I get done with Selinene Tabris.

  • dementeddemented Member Posts: 388
    Confession: I hated Wynee with a vengeance. She was a self-righteous, hypocritical, holier than thou daughter of a b***h. What made it so much worse was that you could never disagree with her without sounding like a petulant child. Then you tell her about the murder of your parents, your friends and everyone you ever knew, and her reply is "Things have a way of working themselves out for a reason".

    If there's a god in that universe, it smiled the day I ended her wretched existence.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,182
    Confession: I love Wynne the same way I love Keldorn.

    Confession: I get a special kind of satisfaction when Wynne beats Loghain in single combat.

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